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We found the following shows with actor/director: "Jackie Chan" in the next 14 days.
Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Sat 4/19 6:00 PM 36 FXX (Cbl) 2 hours PG

Po must unlock secrets of his past in order to defeat a formidable villain who plans to wipe out kung fu and conquer China. Animated.   View in TV Listings

Black Dragon

Black Dragon (1989)

Sun 4/20 6:30 AM 154 ENCRA (Cbl) 1 hour, 50 minutes PG13

A poor country boy heads Hong Kong's crime world while romancing a nightclub singer in the 1930s.   View in TV Listings

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Mon 4/21 5:10 AM 151 ENCORE (Cbl) 1 hour, 30 minutes PG13

A gangster and his goons chase an ordinary guy who helped a TV reporter escape their clutches.   View in TV Listings


Supercop (1992)

Mon 4/21 10:00 AM 22 IFC (Cbl) 2 hours NR

A Hong Kong policeman and a mainland policewoman meet, team up and join a drug ring to destroy it.   View in TV Listings

The Legend of Drunken Master

The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)

Tue 4/22 1:55 AM 151 ENCORE (Cbl) 1 hour, 45 minutes R

Smugglers target two men as thieves when a box of ginseng gets switched with a box containing an imperial jade seal.   View in TV Listings

Rush Hour

Rush Hour (1998)

Wed 4/23 7:30 AM 151 ENCORE (Cbl) 1 hour, 40 minutes PG13

Mismatched police partners seek a kidnapped girl.   View in TV Listings

Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

Fri 4/25 5:10 AM 137 ACMAX (Cbl) 1 hour, 30 minutes R

A Hong Kong policeman in New York defends a woman shopkeeper against bikers who want protection money.   View in TV Listings

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days (2004)

Fri 4/25 12:00 PM 158 ENCFAM (Cbl) 2 hours, 05 minutes PG

With help from his two sidekicks, an eccentric inventor bets he can circle the globe in less than three months. Based on a book by Jules Verne.   View in TV Listings

Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Noon (2000)

Fri 4/25 8:00 PM 151 ENCORE (Cbl) 1 hour, 55 minutes PG13

A Chinese Imperial Guardsman teams up with a robber to rescue a princess, taken to the Old West by the guard's former captain.   View in TV Listings