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We found the following shows with actor/director: "Jackie" in the next 14 days.
Smokey and the Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

Wed 3/4 9:25 AM 48 CMTV (Cbl) 2 hours, 35 minutes PG

Sheriff Buford T. Justice chases a trucker, his buddy, a runaway bride and 400 cases of beer.   View in TV Listings


Saajan (1991)

Wed 3/4 11:00 AM 244 B4U (Cbl) 3 hours No rating

A poet and his best friend fall in love with the same woman.   View in TV Listings

A Guy Thing

A Guy Thing (2003)

Wed 3/4 11:15 AM 132 HBOC (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes PG13

After his bachelor party, a man wakes up in bed with his fiancee's cousin, a dancer at the bash.   View in TV Listings

Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Heroes

Next episode:  I Look Better in Basic Black

Wed 3/4 12:30 PM 3 TVLAND (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-G

Three American girls are interned at Stalag 13, and Hogan wants to find out why.   View in TV Listings

Here Comes the Boom

Here Comes the Boom (2012)

Wed 3/4 3:00 PM 36 FXX (Cbl) 2 hours PG

A biology teacher moonlights as a mixed martial arts fighter to raise money to save his school's music program.   View in TV Listings


Judge Roy Bean

Wed 3/4 4:00 PM 373 MYFAMTV (Cbl) 30 minutes No rating

A judge brings his own version of the law to the Old West town of Langtry, Texas.   View in TV Listings


One 2 Ka 4 (2001)

Wed 3/4 5:00 PM 244 B4U (Cbl) 3 hours No rating

After his partner, Javed, is killed, Arun takes care of the four orphaned children with the help Geeta. He discovers Javed's death was a homicide, and as he investigates, he learns that Geeta is leading a double life.   View in TV Listings


Fool N Final (2007)

Wed 3/4 8:00 PM 243 ZCIN (Cbl) 3 hours No rating

Criminals collide when the nephew of a British don steals a diamond.   View in TV Listings

Rush Hour

Rush Hour (1998)

Thu 3/5 12:10 AM 136 MOMAX (Cbl) 1 hour, 40 minutes PG13

A Hong Kong detective and a wisecracking L.A.P.D. detective choose to work together to find the missing daughter of a Chinese diplomat.   View in TV Listings

Tin Men

Tin Men (1987)

Thu 3/5 3:30 AM 141 SHO2 (Cbl) 2 hours R

The professional rivalry between B.B. and Ernest becomes personal after neither man will take responsibility for a minor car accident. As the hatred between the two men grows, B.B. decides to take it even further by seducing Ernest's wife.   View in TV Listings



Next episode:  An Old-Fashioned Wedding

Thu 3/5 4:30 AM 67 HALL (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-PG

The desire to consummate their marriage may keep Woody and Kelly from making it to the altar, especially if her father catches them.   View in TV Listings

Ernest Goes to Jail

Ernest Goes to Jail (1990)

Thu 3/5 6:00 AM 146 TMCX (Cbl) 1 hour, 25 minutes PG

A case of mistaken identity lands a bumbling bank janitor in the slammer and his criminal look-alike on the streets.   View in TV Listings


The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Thu 3/5 6:30 AM 20 BRAVO (Cbl) 1 hour, 07 minutes No rating

Jackie and Ben host a Mexican-themed housewarming party; Ben confronts Gina about the issues with his wife.   View in TV Listings

That '70s Show

That '70s Show

Next episode:  The Promise Ring

Thu 3/5 8:00 AM 62 ABCF (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-14

When Eric presents Donna with a promise ring representing their future together, her response is not what he expects.   View in TV Listings

King's Ransom

King's Ransom (2005)

Thu 3/5 3:05 PM 134 MAX (Cbl) 1 hour, 40 minutes PG13

An obnoxious businessman arranges his own kidnapping to foil his wife's impending divorce settlement.   View in TV Listings

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

Next episode:  Return of the Shirt

Thu 3/5 8:00 PM 106 WGNAMER (Cbl) 30 minutes TV-PG

Ted reconnects with an old shirt and sees a parallel to his love life, beginning to think that a woman from his past is perfect for him now.   View in TV Listings

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Thu 3/5 8:00 PM 137 ACMAX (Cbl) 1 hour, 30 minutes PG13

A gangster and his goons chase an ordinary guy who helped a TV reporter escape their clutches.   View in TV Listings

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days (2004)

Thu 3/5 10:00 PM 145 TMC (Cbl) 2 hours PG

With help from his two sidekicks, an eccentric inventor bets he can circle the globe in less than three months.   View in TV Listings


Ram Lakhan (1989)

Thu 3/5 11:00 PM 243 ZCIN (Cbl) 3 hours No rating

Two brothers become policemen after their mother raises them to avenge their father's murder.   View in TV Listings

Little Children

Little Children (2006)

Fri 3/6 2:30 AM 149 SUNDANC (Cbl) 3 hours R

A dissatisfied housewife and the husband of a documentary filmmaker have secret trysts while their spouses are at work.   View in TV Listings