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Curious George   Hundley wishes he were taller; George comes up with a plan to clean the pool.   Mon 8/3 3:00 PM
Super Why!   Pig stays at the top of his slide, too fearful to come down; Humpty Dumpty.   Mon 8/3 3:30 PM
Odd Squad   Otto and Oren compete to become Captain Fun; Olive and Otto consider what life would be like if they had different partners.   Mon 8/3 4:00 PM
Cyberchase   The Cybersquad uses diagrams to get out of a basketball-like game called Jimaya Jam.   Mon 8/3 4:30 PM
Cyberchase   A harmless act multiplied hundreds of times creates a huge problem.   Mon 8/3 5:00 PM
BBC World News America   U.S.-targeted nightly newscast.   Mon 8/3 5:30 PM
NJTV News With Mary Alice Williams   Mon 8/3 6:00 PM
Nightly Business Report   Mon 8/3 6:30 PM
PBS NewsHour   Mon 8/3 7:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow   A Victorian carved oak bed; Duiffopruggar-style violin; Demetre Chiparus "Starfish" bronze.   Mon 8/3 8:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow   An Edgar Allen Poe-inscribed book; Titanic collection; Frederick de Wit atlas, circa 1680.   Mon 8/3 9:00 PM
POV   Amid civil war, the people of the Nuba Mountains are bound together by music and the desire to protect their cultural traditions.   Mon 8/3 10:00 PM
Charlie Rose   Mon 8/3 11:00 PM
Tavis Smiley   Former Gov. Lincoln Chafee; actor Alan Rickman.   Tue 8/4 12:00 AM
One on One With Steve Adubato   Professionals and innovators share their experiences.   Tue 8/4 12:30 AM
Poldark on Masterpiece   Events spiral out of control when Verity makes her move; an epidemic leads to tragedy; shipwreck proves to be a blessing and a curse.   Tue 8/4 1:00 AM
Last Tango in Halifax   It's the day of Gillian's wedding but things don't go as planned as Caroline gets to the heart of why Gillian is avoiding her wedding day; with Celia's encouragement, Alan takes the first step towards forgiving Gary.   Tue 8/4 3:00 AM
To Be Forever Wild   Tue 8/4 4:00 AM
Songs to Keep: Treasures of an Adirondack Folk Collector   Musicians perform folk songs preserved by Marjorie Lansing Porter in New York State in the 1940s.   Tue 8/4 5:00 AM
Wild Kratts   Martin and Chris must take Aviva's new Creature Power Challenge when they argue over who gets to keep a creature souvenir.   Tue 8/4 6:00 AM