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Dog the Bounty Hunter   Despite their different approaches to apprehending a runaway fugitive, Dog and Beth learn that teamwork may lead to romance.   Wed 4/16 8:00 AM
Dog the Bounty Hunter   Dog hunts for a stripper that has gone on the lam.   Wed 4/16 8:30 AM
Criminal Minds   When a murder victim is discovered in San Diego and another is found in Los Angeles, the team thinks a murderous duo is responsible.   Wed 4/16 9:00 AM
Criminal Minds   When one Kansas family goes missing and another one turns up dead, the team looks for a link between the cases; Beth has surprising news for Hotch.   Wed 4/16 10:00 AM
CSI: Miami   A man is found stabbed and handcuffed in a hotel room; a prank at the lab threatens an investigation and causes a rift in the team.   Wed 4/16 11:00 AM
CSI: Miami   The team races the clock to find a baby kidnapped by a killer, to prevent the child from becoming the next victim.   Wed 4/16 12:00 PM
Criminal Minds   The BAU team pursues an amateur surgeon who amputates limbs from his victims; Reid's calls to a mystery woman create intrigue.   Wed 4/16 1:00 PM
Criminal Minds   When four men from Oregon go missing, the team looks for a common link; J.J. is upset when her son doesn't want to celebrate Halloween.   Wed 4/16 2:00 PM
The First 48   A woman in Detroit is shot in her home; a young man is found shot dead in a parking lot after he and his friend tried to rob a street vendor.   Wed 4/16 3:00 PM
The First 48   A grandfather is shot after answering his front door; an elderly man is found strangled to death in his bedroom.   Wed 4/16 4:00 PM
The First 48   A 20-year-old single mother mysteriously disappears, and a bloody, abandoned car is the only evidence available for the police.   Wed 4/16 5:00 PM
The First 48   Mike Smith and Walley Everett investigate the murder of a 23-year-old mother found burned in the backyard of an abandoned house.   Wed 4/16 6:00 PM
Duck Dynasty   The team is invited to a local Bass Pro Shops to unveil a special wing of the store that will carry Duck Commander products; Miss Kay seeks quality time with her grandchildren.   Wed 4/16 7:00 PM
Duck Dynasty   The Duck Commander guys go on strike when Willie implements "motivational work tactics"; Miss Kay brings her home cooking to the streets of West Monroe.   Wed 4/16 7:30 PM
Duck Dynasty   While ditching work, Si spots what he believes is the infamous "black panther"; Phil tries to get his football-playing nephew and his teammate to do chores.   Wed 4/16 8:00 PM
Duck Dynasty   Willie decides it's time for his son to have his own vehicle; Jase, Martin and Godwin have a fishing mishap that leaves Phil's boat at the bottom of the swamp.   Wed 4/16 8:30 PM
Duck Dynasty   Willie plans to construct the world's largest duck call in celebration of the company's 40th anniversary; Miss Kay thinks it's time for a new home.   Wed 4/16 9:00 PM
Duck Dynasty   Willie wants to meet Sadie's new boyfriend in order to instill some healthy fatherly fear; Grandpa Phil and Uncle Si take Sadie on an outing.   Wed 4/16 9:30 PM
Duck Dynasty   Uncle Si annoys the guys when he uses a digital camera to document a day in his life; Willie improvises when he gets lost driving John Luke and Sadie to a college football game.   Wed 4/16 10:00 PM
Duck Dynasty   Willie gets bit by the broadcasting bug and decides to host his own radio show; the neighborhood homeowners association goes after Jase.   Wed 4/16 10:30 PM