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My Skin Is Killing Me   In Alabama, 5-year-old Payton struggles with a deadly condition called epidermolysis bullosa; in China, 22-year-old Cheng's mysterious skin condition causes fishlike scales to grow over his body.   Sat 2/28 11:00 PM
My Chin Keeps Growing: Body Bizarre   Sun 3/1 12:00 AM
My Baby's Got an Extra Head: Body Bizarre   Sun 3/1 1:00 AM
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Dr. Ho Relieves Back Pain   Order the decompression belt today to help get fast relief from your aching back pain.   Sun 3/1 5:00 AM
Make Her Climax   Medically recommended natural sex enhancer for Men!   Sun 3/1 5:30 AM
Pregnant for 46 Years   Some pregnancies occur ectopically, or outside the womb.   Sun 3/1 6:00 AM
Pregnant Man   A pregnant man and his wife describe their experiences.   Sun 3/1 7:00 AM
The Boy With Bloody Tears   Seventeen year old, Calvino Inman has been crying blood for the past two years without any known explanation.   Sun 3/1 8:00 AM
Body Bizarre   A woman has over 50 orgasms a day, which makes sex painful; in the United States, a man is only 2 feet, eleven inches tall due to a rare condition called primordial dwarfism.   Sun 3/1 9:00 AM
Body Bizarre   Four-year-old twins Arthur and Heitor are joined at the waist. Are they strong enough for surgery? Plus, an extreme form of vitiligo has left a woman's body both black and white.   Sun 3/1 10:00 AM
Body Bizarre   Four sisters are unable to move; conjoined twins find love; a man's chin won't stop growing; a girl can't smile.   Sun 3/1 11:00 AM
Body Bizarre   Sun 3/1 12:00 PM
Outrageous Births: Tales From the Crib   A baby is born twice; a woman in labor is torn apart by a tornado; a wife gives birth at home.   Sun 3/1 1:00 PM
Outrageous Births: Tales From the Crib   A woman gives birth while trapped in an elevator; two truckers deliver a baby in a diner; a prolapsed umbilical cord threatens a baby's life.   Sun 3/1 2:00 PM