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Midnight Feast   The chefs must prepare the ultimate, high-end version of the feast they'd want to consume on their last night on this earth.   Fri 9/4 11:00 AM
Midnight Feast   Three hip chefs are challenged to create a feast showcasing ingredients that are fermented, aged, pickled, preserved, cured, moldy or just plain funky - using ingredients like black garlic, blood sausage and the notoriously funky fruit, durian.   Fri 9/4 12:00 PM
Midnight Feast   The chefs must get their hands dirty, challenged to create inventive dishes - from finger foods to "caveman grub" - to be eaten manually - as in, with their hands.   Fri 9/4 1:00 PM
Late Nite Chef Fight   It's a self-taught personal chef versus a Michelin star-winning restaurant.   Fri 9/4 2:00 PM
Late Nite Chef Fight   Laila Ali and Vic Vegas Moea host a culinary battle between two of Vegas's most salty chefs featuring exotic stash meats.   Fri 9/4 3:00 PM
Lachey's Bar   Nick Lachey returns to his hometown of Cincinnati to open a bar with his brother and 98 Degrees bandmate Drew; the brothers conduct important business research by going on a pub crawl.   Fri 9/4 4:00 PM
Lachey's Bar   Nick and Drew visit a local brewery for help in determining the beer selection in their bar; a keg party decides which of the brothers' signature beers will be featured at their business.   Fri 9/4 4:30 PM
Lachey's Bar   The brothers get opinions on possible menu items for the bar by holding a taste test during a Cincinnati Bengals tailgate; Nick's wife, Vanessa, pays a surprise visit to Ohio.   Fri 9/4 5:00 PM
Lachey's Bar   Nick and Drew take bartending classes; the guys are selected as the Grand Marshals of Cincinnati's Oktoberfest celebration.   Fri 9/4 5:30 PM
Lachey's Bar   Drew takes some friends on a trip to Kentucky's Bourbon Trail where he buys an expensive barrel of bourbon.   Fri 9/4 6:00 PM
Lachey's Bar   With the bar opening only two weeks away, Nick and Drew must hire another bartender; Drew works on a secret project.   Fri 9/4 6:30 PM
Wahlburgers   Donnie brings girlfriend Jenny McCarthy home to meet his mother and instigates a "sauce-off" between Alma and Paul; Paul works on a special "Burger of the Month" for Jenny.   Fri 9/4 7:00 PM
Wahlburgers   Donnie and Mark, along with some famous friends, trick Paul into thinking they are working on a jingle for the restaurant; Alma has a hard time trying to find the perfect gift for Jenny.   Fri 9/4 7:30 PM
Wahlburgers   Alma becomes worried when Paul takes up woodworking as a hobby; Johnny Drama and his funk band are scheduled to perform at the Boston premiere of Mark's new film.   Fri 9/4 8:00 PM
Wahlburgers   Alma attempts to gather up all of her children's favorite recipes to share with the public; Mark challenges an old friend to eat a very unique burger.   Fri 9/4 8:30 PM
Wahlburgers   Johnny and Henry tag along when Mark travels to Hong Kong to promote a film; Johnny auditions for a commercial, while Henry fills his stomach of steel with local delicacies.   Fri 9/4 9:00 PM
Wahlburgers   The NKOTB concert tour intersects with Mark's publicity tour in New York City, creating a chance for the famous Wahlberg brothers to finally share a moment; Paul escorts Alma to a special Mother's Day event featuring celebrity mothers.   Fri 9/4 9:30 PM
Wahlburgers   The Wahlbergs attend the grand opening of a new Wahlburgers in Toronto; Johnny Drama is asked to star in an independent film.   Fri 9/4 10:00 PM
Reality of Hunting   Hunting for a buck with Dustin in Minn.   Fri 9/4 10:30 PM
Wahlburgers   Donnie becomes homesick during a European tour with the New Kids on the Block; Paul travels to London to cheer up his brother and ends up cooking a feast for the band.   Fri 9/4 11:01 PM