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Red 2 (2013)   Former CIA black-ops agent Frank Moses and his team battle assassins, terrorists and power-hungry government officials as they try to retrieve a lethal device that could change the balance of world power.   Sun 7/5 2:00 PM
Strike Back   Enjoying a long-deserved vacation, Scott and Stonebridge are recalled after a fellow Section 20 member dies while pursuing the elusive terrorist al-Zuhari in Beirut.   Sun 7/5 4:00 PM
Strike Back   Section 20 goes for a longshot and attempts an assault in downtown Bogota; Dalton looks for the source that exposed her team in Beirut.   Sun 7/5 4:50 PM
Strike Back   Although they are uncertain of others' loyalties, the team must work with an asset in Beirut to get a lead on James Leatherby, a dangerous operative with ties to al-Zuhari.   Sun 7/5 5:40 PM
Strike Back   Section 20 attempts a risky rescue for a potential new ally; determined to find the truth, Dalton goes AWOL with a detainee.   Sun 7/5 6:30 PM
Strike Back   Section 20 faces a different threat, a new enemy joining forces with an old one; Locke draws Kamali in closer to the team.   Sun 7/5 7:20 PM
Strike Back   Section 20 faces the choice of devoting their resources to the mission or saving one of their own; the Al-Zuhari network strikes.   Sun 7/5 8:10 PM
Strike Back   The team tracks stolen property to Russia; Stonebridge's health continues to deteriorate; Kamali worries about his cover identity.   Sun 7/5 9:00 PM
Strike Back   Scott searches for an escape from Black Bear Prison; Locke becomes suspicious of Kamali; the team races to locate Stonebridge, whose condition grows more dire when he encounters Al-Zuhari's plan firsthand; Ulyanov closes in on Scott and Stonebridge.   Sun 7/5 9:50 PM
Strike Back   Scott and Stonebridge try to keep their promise to protect Ester; Richmond and Martinez follow an Al-Zuhari associate; the team sets out to stop an infiltrator before he reaches a populated area.   Sun 7/5 10:40 PM
Strike Back   Scott and Stonebridge face a new key player in Al-Zuhari's plan; the team resorts to questionable measures, sparking conflict within the unit.   Sun 7/5 11:30 PM
Kiss of the Dragon (2001)   A Chinese intelligence officer on assignment in Paris becomes involved in an international conspiracy.   Mon 7/6 12:20 AM
Shocker (1989)   Dreams link a police detective's son to a killer TV repairman turned into a soul-stealing spirit by the electric chair.   Mon 7/6 2:00 AM
MAX Quickies   The hottest highlights from late night programming.   Mon 7/6 3:50 AM
The Border (1982)   Easy money lures an American border patrol officer into his partner's sideline of smuggling illegals into Texas.   Mon 7/6 4:05 AM
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)   Square Brad and Janet are stranded at Dr. Frank N. Furter's mansion with weirdos from the Transylvania galaxy.   Mon 7/6 6:00 AM
Curse of the Pink Panther (1983)   Interpol sends the world's worst detective to find French police inspector Jacques Clouseau.   Mon 7/6 7:40 AM
Serenity (2005)   Crew members aboard a transport vessel get caught in a deadly conflict in the wake of a galactic war.   Mon 7/6 9:35 AM
Rush (2013)   Charismatic Englishman James Hunt and Austrian perfectionist Niki Lauda burn up the 1970s Formula 1 racing scene and share an intense rivalry on the track.   Mon 7/6 11:35 AM
Devil's Due (2014)   A newlywed initially blames his pregnant wife's odd behavior on nerves, but as the months pass, it becomes apparent to both of them that the changes to her body and mind stem from something sinister.   Mon 7/6 1:40 PM