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Monster-in-Law (2005)   A woman fights back when her fiance's shrewish mother tries to destroy their relationship.   Tue 7/28 9:35 AM
Charlie's Angels (2000)   Three private detectives try to rescue a kidnapped computer pro whose voice-ID software would threaten global security.   Tue 7/28 11:20 AM
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)   Estranged from his wife, an out-of-work actor masquerades as a nanny to be with his children.   Tue 7/28 1:00 PM
Wicker Park (2004)   An engaged man searches obsessively for his former lover who disappeared two years earlier.   Tue 7/28 3:10 PM
Blade (1998)   A man with vampire blood and his mortal partner hunt a rebel vampire and his coterie of undead.   Tue 7/28 5:10 PM
Reservation Road (2007)   A college professor sees his beloved son die in a hit-and-run accident and, soon afterward, begins his own quest to see the driver brought to justice.   Tue 7/28 7:15 PM
Disturbia (2007)   Under house arrest, a troubled youth is unsure if his neighbor is really a serial killer or if his suspicions are the result of a captive and overactive imagination.   Tue 7/28 9:00 PM
Femme Fatales   A mysterious woman creates a super-hero persona to avenge her mother's death at the hands of a crime lord.   Tue 7/28 10:45 PM
A Clockwork Orange (1971)   Young Alex and his droogs commit barbaric acts in a near-future, dehumanizing society.   Tue 7/28 11:45 PM
Sex Games: Vegas   Two couples are invited to a party for swingers.   Wed 7/29 2:05 AM
Sex Games: Vegas   Con artists are set up for a surprise when they target an affluent couple.   Wed 7/29 2:35 AM
Death Sentence (2007)   A suburban businessman becomes a vigilante after thugs kill his son during a gas station robbery.   Wed 7/29 3:05 AM
The Cell 2 (2009)   A psychic investigator must enter the mind of a serial killer to end his bloody reign of terror.   Wed 7/29 4:50 AM
My Summer of Love (2004)   A rebellious girl's affair with a worldly temptress troubles her born-again Christian brother.   Wed 7/29 6:25 AM
Honey (2003)   A dancer/choreographer organizes a benefit to raise money for a new studio for inner-city youth.   Wed 7/29 7:55 AM
Meet the Parents (2000)   When a woman brings her boyfriend home for her sister's wedding, her father, a former CIA agent, takes an instant dislike to him.   Wed 7/29 9:30 AM
Thelma & Louise (1991)   An Arkansas waitress and a housewife shoot a rapist and take off in a '66 Thunderbird.   Wed 7/29 11:20 AM
The Painted Veil (2006)   Caught in an affair with another man, a scientist's callow wife accompanies her husband to mainland China to fight a cholera epidemic.   Wed 7/29 1:30 PM
Lost in Translation (2003)   In Tokyo to shoot a commercial, a middle-aged actor becomes attracted to a young woman whose husband is a celebrity photographer.   Wed 7/29 3:35 PM
Swordfish (2001)   A spy working for the CIA forces a computer hacker, who was recently released from prison, to help steal unused government funds.   Wed 7/29 5:20 PM