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Greetings From Tim Buckley (2012)   Musician Jeff Buckley prepares for a 1991 tribute concert for his father, late folk singer Tim Buckley. As he struggles with the legacy of a man he barely knew, he explores New York with a woman who works at the show.   Tue 3/3 10:00 PM
Cold in July (2014)   The killing of a home intruder puts a Texas man and his family on the radar of the dead man's vengeful father.   Tue 3/3 11:45 PM
X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time   Film clips and interviews with top stars highlight the best in adult entertainment.   Wed 3/4 1:40 AM
Bully (2001)   Bobby Kent, the school bully, is lured into the swamp by classmates and beaten to death.   Wed 3/4 3:15 AM
Devil's Pond (2003)   While honeymooning on a remote island, a newlywed learns that her husband is plotting her death.   Wed 3/4 5:10 AM
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)   Two dogs and a cat set out on a hazardous trek through the Sierra Nevada in search of their human family.   Wed 3/4 6:45 AM
Simon Birch (1998)   An undersized New Hampshire boy helps a friend learn his father's identity.   Wed 3/4 8:15 AM
Cabin Boy (1994)   A prep-school snob en route to Hawaii meets unfriendly fishermen aboard the wrong boat.   Wed 3/4 10:10 AM
Jerry and Tom (1998)   An apprentice learns from a seasoned hit man in Chicago, where they work at a used-car dealership.   Wed 3/4 11:30 AM
About Adam (2000)   A magnetic young man meets and romances an Irish waitress, then courts and beds the rest of the family.   Wed 3/4 1:15 PM
Knife Fight (2012)   When his usual methods prove ineffectual, a political strategist takes a gamble on a new client to prove that sometimes dirty battles have to be fought cleanly.   Wed 3/4 3:00 PM
Last Night (2010)   Temptation creeps into a marriage when a man takes a business trip with an attractive colleague and his wife encounters a former lover.   Wed 3/4 4:45 PM
The Battle of Shaker Heights (2003)   A smart and rebellious teen befriends a wealthy teen who shares his passion for re-enacting military conflicts.   Wed 3/4 6:30 PM
The Fifth Estate (2013)   WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his colleague, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, provide a platform for whistle-blowers to leak covert data anonymously and expose government secrets and corporate crimes.   Wed 3/4 7:50 PM
August: Osage County (2013)   A cancer-stricken, pill-popping Oklahoma matriarch lets the full force of her venomous nature hit her daughters and other assorted relatives when they gather at her home in the wake of a family tragedy.   Wed 3/4 10:00 PM
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (2012)   A graphic designer plays out unusual fantasies in his head as a way of coping with the departure of his longtime lover.   Thu 3/5 12:00 AM
The Sixth Man (1997)   A college athlete returns from the dead to help his brother's basketball team win the NCAA title.   Thu 3/5 1:30 AM
Tin Men (1987)   The professional rivalry between B.B. and Ernest becomes personal after neither man will take responsibility for a minor car accident. As the hatred between the two men grows, B.B. decides to take it even further by seducing Ernest's wife.   Thu 3/5 3:30 AM
SIGN OFF   Sign off.   Thu 3/5 5:30 AM
The Jazz Singer (1980)   Against his traditional father's wishes, the son of a Jewish cantor becomes a pop singer.   Thu 3/5 6:00 AM