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Warm Bodies (2013)   The unusual romance between a zombie and a living woman sets in motion a series of events that may transform the entire lifeless world. Based on the novel by Isaac Marion.   Sat 4/19 11:15 PM
Criminal Desires (2013)   A sexy reporter gets swept up in the deadly and erotic world of an online murder club.   Sun 4/20 1:00 AM
Stigmata (1999)   An atheist's visions and manifestations of wounds like those of the crucified Christ prompt the Vatican to send an investigator.   Sun 4/20 2:25 AM
Blown Away (1994)   An Irish explosives expert targets an old foe and his family living in Boston.   Sun 4/20 4:10 AM
Date Movie (2006)   A hopeless romantic and her British beau face a number of obstacles on their way to the altar.   Sun 4/20 6:15 AM
Life of Pi (2012)   After the freighter they're on sinks in a storm, a teenager and a Bengal tiger wind up on a small lifeboat and must learn to trust each other to survive. Based on a book by Yann Martel.   Sun 4/20 7:40 AM
The Godfather (1972)   Crime boss Vito Corleone and his sons rule their New York empire with Mafia justice. Based on the novel by Mario Puzo.   Sun 4/20 9:50 AM
The Godfather, Part II (1974)   Michael Corleone rules his father's criminal empire, while flashbacks recall young Vito's climb to power. Based on the novel by Mario Puzo.   Sun 4/20 12:50 PM
The Godfather, Part III (1990)   Dignified Michael Corleone joins his wild nephew in a Sicilian vendetta involving the Vatican.   Sun 4/20 4:15 PM
Broken City (2013)   A former cop becomes embroiled in a bigger scandal than he realized after being hired to tail the cheating wife of the mayor.   Sun 4/20 7:10 PM
Vehicle 19 (2013)   A paroled man picks up the wrong rental vehicle and quickly realizes that he is the target of an entire police force. The cops will do anything to stop the corruption testimony of a woman he discovered tied-up in the vehicle's trunk.   Sun 4/20 9:00 PM
The Girl's Guide to Depravity   Lizzie and Sam face a major crossroad.   Sun 4/20 10:30 PM
The Girl's Guide to Depravity   Jason wants to get Sam out of her funk; Megan becomes a "bad girl."   Sun 4/20 11:00 PM
Chernobyl Diaries (2012)   Stranded in the ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine, near the Chernobyl disaster site, tourists find that they are not alone.   Sun 4/20 11:30 PM
Chemistry   Jocelyn finds some liberation; Liz faces a crisis on the job; Vic meets Liz.   Mon 4/21 1:00 AM
Chemistry   Michael's robust sex drive leads Jocelyn to suspect him of cheating; Michael experiences performance issues with Liz.   Mon 4/21 1:30 AM
Ocean's Twelve (2004)   To pay back casino boss Terry Benedict, Danny Ocean and his team of criminals plan an elaborate heist in Europe.   Mon 4/21 2:00 AM
Les Misérables (2012)   In 19th-century France, ex-prisoner Jean Valjean, pursued for many years by ruthless policeman Javert, agrees to care for a factory worker's daughter. Based on the stage musical and Victor Hugo's novel.   Mon 4/21 4:10 AM
Fallen (1998)   Detectives investigate murders committed in a manner used by a recently executed serial killer.   Mon 4/21 6:50 AM
Office Space (1999)   A computer programmer's hypnosis-induced, lackadaisical attitude about work puts him on the corporate fast-track.   Mon 4/21 8:55 AM