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Two and a Half Men   Charlie loses a woman to the young, handsome handyman working at his house.   Thu 8/27 6:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory   Sheldon tries to make peace when Leonard and Penny get into an argument.   Thu 8/27 7:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory   Leonard and Sheldon's friendship is tested; Wolowitz's relationship with his mom causes a threat to his masculinity.   Thu 8/27 7:30 PM
The Mentalist   A prominent state senator's intern is killed; Jane works on finding out what new information has been uncovered on the Red John case.   Thu 8/27 8:00 PM
The Mentalist   Lisbon is accused of murdering a paroled child molester she had arrested, prompting Jane, Cho, Rigby and Van Pelt to conduct their own investigation into the killing.   Thu 8/27 9:00 PM
WBZ News   Thu 8/27 10:00 PM
Seinfeld   While in Los Angeles, Jerry and George are picked up by the police; Kramer is a suspect in a series of serial murders.   Thu 8/27 11:00 PM
Seinfeld   At his parents' insistence, Jerry is coached by personal trainer Izzy Mandelbaum to lose weight.   Thu 8/27 11:30 PM
How I Met Your Mother   Ted makes a final attempt to win Robin's heart; Marshall and Lily's relationship is in jeopardy.   Fri 8/28 12:00 AM
How I Met Your Mother   With only a half an hour left before the wedding, Robin and Barney panic; Lily and Marshall rewrite their wedding vows.   Fri 8/28 12:30 AM
Friends   Phoebe brings her annoyingly upbeat boyfriend to the 35th anniversary of Monica and Ross' parents, who urge Ross and pregnant Rachel to pretend to be married.   Fri 8/28 1:00 AM
Rules of Engagement   When Audrey gives their rug to Adam and Jenn, Jeff tries to sabotage the gift by telling Adam about all the "fun" he and Audrey had on it.   Fri 8/28 1:30 AM
Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen   W. Kamau Bell; Jeff Capri; Gene Pompa; Susan Prekel.   Fri 8/28 2:00 AM
Rules of Engagement   Audrey promises not to divulge Russell's secret love of Broadway musicals in exchange for free theater tickets; Adam and Jennifer take dancing lessons to get ready for their wedding.   Fri 8/28 2:30 AM
OK! TV   Fri 8/28 3:00 AM
Community   When the study group's science experiment is destroyed, the gang tries to find the criminal and save the grade; when Troy and Abed think they have discovered the perpetrator, a professor reluctantly presides over a trial.   Fri 8/28 3:30 AM
Friends   When Soap Opera Digest requests an interview, Joey enlists his friends to make sure he does not say anything that could cost him his role.   Fri 8/28 4:00 AM
Supreme Justice With Judge Karen Mills   A woman sues her ex for making her wear "granny panties."   Fri 8/28 4:30 AM
The Better Show   Grace Gealey; unattractive fashion trends; "orange is the new snack" recipes.   Fri 8/28 5:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Fri 8/28 6:00 AM