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Consequence (2003)   A surgeon endangers his life when he assumes his brother's identity for an insurance scam.   Sun 3/29 1:20 PM
John Carpenter's Escape From L.A. (1996)   The fascist U.S. president enlists a jailed war hero to retrieve a top-secret device stolen by his daughter on island Los Angeles in 2013.   Sun 3/29 3:00 PM
Trance (2013)   A criminal hires a hypnotherapist to probe the mind of a brain-injured auctioneer to uncover the hiding place of a stolen painting.   Sun 3/29 4:45 PM
Double Take (2001)   Framed for money laundering, an investment banker switches places with a petty thief.   Sun 3/29 6:30 PM
V for Vendetta (2006)   After world war leads to a fascist government, a vigilante known as V uses terrorist tactics to fight the totalitarian state in which he now lives.   Sun 3/29 8:00 PM
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)   A billionaire looking for new challenges attracts the attention of an investigator when a priceless Monet is stolen.   Sun 3/29 10:15 PM
Eye for an Eye (1996)   A slain girl's mother considers vigilantism after police and the courts botch the case against the killer.   Mon 3/30 12:10 AM
MAX Quickies   The hottest highlights from late night programming.   Mon 3/30 1:55 AM
The Girl's Guide to Depravity   Lizzie and Sam seek to uncover a 'magical' secret of certain special women.   Mon 3/30 2:05 AM
Sex Games: Vegas   Best friends bet who will have the better time at the annual Swingers' Club Bash.   Mon 3/30 2:35 AM
Hotel Erotica Cabo Feature 10: Primal Urge   A compilation of episodes from the adult series that chronicles the activities at a romantic resort.   Mon 3/30 3:05 AM
P.C.U. (1994)   Politically correct collegians unite against the residents of a dorm where offensive behavior is encouraged.   Mon 3/30 4:35 AM
Kuffs (1992)   A San Francisco high-school dropout takes over his slain brother's private police force.   Mon 3/30 6:00 AM
Deck the Halls (2006)   Neighbors in a New England town go to war after one adorns his house with enough Christmas lights to make it visible from space.   Mon 3/30 7:45 AM
Young Frankenstein (1974)   Absurd Dr. Frankenstein visits the family castle in Transylvania and makes a monster.   Mon 3/30 9:25 AM
Mr. Nice Guy (1997)   A gangster and his goons chase an ordinary guy who helped a TV reporter escape their clutches.   Mon 3/30 11:15 AM
Ender's Game (2013)   A youth exhibits an unusual gift that gets him selected for advanced military training to lead Earth's forces in an intense war against Formics, alien invaders that nearly destroyed the planet once before.   Mon 3/30 12:45 PM
Transcendence (2014)   A scientific genius's controversial attempts to create a sentient machine take an unforeseen turn after he is mortally wounded during an attack by anti-technology radicals.   Mon 3/30 2:45 PM
Spartan (2004)   A special-operations agent and a new recruit uncover a slave-trading ring while investigating the abduction of the president's daughter.   Mon 3/30 4:45 PM
Epic Movie (2007)   Four adult orphans have an incredible adventure in a spoof of blockbuster and fantasy films.   Mon 3/30 6:35 PM