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Danny Roane: First Time Director (2006)   After he is blackballed from Hollywood for being a drunk, Danny sobers up to direct his first feature film. As the pressure gets to him, Danny turns to the bottle and turns the film into a musical.   Thu 5/28 1:45 AM
Kounterfeit (1997)   Police, mobsters and a vengeful woman pursue hoodlums whose failed counterfeit scheme killed innocent victims.   Thu 5/28 3:10 AM
Cutaway (2000)   A U.S. Customs agent poses as a sky diver to bust drug smugglers who parachute shipments into Miami.   Thu 5/28 4:40 AM
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995)   Five former criminals are targeted for death when a simple extortion scheme for a paralyzed mobster goes awry.   Thu 5/28 6:30 AM
Deep Rising (1998)   A deadly monster stalks an adventurer, a thief, a builder and others out to sea.   Thu 5/28 8:30 AM
Heatstroke (2013)   On a trip through the African desert, a scientist is murdered by an arms dealer. His girlfriend has to evade the killers, protect the scientist's teenage daughter, and survive in the brutal environment.   Thu 5/28 10:20 AM
The Way Back (2010)   After a daring escape from a Siberian gulag, a small group of POWs walks nearly 4,000 miles to freedom.   Thu 5/28 12:00 PM
Blackball (2003)   An American sports agent tries to help an Englishman after he is banned from lawn bowling.   Thu 5/28 2:15 PM
A Film With Me in It (2008)   Two roommates ponder the problems of disposal when freak accidents claim the lives of one's friends and family.   Thu 5/28 4:00 PM
Lance Armstrong: Stop at Nothing (2014)   Filmmaker Alex Holmes creates an explosive portrait of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong by talking to the athlete's former friends, whose lives and careers he was said to have destroyed.   Thu 5/28 5:30 PM
Cocaine Cowboys (2006)   Filmmaker Billy Corben recalls the Miami drug wars of the 1970s and '80s with those who survived the era, including smugglers, dealers and hit men.   Thu 5/28 7:15 PM
Boxing   Douglas takes on LaManna in the 10-round main event. Also: Ismael Barroso vs. Issouf Kinda, Andrew Hernandez vs. Jerry Odom and Pablo Cruz vs. Adam Lopez. From Westbury, N.Y.   Thu 5/28 10:00 PM
Patton Oswalt: Finest Hour   The comic shares his thoughts on romantic comedies, being a new dad, the art of vomiting and imagining what it would be like if Jesus was a superhero.   Thu 5/28 11:45 PM
Girls Against Boys (2012)   After one is sexually assaulted, two young women embark on a course of violent revenge against the attackers -- and anyone else who gets in their way.   Fri 5/29 12:45 AM
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012)   Archenemies Luc Devereaux and Andrew Scott contend with a terrifying army of reanimated supersoldiers.   Fri 5/29 2:20 AM
Crawlspace (2013)   Tim and Susan find that their dream home has a dark past: Children of the previous owner drowned in the pool, and the couple don't know that he still lives within the walls of the house, but his sanity is gone.   Fri 5/29 4:15 AM
Atari: Game Over   Mystery surrounds Atari's video game "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."   Fri 5/29 5:50 AM
Glena (2013)   Glena, a single mother in her 30s, trains to compete as a professional cage fighter.   Fri 5/29 7:00 AM
Spy Hard (1996)   A bumbling secret agent and his lovely partner try to foil a madman's world-takeover scheme.   Fri 5/29 8:30 AM
Ride in the Whirlwind (1965)   Two out of three cowboys run for their lives after meeting up with outlaws and a lynch-law posse.   Fri 5/29 10:00 AM