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American Dad   In order to be taken more seriously, Stan becomes a parking attendant; Haley poses nude for a college art class.   Thu 7/2 2:30 AM
Gimme a Break   Samantha and Nell learn the true meaning of family love after Nell's father dies.   Thu 7/2 3:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show   Steve attempts to win Regina back when he hears she is planning to elope.   Thu 7/2 3:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show   Romeo uses romance to keep a gifted singer from upstaging his act with Bullethead in the school talent contest.   Thu 7/2 4:00 AM
The Jeffersons   George's problems in the bedroom send him on a panicked search for solutions.   Thu 7/2 4:30 AM
PIX11 Morning News at 5AM   Sukanya Krishnan; Kori Chambers.   Thu 7/2 5:00 AM
PIX11 Morning News at 5:30AM   Sukanya Krishnan; Kori Chambers.   Thu 7/2 5:30 AM
PIX11 Morning News 6A-7A   Sukanya Krishnan, Kori Chambers.   Thu 7/2 6:00 AM
PIX11 Morning News 7A-9A   Sukanya Krishnan, Kori Chambers.   Thu 7/2 7:00 AM
Maury   Ordinary people make bad choices and get caught on camera.   Thu 7/2 9:00 AM
Maury   Pierre denies being the father of his wife's sons; Rodney wants Arleatha and her mother to bring their baby drama to another man's doorstep; Dwayne welcomes being a father but admits that he has his doubts.   Thu 7/2 10:00 AM
Jerry Springer   Latoia suspects that her male-stripper boyfriend, Hurricane, is gay; Savannah thinks Windy has caused a divide in her relationship with her boyfriend; Taylor wants her one-night stand with Cowboy to turn into a long-term relationship.   Thu 7/2 11:00 AM
Jerry Springer   Cecilee is caught in a love triangle with her fiance and her childhood friend; Dawn has a dirty secret to reveal; a disrespectful text message has Kaycii ready for combat.   Thu 7/2 12:00 PM
The Bill Cunningham Show   Women seek the identity of their kids' fathers -- but may be in for a surprise when the test results are revealed.   Thu 7/2 1:00 PM
The Bill Cunningham Show   A man learns whether he fathered his ex's children.   Thu 7/2 2:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   Jean says her granddaughter's parents are coaching the child to say Jean molests her in a bid to cover for the girl's father's malfeasance toward his daughter.   Thu 7/2 3:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   Steve provides an update on what happened to a past guest accused of child molestation after his lie-detector test results were revealed.   Thu 7/2 4:00 PM
PIX11 News at 5   John Muller, Tamsen Fadal.   Thu 7/2 5:00 PM
PIX11 News at 6   Tamsen Fadal, John Muller, Mr. G, Scott Stanford.   Thu 7/2 6:00 PM
Celebrity Name Game   Thu 7/2 6:30 PM