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Mike & Molly   After Samuel loses his job and apartment, Mike asks him to move in.   Sat 5/30 5:30 PM
Two and a Half Men   Charlie's girlfriend gets fed up with his stalker, Rose.   Sat 5/30 6:00 PM
Two and a Half Men   Charlie and Alan try to set Evelyn up with the pharmacist, Russell.   Sat 5/30 6:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory   Knowledge of Howard's sexual history makes Bernadette reconsider their future together.   Sat 5/30 7:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory   Wedding plans are jeopardized when NASA reschedules Howard's mission; Leonard says something in the bedroom that surprises Penny.   Sat 5/30 7:30 PM
Freelancers (2012)   The son of a fallen police officer joins the NYPD, where he falls in with his father's former partner and a band of rogue cops.   Sat 5/30 8:00 PM
Seinfeld   Jerry begins dating his new maid; George ponders a nickname; Elaine has to get the new area code.   Sat 5/30 10:00 PM
Seinfeld   A woman's impending visit excites Jerry, until he learns she's getting married.   Sat 5/30 10:30 PM
How I Met Your Mother   As Ted settles into living alone, Barney tries to get him to hit the town every night; Lily has an erotic dream; Robin becomes famous.   Sat 5/30 11:00 PM
How I Met Your Mother   Marshall panics when he realizes the baby is coming soon; Robin and Ted decide to come to terms with their relationship; Barney plans a road trip.   Sat 5/30 11:30 PM
The Office   Michael takes the Dunder Mifflin employees ice-skating to celebrate his birthday.   Sun 5/31 12:00 AM
The Office   Dwight finds half a joint in the parking lot and launches a full investigation; Michael asks an unusual favor.   Sun 5/31 12:30 AM
The King of Queens   When Carrie discovers that her and Doug's ski weekend getaway was motivated by a promotion for a free plasma TV that Doug wants, her romantic mood sours.   Sun 5/31 1:00 AM
Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye   Soul music of the '60s poured out power and passion like no one had ever heard before. It delivered hope and inspiration - you could dance to it,sing along with it, and fall in love to it.   Sun 5/31 1:30 AM
Raising Hope   Sabrina adopts Hope, but the adoption process disappoints her.   Sun 5/31 2:00 AM
Raising Hope   Burt thinks there is something suspicious about the Chances' new neighbors.   Sun 5/31 2:30 AM
Ultraviolet (2006)   As worldwide civil war looms, a superhuman woman becomes the protector of a boy who is perceived as a threat to humanity.   Sun 5/31 3:00 AM
Make $$ in Real Estate Locally   Learn to make $$ flipping houses locally w/ Than Merrill of A&E's "Flip this House." Call to attend his FREE local real estate event.   Sun 5/31 5:00 AM
Best Portable Cooktop   Faster, Safer and more Eco-friendly Cooking.   Sun 5/31 5:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Sun 5/31 6:00 AM