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Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (1988)   The vacationing rookies rescue their leader from jewel thieves, with a local duo as backup.   Thu 9/3 7:40 AM
Her Alibi (1989)   A mystery writer provides an alibi and a bedroom for a Romanian beauty suspected of murder.   Thu 9/3 9:15 AM
Evolution (2001)   A former government scientist teaching at an Arizona community college discovers rapidly developing organisms on a meteor.   Thu 9/3 10:55 AM
In Like Flint (1967)   Superspy Derek Flint saves the world from a cold-cream tycoon and her army of aloof women.   Thu 9/3 12:40 PM
McHale's Navy (1997)   Shopkeeper McHale is called back to captain the PT-73 and save a Caribbean island from annihilation.   Thu 9/3 2:35 PM
The Signal (2014)   A surprise awaits three college students who think they have tracked a rival computer hacker to a shed in the Nevada desert.   Thu 9/3 4:25 PM
Star Trek: First Contact (1996)   Picard, Riker and the others set off to stop the half-robot Borg from sabotaging a historic rocket flight in 2063.   Thu 9/3 6:05 PM
16 Blocks (2006)   A boozy, world-weary NYPD cop must outwit rogue officers planning to kill a witness who is set to testify against them.   Thu 9/3 8:00 PM
The Unborn (2009)   With the help of a spiritualist, a woman uncovers a family curse dating back to Nazi Germany and involving a demonic spirit with the power to inhabit anything or anyone.   Thu 9/3 9:45 PM
Strike Back   Scott and Stonebridge enter North Korea looking to spoil a nuclear-weapons celebration.   Thu 9/3 11:15 PM
The Whole Ten Yards (2004)   A retired hit man, his wife and a dentist face the wrath of a mobster just released from prison.   Fri 9/4 12:05 AM
Passionate Intentions (2015)   Gorgeous women satisfy their carnal cravings.   Fri 9/4 1:45 AM
Beerfest (2006)   Two brothers from America discover a secret and centuries-old competition involving beer games during Germany's Oktoberfest.   Fri 9/4 3:20 AM
Sudden Death (1995)   An arena fire marshal may be the only hope for the U.S. vice president, held hostage at a Pittsburgh hockey game.   Fri 9/4 5:15 AM
In the Mouth of Madness (1995)   An insurance investigator is driven insane by the horror novels of someone called Sutter Cane.   Fri 9/4 7:05 AM
Endless Love (2014)   Parental disapproval only makes two teenage lovers more reckless as they pursue their intense affair.   Fri 9/4 8:45 AM
Summer of Sam (1999)   Working-class people live in terror as the Son of Sam killer, David Berkowitz, rampages in the Bronx.   Fri 9/4 10:30 AM
Dark Floors (2008)   Heavy-metal demons pursue a father and daughter, who have inexplicably become trapped in a haunted hospital.   Fri 9/4 12:55 PM
The Alamo (2004)   In 1836 Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and more than 180 Texans hold off the Mexican army for 13 days during Sam Houston's revolution.   Fri 9/4 2:20 PM
Senseless (1998)   An experimental drug wreaks havoc upon a hardworking college student by altering his senses.   Fri 9/4 4:40 PM