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We found the following shows with actor/director: "Jackie" in the next 14 days.

Saudagar (1991)

Thu 7/2 11:00 AM 244 B4U (Cbl) 3 hours No rating

Love blossoms between a man and a woman whose grandfathers are now bitter enemies.   View in TV Listings

Surf Party

Surf Party (1964)

Thu 7/2 12:30 PM 24 FXM (Cbl) 1 hour, 10 minutes TV-PG

An Arizona gal and her friends enjoy sun, sand and romance when they drive out to California for a surfing vacation.   View in TV Listings

Wild on the Beach

Wild on the Beach (1965)

Thu 7/2 1:40 PM 24 FXM (Cbl) 1 hour, 20 minutes TV-G

Music and romance abound as two groups of college students fight for their right to party at a beach house.   View in TV Listings

The King of Queens

The King of Queens

Next episode:  Offensive Fowl

Thu 7/2 4:30 PM 103 WSBK (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-PG

Carrie quickly tires of having to eat meat in private because of Doug forcing his new beliefs onto her.   View in TV Listings


Hero (1983)

Thu 7/2 11:00 PM 243 ZCIN (Cbl) 3 hours No rating

A hit man kidnaps the daughter of a police commissioner, then falls in love with her.   View in TV Listings

The Toy

The Toy (1982)

Thu 7/2 11:30 PM 157 ENCRCL (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes PG

A Louisiana billionaire buys his spoiled son the toy-store janitor, as a toy.   View in TV Listings

Caddyshack II

Caddyshack II (1988)

Fri 7/3 4:00 AM 21 AMC (Cbl) 2 hours PG

The snobby president of a country club tees off with a self-made man whose daughter wants to join.   View in TV Listings


Parkland (2013)

Fri 7/3 4:40 AM 161 STZE (Cbl) 1 hour, 35 minutes PG13

Chaotic events take place at Parkland Hospital in Dallas after the attack that assassinated President John F. Kennedy.   View in TV Listings


Bulworth (1998)

Fri 7/3 10:15 AM 151 ENCORE (Cbl) 1 hour, 50 minutes R

After hiring a hit man to kill him, a disillusioned senator starts speaking the blunt truth at campaign rallies.   View in TV Listings

Rush Hour

Rush Hour (1998)

Fri 7/3 3:45 PM 127 HBO2 (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes PG13

A Hong Kong detective and a wisecracking L.A.P.D. detective choose to work together to find the missing daughter of a Chinese diplomat.   View in TV Listings


Kisaan (2009)

Fri 7/3 4:00 PM 243 ZCIN (Cbl) 3 hours No rating

Dayal decides to send his elder son, Aman, to the city to study and become a lawyer, while his second son, Jiggar, lives with him to help him farm.   View in TV Listings


Judge Roy Bean

Fri 7/3 4:00 PM 373 MYFAMTV (Cbl) 30 minutes No rating

A judge brings his own version of the law to the Old West town of Langtry, Texas.   View in TV Listings

That '70s Show

That '70s Show

Next episode:  The Promise Ring

Sat 7/4 1:30 AM 51 NICJR (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-PG

When Eric presents Donna with a promise ring representing their future together, her response is not what he expects.   View in TV Listings


Marlowe (1969)

Sat 7/4 4:30 AM 23 TCM (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes PG

Private eye Philip Marlowe's manhunt leads to ice-pick murders, a stripper and a TV star in trouble.   View in TV Listings

Stuck on You

Stuck on You (2003)

Sat 7/4 6:15 AM 151 ENCORE (Cbl) 2 hours, 05 minutes PG13

Conjoined twins go to Hollywood and land a role on a television show starring Cher.   View in TV Listings

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Sat 7/4 8:00 AM 126 HBO (Cbl) 1 hour, 30 minutes PG13

A gangster and his goons chase an ordinary guy who helped a TV reporter escape their clutches.   View in TV Listings

The Five-Year Engagement

The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

Sat 7/4 10:00 AM 36 FXX (Cbl) 3 hours R

Career plans and other obstacles stand in the way of two lovers who run into trouble each time they try to set a wedding date.   View in TV Listings


El Precio del Sueño Americano (2003)

Sat 7/4 12:55 PM 327 CINL (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes No rating

Un inmigrante y su esposa descubren que después de 30 años en Estados Unidos, la búsqueda de una mejor vida no ha resultado como ellos lo esperaban.   View in TV Listings