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The Bill Cunningham Show   Revisiting devastating betrayals and bombshells.   Fri 8/28 2:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   Russell thinks the mother of his six children has been drugging him so she can cheat; Joel says he has been receiving voicemail sounding like his girlfriend is having sex with another man.   Fri 8/28 3:00 PM
The Steve Wilkos Show   Parents Danielle and Eric accuse Danielle's mother's boyfriend of molesting their 3-year-old daughter.   Fri 8/28 4:00 PM
PIX11 News at 5   John Muller, Tamsen Fadal.   Fri 8/28 5:00 PM
PIX11 News at 6   Tamsen Fadal, John Muller, Mr. G, Scott Stanford.   Fri 8/28 6:00 PM
Celebrity Name Game   Fri 8/28 6:30 PM
Two and a Half Men   Charlie and Alan must confront their "daddy issues" when Evelyn's new boyfriend invites them to Las Vegas on his private jet.   Fri 8/28 7:00 PM
Two and a Half Men   Charlie and Alan try to prepare Jake for his first day of junior high.   Fri 8/28 7:30 PM
Masters of Illusion   Featured magicians include Nathan Burton, Tom Burgoon, Greg Frewin, Arthur Trace, Matt Marcy, Les Arnold and Dazzle, and Tommy Wind.   Fri 8/28 8:00 PM
Whose Line Is It Anyway?   Guest comic Keegan-Michael Key.   Fri 8/28 8:30 PM
Penn & Teller: Fool Us   Aspiring magicians who perform their best tricks include Bill Cook, Wes Barker, Matt Holtzclaw and David Regal.   Fri 8/28 9:00 PM
PIX11 News at Ten   John Muller, Tamsen Fadal.   Fri 8/28 10:00 PM
PIX11 Sports Desk   A highlight-packed sports snapshot with Scott Stanford.   Fri 8/28 10:45 PM
Seinfeld   Jerry and George try to write the pilot for their series; Kramer solicits cigars from the Cuban consulate.   Fri 8/28 11:00 PM
Seinfeld   Jerry, promised a vehicle as payment for a performance, winds up getting a van instead of a car; Elaine meets a new man; Kramer has no need for mail.   Fri 8/28 11:30 PM
Friends   Monica's boyfriend proves to be the life of the party when he attends a basketball game with Chandler and Joey.   Sat 8/29 12:00 AM
Friends   When Soap Opera Digest requests an interview, Joey enlists his friends to make sure he does not say anything that could cost him his role.   Sat 8/29 12:30 AM
Everybody Loves Raymond   When Amy invites her brother to stay for dinner, he makes himself comfortable on the couch and never leaves.   Sat 8/29 1:00 AM
Family Guy   After Peter's mother dies, he befriends her longtime pal, Evelyn; Stewie is upset when he comprehends the reality of death.   Sat 8/29 1:30 AM
Futurama   Bender becomes the hunted after saving a robotic fox from hunters.   Sat 8/29 2:00 AM