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Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 8/31 3:30 AM
Breaking Bald   Discover the latest advancements in hair restoration - from high-tech, microscopic hair transplantation procedures, to intense rejuvenation products, and more. Learn how hair loss sufferers can get their hair back in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.   Mon 8/31 4:00 AM
Portable Cooktop   Faster, Safer and more Eco-friendly Cooking.   Mon 8/31 4:30 AM
The Gospel Truth With Andrew Wommack   Mon 8/31 5:00 AM
Universal Church   Religious programming.   Mon 8/31 5:30 AM
NutriBullet RX Unleash the power of food   Nourish your body from the inside out with things found in nature, not made in a lab. NutriBullet RX.   Mon 8/31 6:00 AM
Kenneth Copeland   Dr. Caroline Leaf.   Mon 8/31 6:30 AM
Awesome Adventures   Panama City, Panama: the Panama Canal; the rain forest by boat and aerial tram; the cumbia; Casco Viejo.   Mon 8/31 7:00 AM
Dish Nation   The latest on Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, Zayn Malik and Rita Ora; guest Frankie Grande.   Mon 8/31 7:30 AM
Are We There Yet?   Nick tricks Suzanne and Marilyn into spending the weekend together at a spa for Mother's Day.   Mon 8/31 8:00 AM
Are We There Yet?   Lindsey steals money to from Gigi's purse in order to attend a concert.   Mon 8/31 8:30 AM
The 700 Club   5 time Pro Bowler and QB for San Diego, Philip Rivers sits down with CBN Sports to share his game plan for success on and off the field.   Mon 8/31 9:00 AM
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit   Benson and Stabler believe a pedophile may be behind the murder of a travel writer, especially after meeting the victim's landlady and her streetwise daughter.   Mon 8/31 10:00 AM
Divorce Court   Stephanie says she is tired of her husband's lazy, packrat, slob routine; he criticizes her use of Facebook and says she should cut down on her partying.   Mon 8/31 11:00 AM
Divorce Court   She says he disciplines her son with an authoritative voice; he says her family does not give him respect.   Mon 8/31 11:30 AM
The People's Court   Mon 8/31 12:00 PM
Judge Faith   A party company; back rent.   Mon 8/31 1:00 PM
Judge Faith   A cousin regrets co-signing for a loan; damage to carpets in a rental property.   Mon 8/31 1:30 PM
Divorce Court   He claims she has had inappropriate interactions with one of her clients; she says that he has become lazy since he stopped wrestling and has a short temper.   Mon 8/31 2:00 PM
Divorce Court   Charity says her husband's infidelities and lack of support make her question whether their marriage can last; he says her coldness and their lack of sex make him wonder if marriage is worth it.   Mon 8/31 2:30 PM