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A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001)   In the future a cutting-edge android in the form of a boy embarks on a journey to discover his true nature.   Thu 7/30 9:00 AM
Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson (2015)   The life Edith Lake Wilkinson, an artist locked away in an asylum in the 1920s.   Thu 7/30 11:30 AM
Best in Show (2000)   Pampered pooches and their quirky owners converge on Philadelphia to compete in a prestigious dog show.   Thu 7/30 1:00 PM
Mr. Nice Guy (1997)   A gangster and his goons chase an ordinary guy who helped a TV reporter escape their clutches.   Thu 7/30 2:30 PM
Epic Movie (2007)   Four adult orphans have an incredible adventure in a spoof of blockbuster and fantasy films.   Thu 7/30 4:00 PM
Trainwreck: HBO First Look   Amy Schumer and Bill Hader star in the comedy film directed by Judd Apatow.   Thu 7/30 5:30 PM
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver   News, politics and current events.   Thu 7/30 5:45 PM
Fast & Furious 6 (2013)   Agent Hobbs offers Dom Toretto and his crew a full pardon if they help him nab a gang of lethally skilled mercenary drivers whose second-in-command is someone they all know.   Thu 7/30 6:15 PM
The Brink   Walter encounters Joanne in Tel Aviv; Zeke and Glenn are held hostage by Martin and Vanessa; Alex meets with Kittredge.   Thu 7/30 8:30 PM
Transcendence (2014)   A scientific genius's controversial attempts to create a sentient machine take an unforeseen turn after he is mortally wounded during an attack by anti-technology radicals.   Thu 7/30 9:00 PM
Sex On//   "Giantess"; "Beautiful Agony"; "Crash Pad"; "Tinder"; "420 Girls."   Thu 7/30 11:00 PM
True Detective   Frank is desperate to locate a missing woman with information about Caspere; Frank meets with Mexican drug dealers; Ani infiltrates an exclusive inner circle.   Thu 7/30 11:30 PM
The Maze Runner (2014)   A teen awakes within a massive maze with other teens, with no memory of his past other than dreams about an organization known as WCKD. He hopes to escape by piecing together fragments of his past and clues he discovers in the labyrinth.   Fri 7/31 12:30 AM
Lone Survivor (2013)   In the mountains of Afghanistan, a squad of Taliban fighters ambushes four Navy SEALs, who are there on a mission to eliminate a high-ranking al-Qaeda operative.   Fri 7/31 2:30 AM
Will of the Warrior   Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell is the lone survivor of a team that was ambushed by the Taliban in 2005; Marcus Luttrell works as a consultant on the film based on his book.   Fri 7/31 4:35 AM
Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight (2013)   Justices of the Supreme Court discuss boxer Muhammad Ali's refusal to fight in the Vietnam War.   Fri 7/31 5:05 AM
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)   Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby investigate a group of ghouls terrorizing people.   Fri 7/31 6:45 AM
Shallow Hal (2001)   A self-help guru makes a superficial man see only the inner beauty of a very fat woman.   Fri 7/31 8:30 AM
Dolphin Tale (2011)   A marine biologist, a prosthetics designer and a boy band together to save the life of a dolphin whose tail was severely damaged in a trap.   Fri 7/31 10:30 AM
It's Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise (2015)   Writer and artist Hilary Knight discusses his life and career, including his illustrations for the "Eloise" series of books.   Fri 7/31 12:25 PM