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Jerry Springer   Mike suits up to surprise his girlfriend; Katrina learns what happened in Vegas; Hailee enjoys the thrill of being a mistress.   Tue 5/5 12:00 PM
The Bill Cunningham Show   People who suspect their partner of infidelity want the truth.   Tue 5/5 1:00 PM
The Bill Cunningham Show   Guests who think their sisters are sleeping with their men.   Tue 5/5 2:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   Husband and wife accuse each other of cheating; Matt wants to know why his girlfriend has been receiving money and gifts from men.   Tue 5/5 3:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   Based on text messages she found on his phone, Nesi thinks her longtime boyfriend is having a sexual relationship with another man; Karissa thinks her husband's boyfriend caused their baby's death.   Tue 5/5 4:00 PM
PIX11 News at 5   John Muller, Tamsen Fadal.   Tue 5/5 5:00 PM
PIX11 News at 6   Tamsen Fadal, John Muller, Mr. G, Scott Stanford.   Tue 5/5 6:00 PM
Celebrity Name Game   Tue 5/5 6:30 PM
Two and a Half Men   Charlie and Alan butt heads over Alan's place in the house, prompting Alan and Jake to move in with Evelyn.   Tue 5/5 7:00 PM
Two and a Half Men   Charlie finds success as a children's singing star, which makes Alan miserable.   Tue 5/5 7:30 PM
The Flash   Barry deals with the latest threat from the Reverse Flash; Dr. Wells distracts the team by releasing Grodd on the city; Iris and Barry have a serious talk.   Tue 5/5 8:00 PM
iZombie   Liv is filled with insight after consuming the brains of a morning talk show host who specialized in relationships; Peyton helps Major; Ravi's romantic life has the potential to make things weird for Liz.   Tue 5/5 9:00 PM
PIX11 News at Ten   John Muller, Tamsen Fadal.   Tue 5/5 10:00 PM
PIX11 Sports Desk   A highlight-packed sports snapshot with Scott Stanford.   Tue 5/5 10:45 PM
Seinfeld   A car valet with killer body odor leaves Jerry and Elaine gasping for breath; George sees an ex-girlfriend holding hands with someone else.   Tue 5/5 11:00 PM
Seinfeld   George worries over gaining the upper hand in his current romance.   Tue 5/5 11:30 PM
Friends   Rachel devises a lie about her unborn child that she hopes will break the silence between her and Joey; Phoebe reads tea leaves and predicts she will soon encounter the man of her dreams.   Wed 5/6 12:00 AM
Friends   Rachel and Ross reminisce separately about when they dated each other; the friends get invitations to Ross's wedding, but not all of them are going.   Wed 5/6 12:30 AM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Ray gets upset when he learns that Debra has been sharing their intimate secrets with her friends.   Wed 5/6 1:00 AM
Family Guy   Fame gets to Peter's head when he and Quagmire form a singing/songwriting team.   Wed 5/6 1:30 AM