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The Bill Cunningham Show   People fear that members of their family are involved with dangerous lovers.   Wed 6/3 1:00 PM
The Bill Cunningham Show   Shocking mother-daughter conflicts.   Wed 6/3 2:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   A 3-year-old tells her mother that she had sex with her dad; Michael faces accusations of molesting and taking inappropriate photos of his girlfriend's toddler; Adrien says she saw her mother's boyfriend molest her 2-year-old.   Wed 6/3 3:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   John and his ex-girlfriend argue over whether he drunkenly crashed a car and put himself in a coma or whether she poisoned him and wrecked the car out of anger; Tarnisha must confess a secret about her pregnancy before she and her fiance wed.   Wed 6/3 4:00 PM
PIX11 News at 5   John Muller, Tamsen Fadal.   Wed 6/3 5:00 PM
PIX11 News at 6   Tamsen Fadal, John Muller, Mr. G, Scott Stanford.   Wed 6/3 6:00 PM
Celebrity Name Game   Wed 6/3 6:30 PM
Two and a Half Men   Alan suggests that Chelsea get breast-reduction surgery, and Charlie kicks him out.   Wed 6/3 7:00 PM
Two and a Half Men   Charlie and Alan wake up together in bed with a strange woman.   Wed 6/3 7:30 PM
Arrow   Another archer comes to town and targets businessmen; Roy is forced to tell Oliver why Thea left town; Laurel considers sharing a secret with Lance.   Wed 6/3 8:00 PM
Supernatural   Crowley notices Dean's increasing level of aggression; a vengeful man named Cole captures and tortures Sam.   Wed 6/3 9:00 PM
PIX11 News at Ten   John Muller, Tamsen Fadal.   Wed 6/3 10:00 PM
PIX11 Sports Desk   A highlight-packed sports snapshot with Scott Stanford.   Wed 6/3 10:45 PM
Seinfeld   Jerry's plans to move to a new apartment are complicated by George and Elaine.   Wed 6/3 11:00 PM
Seinfeld   A friend fakes illness to get Jerry's sympathy; Kramer obstructs justice.   Wed 6/3 11:30 PM
Friends   Both Monica and Chandler secretly approach Joey for a loan; Phoebe invites Mike to move in with her; Rachel baby-proofs the apartment.   Thu 6/4 12:00 AM
Friends   Monica interrupts Joey and Ross' friendly game of catch; Gary asks Phoebe to move in with him.   Thu 6/4 12:30 AM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Ray buys his father a fancy aquarium for his birthday, which depresses the older man.   Thu 6/4 1:00 AM
Family Guy   Chris' search for a new hobby leads him to befriend a puppeteer named Franz, until the man's checkered past is revealed.   Thu 6/4 1:30 AM
Rules of Engagement   Jeff realizes Audrey uses sex to get what she wants; Timmy and Russell make a commercial for their soup spoon.   Thu 6/4 2:00 AM