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Eyewitness News   Bill Ritter, Sade Baderinwa, Lee Goldberg, Rob Powers.   Sat 3/28 1:35 AM
Murdoch Mysteries   Murdoch investigates the electrocution of a woman; Crabtree finds himself attracted to a suspect.   Sat 3/28 2:05 AM
Sanctuary   Magnus and Will investigate inexplicable teenage disappearances.   Sat 3/28 3:05 AM
Q   Comic Jim Gaffigan; actress Keira Knightley; Mother Mother performs.   Sat 3/28 4:00 AM
WHADDYADO   Prescription drug abuse; choking; a hit-and-run; being in a controlling relationship.   Sat 3/28 4:30 AM
Jack Hanna's Into the Wild   The Singapore Zoo is full of surprises; a nighttime safari.   Sat 3/28 5:00 AM
Storm Stories   Boy Scouts share their stories of survival after a deadly tornado strikes their camp in Little Sioux, Iowa.   Sat 3/28 5:30 AM
Eyewitness News This Morning   Michelle Charlesworth, Rob Nelson, Amy Freeze.   Sat 3/28 6:00 AM
Good Morning America   Sat 3/28 8:00 AM
Eyewitness News This Morning   Michelle Charlesworth, Rob Nelson, Amy Freeze.   Sat 3/28 9:00 AM
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown   Pandas; marsupials; flamingoes.   Sat 3/28 10:00 AM
Ocean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin   Fur seal pups; baby bats; timber rattlesnakes; a humpback whale calf.   Sat 3/28 10:30 AM
Sea Rescue   A manatee wanders; two sea turtles end up far from their native waters; pelicans land in the scorching Arizona desert.   Sat 3/28 11:00 AM
The Wildlife Docs   The doctors discover a dangerous situation developing with an unborn gorilla baby.   Sat 3/28 11:30 AM
Outback Adventures With Tim Faulkner   Dingo pups; a Komodo dragon; the Tasmanian devil rehabilitation program.   Sat 3/28 12:00 PM
Born to Explore   Ngorongoro Crater; lions, elephants and hippos; the Hadza tribe.   Sat 3/28 12:30 PM
Sports Stars of Tomorrow   Profiles of the top rookie, college and high-school talent in sports; current athletes share their experiences, advice and personal impressions of the road to stardom.   Sat 3/28 1:00 PM
Hiring America   Sat 3/28 1:30 PM
Gospel Superfest Spring Jam 2015   Performers include the Rance Allen Group, Dorinda Clark Cole, Tasha Page Lockhart, Shekinah Glory Choir and more; Wendy Raquel Robinson hosts.   Sat 3/28 2:00 PM
World of X Games   Sat 3/28 3:00 PM