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One on One With Steve Adubato   Professionals and innovators share their experiences.   Thu 7/30 12:30 AM
The Bomb   Historians talk about the development of the nuclear bomb.   Thu 7/30 1:00 AM
Uranium -- Twisting the Dragon's Tail   Dr. Derek Muller unlocks the mysteries of uranium, which has revolutionized everything from medicine to warfare.   Thu 7/30 3:00 AM
POV   Five Chilean women meet monthly for tea and pastries, a ritual that has helped them deal with personal and societal change.   Thu 7/30 4:00 AM
American Masters   The achievements of stage magician, author and actor Ricky Jay; narrator Dick Cavett.   Thu 7/30 5:00 AM
Wild Kratts   Martin and Chris encounter what could be the last largest lobster.   Thu 7/30 6:00 AM
Thomas & Friends   Percy is determined to save the calliope, a rusty old organ, from being melted down; Thomas takes a new track vehicle along with him on his jobs.   Thu 7/30 6:30 AM
Sesame Street   Telly, Elmo and Rosita play Shape-O-Bots and transform themselves into shapes to help people.   Thu 7/30 7:00 AM
Curious George   Professor Wiseman gets ready to launch her bird migration tracking device; George and Allie help Howie the Hog train for the state fair.   Thu 7/30 8:00 AM
Curious George   George and Allie try to keep baby goats in their pen; George, Marco and chef Pisghetti launch a shape-finding scavenger hunt to raise money for the animal shelter.   Thu 7/30 8:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood   Daniel is frustrated when Miss Elaina would rather read than play with him; Daniel wants to play, but Prince Wednesday only wants to play with his brother, Prince Tuesday.   Thu 7/30 9:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood   Daniel helps Katerina reassemble her tea set after it is knocked on the floor; Daniel helps finish a story about dinosaurs.   Thu 7/30 9:30 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!   Nick and Sally visit the desert and meet Carmela the Camel; Humphrey the Humpback Whale communicates by singing.   Thu 7/30 10:00 AM
Thomas & Friends   Percy tries to make friends with wild animals, but they keep running from him; Emily insists Dash show her how to make tweeting noises, even though he fears he will run out of fuel.   Thu 7/30 10:30 AM
Peg Plus Cat   Peg and Cat sort through a messy room before company comes; Peg and Cat search for the Mermaid's golden pyramids.   Thu 7/30 11:00 AM
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps   Vicki surprises Marco by bringing the Costa Mousa Carnival to Chipping Cheddar.   Thu 7/30 11:30 AM
Dinosaur Train   The Dinosaur Train picks up all the dinosaurs in the "Dinosaurs A to Z" song for a picnic at Troodon Town.   Thu 7/30 12:00 PM
Dinosaur Train   Don organizes the dinosaurs by species, features and size; all 26 dinosaurs enjoy a picnic where Tiny leads them all in the "Dinosaurs A to Z" song.   Thu 7/30 12:30 PM
Tavis Smiley   Actress Kristin Davis; Vijay Iyer performs.   Thu 7/30 1:00 PM
Charlie Rose   Thu 7/30 1:30 PM