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The Office   The office mates travel to Niagara Falls to celebrate Jim and Pam's wedding; Michael, Dwight and Andy want to hook up with wedding guests; Jim lets a secret slip at the rehearsal dinner.   Thu 3/5 1:00 AM
The Office   Michael organizes a party in his hotel room when he, Dwight and Jan attend a convention in Philadelphia.   Thu 3/5 1:30 AM
Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen   Lisa Alvarado; Margaret Cho; Tammy Pescatelli; Sheryl Underwood.   Thu 3/5 2:00 AM
Rules of Engagement   When Audrey gives their rug to Adam and Jenn, Jeff tries to sabotage the gift by telling Adam about all the "fun" he and Audrey had on it.   Thu 3/5 2:30 AM
OK! TV   Thu 3/5 3:00 AM
Community   Shirley and Pierce's disagreement over their sandwich shop leads to Jeff squaring off with Alan, his former colleague, in Greendale Summer Fun Court; Vice Dean Laybourne makes a final attempt at winning over Troy.   Thu 3/5 3:30 AM
P90X3 by Tony Horton   Tony Horton's new P90X3 workouts are just 30 minutes long, so you get ripped FASTER than ever! Don't believe it? See for yourself.   Thu 3/5 4:00 AM
Supreme Justice With Judge Karen Mills   A dog's botched ear surgery; a couple sue a sperm bank for wrongful birth.   Thu 3/5 4:30 AM
The Better Show   Zuleikha Robinson; winter technology; jelly muffins; sweet-potato pie.   Thu 3/5 5:00 AM
Miracle Machine! Frozen Meals Cooked in Minutes!   The NuWave Oven is the last oven you'll ever need! Cook faster, healthier, and tastier food! Cooking for the future!   Thu 3/5 6:00 AM
Shaun T's Focus T25   An hour's worth of results in 25 minutes a day. From the creators of Insanity & P90X comes Focus T25. Get it Done!   Thu 3/5 6:30 AM
Shaun T's Focus T25   An hour's worth of results in 25 minutes a day. From the creators of Insanity & P90X comes Focus T25. GET IT DONE!   Thu 3/5 7:00 AM
Losing Your Memory??   The natural supplement clinically shown to combat age-related memory loss.   Thu 3/5 7:30 AM
Jane Seymour's Secret to Youthful-looking skin   Join Jane Seymour as she shows you can get smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin with Crepe Erase.   Thu 3/5 8:00 AM
Mom is 57, Looks 27!!   Professional microdermabrasion at home!!   Thu 3/5 8:30 AM
Celebrity Name Game   Thu 3/5 9:00 AM
Celebrity Name Game   Thu 3/5 9:30 AM
The People's Court   Thu 3/5 10:00 AM
Hot Bench   A man regrets not listening to his wife; a woman testifies in defense of her sister but ends up sending her down the river.   Thu 3/5 11:00 AM
Hot Bench   A woman accused of falling asleep at the wheel blames her crash on a mechanical failure; a woman says she was so scared of her former employee's threats that she filed a restraining order.   Thu 3/5 11:30 AM