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Family Feud   Tue 3/3 3:30 PM
The Wendy Williams Show   Comic J.B. Smoove.   Tue 3/3 4:00 PM
The Real   Kendra C. Johnson; fun ways to remix old CDs; the meanings of common dream occurrences.   Tue 3/3 5:00 PM
Dish Nation   Tue 3/3 6:00 PM
Family Feud   Tue 3/3 6:30 PM
Family Feud   Tue 3/3 7:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory   Sheldon's interview with the FBI jeopardizes Wolowitz's security clearance.   Tue 3/3 7:30 PM
Law & Order: Criminal Intent   The detectives discover a link between the deaths of an investigative reporter and his fiancee, organized crime and the governor's office.   Tue 3/3 8:00 PM
Law & Order: Criminal Intent   The philandering wife of an arrogant plastic surgeon disappears, and the detectives suspect his efforts to find her are insincere.   Tue 3/3 9:00 PM
Chasing News   Tue 3/3 10:00 PM
Inside Edition   Tue 3/3 10:30 PM
Anger Management   Charlie seeks his prison group's help when his partying ways result in him getting arrested; Charlie's group searches for a new therapist.   Tue 3/3 11:00 PM
Anger Management   Charlie is in trouble when he finds out that a woman he had a one-night fling with is related to his supervisor.   Tue 3/3 11:30 PM
How I Met Your Mother   Marshall worries videos he made in the past will put his dream job in jeopardy; Ted must choose a date for the architects ball.   Wed 3/4 12:00 AM
How I Met Your Mother   The gang tries to help Ted when the perfect woman becomes available; Marshall finds a letter written by his younger self.   Wed 3/4 12:30 AM
The Dr. Oz Show   Reducing one's cancer risk; 99 ways to use coconut oil; Dr. Oz helps a school turn its beloved physical education teacher's health around; the best wines for one's health.   Wed 3/4 1:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Wed 3/4 2:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Wed 3/4 2:30 AM
Bosley Hair Restoration   Learn about BOSLEY'S permanent and natural-looking hair restoration solution. Find out why hundreds of thousands of men and women have chosen Bosley for hair restoration. Get the information you need to get started.   Wed 3/4 3:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Wed 3/4 3:30 AM