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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)   Walter Mitty develops photos for a magazine but escapes the tedium through heroic daydreams. When Walter gets a chance for a real adventure, he may just build a relationship with a co-worker named Cheryl.   Sun 7/5 11:10 AM
Turistas (2006)   Travelers stumble onto a terrifying secret after becoming stranded in the Brazilian jungle.   Sun 7/5 1:10 PM
Blended (2014)   Soon after their blind date goes disastrously wrong, two single parents and their children end up sharing a suite together at an African resort.   Sun 7/5 2:50 PM
Veronica Mars (2014)   On the eve of her law-school graduation, Veronica turns amateur sleuth once again after ex-boyfriend, Logan, becomes a murder suspect.   Sun 7/5 4:50 PM
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)   A young man travels to 1950s Italy and begins to assume the identity of a playboy he was hired to bring back to the United States.   Sun 7/5 6:40 PM
Dreamgirls (2006)   After an ambitious manager gives them a shot at stardom, three singers learn that fame can carry a high personal cost.   Sun 7/5 9:00 PM
The Girl's Guide to Depravity   Lizzie and Sam face a major crossroad.   Sun 7/5 11:15 PM
Blades of Glory (2007)   Several years after being banned from men's singles competition, two rival skaters exploit a loophole that allows them to compete as a pair.   Sun 7/5 11:45 PM
Sex Games Cancun Feature 1   A compilation of episodes from the series about antics at the wildest party of the year in Cancun.   Mon 7/6 1:20 AM
Girlfight (2000)   A young Latina hones her boxing skills at a Brooklyn gym, where she falls in love for the first time with a fellow boxer.   Mon 7/6 2:45 AM
The Constant Gardener (2005)   A mild-mannered English diplomat begins a transcontinental quest to uncover the truth about his wife's death.   Mon 7/6 4:40 AM
The Painted Veil (2006)   Caught in an affair with another man, a scientist's callow wife accompanies her husband to mainland China to fight a cholera epidemic.   Mon 7/6 6:50 AM
25th Hour (2002)   The day before he begins a prison sentence, a New York drug dealer spends time with his father and friends.   Mon 7/6 8:55 AM
Blade (1998)   A man with vampire blood and his mortal partner hunt a rebel vampire and his coterie of undead.   Mon 7/6 11:10 AM
Disturbia (2007)   Under house arrest, a troubled youth is unsure if his neighbor is really a serial killer or if his suspicions are the result of a captive and overactive imagination.   Mon 7/6 1:10 PM
True Crime (1999)   An investigative reporter has only 12 hours to prove a condemned man's innocence in a robbery/homicide.   Mon 7/6 2:55 PM
Hell Baby (2013)   After she and her husband move into a haunted house, a woman gives birth to a demonic infant that wreaks havoc.   Mon 7/6 5:05 PM
25th Hour (2002)   The day before he begins a prison sentence, a New York drug dealer spends time with his father and friends.   Mon 7/6 6:40 PM
Little Miss Sunshine (2006)   Members of a dysfunctional family set out on a road trip to watch their daughter take part in a children's beauty pageant.   Mon 7/6 9:00 PM
Reservation Road (2007)   A college professor sees his beloved son die in a hit-and-run accident and, soon afterward, begins his own quest to see the driver brought to justice.   Mon 7/6 10:45 PM