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We're the Millers (2013)   Indebted to a big-time drug lord, a pot dealer travels to Mexico with a fake family and a camper to pick up a large shipment and smuggle it into the U.S.   Mon 5/25 7:05 PM
The Internship (2013)   Two old-school, unemployed salesmen finagle internships at Google, then must compete with younger, smarter candidates for prime positions.   Mon 5/25 9:00 PM
Wedding Crashers (2005)   Two divorce mediators spend a wild weekend partying with a politician and his eccentric family.   Mon 5/25 11:00 PM
Getaway (2013)   To save his kidnapped wife, a former race-car driver must follow the instructions of a man who is watching his every move through a hidden camera.   Tue 5/26 1:00 AM
11:14 (2003)   The lives of a drunken driver, two co-workers, three teenage troublemakers and others converge in a small town.   Tue 5/26 2:35 AM
Hot to Trot (1988)   A stockbroker profits from market tips overheard in the stables by his talking horse, Don.   Tue 5/26 4:05 AM
SIGN OFF   Sign off.   Tue 5/26 5:30 AM
Double Take (2001)   Framed for money laundering, an investment banker switches places with a petty thief.   Tue 5/26 7:00 AM
Something New (2006)   A black woman raises eyebrows among her friends when she develops a budding romance with a white man.   Tue 5/26 8:30 AM
Hot Shots! (1991)   A top-gun pilot keeps up with his rival and re-creates Hollywood love scenes with his girlfriend.   Tue 5/26 10:10 AM
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)   With the sitter dead, a Los Angeles teen lands a job in the fashion industry to feed her siblings.   Tue 5/26 11:35 AM
Carrie (1976)   A social misfit with psychic powers wreaks havoc at her prom to get even with pranksters.   Tue 5/26 1:25 PM
Veronica Mars (2014)   On the eve of her law-school graduation, Veronica turns amateur sleuth once again after ex-boyfriend, Logan, becomes a murder suspect.   Tue 5/26 3:05 PM
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)   With an asteroid due to smash into Earth in 21 days, two misfits embark on a road trip to find one's high-school sweetheart before it's too late.   Tue 5/26 4:55 PM
25th Hour (2002)   The day before he begins a prison sentence, a New York drug dealer spends time with his father and friends.   Tue 5/26 6:40 PM
As Above/So Below (2014)   Explorers uncover a dark secret when they venture into the miles of twisting, bone-littered catacombs beneath Paris.   Tue 5/26 9:00 PM
The Conjuring (2013)   Paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren confront a powerful demonic entity when they try to help parents and children being terrorized in their secluded farmhouse.   Tue 5/26 10:35 PM
16 Blocks (2006)   A boozy, world-weary NYPD cop must outwit rogue officers planning to kill a witness who is set to testify against them.   Wed 5/27 12:30 AM
Red 2 (2013)   Former CIA black-ops agent Frank Moses and his team battle assassins, terrorists and power-hungry government officials as they try to retrieve a lethal device that could change the balance of world power.   Wed 5/27 2:15 AM
The Detective (1968)   A New York detective sends a sniveling suspect to the electric chair, then learns he was innocent.   Wed 5/27 4:15 AM