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The Illusionist (2006)   Master magician Eisenheim vies with the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire to win back the woman he loved as a child, as she is about to become betrothed to the prince. Based on a story by Steven Millhauser.   Wed 4/16 10:05 PM
The Double (2011)   A senator's murder, which bears the earmarks of a presumed-dead Soviet assassin, brings a CIA operative out of retirement.   Thu 4/17 12:00 AM
Hick (2011)   A pistol-packing teen meets an unstable rebel and a cocaine-snorting drifter as she hitchhikes her way out West. Based on the novel by Andrea Portes.   Thu 4/17 1:40 AM
Frances (1982)   Actress Frances Farmer makes trouble in 1930s and '40s Hollywood; her mother commits her to a barbaric asylum.   Thu 4/17 3:30 AM
That Guy... Who Was in That Thing   Sixteen actors struggle to forge careers in Hollywood.   Thu 4/17 5:50 AM
Outside Providence (1999)   After a young man crashes into a police cruiser, his father sends him to boarding school where he struggles to be accepted. Based on the book by Peter Farrelly.   Thu 4/17 7:10 AM
Hello Again (1987)   A plastic surgeon's wife chokes to death; a year later her occultist sister brings her back.   Thu 4/17 8:50 AM
A Film With Me in It (2008)   Two roommates ponder the problems of disposal when freak accidents claim the lives of one's friends and family.   Thu 4/17 10:30 AM
Havana (1990)   An American gambler loves a rich rebel's wife in 1958 Cuba on the verge of Castro.   Thu 4/17 12:00 PM
Knife Fight (2012)   When his usual methods prove ineffectual, a political strategist takes a gamble on a new client to prove that sometimes dirty battles have to be fought cleanly.   Thu 4/17 2:25 PM
Sling Blade (1996)   A mentally impaired man with a violent past leaves the institution in which he has lived for many years and befriends a woman with a young son and an abusive boyfriend.   Thu 4/17 4:05 PM
2 Days in New York (2012)   A happily married man's sanity is pushed to the limit when his wife's crazed, over-sexed French relatives crash their cramped New York apartment.   Thu 4/17 6:20 PM
Boat Trip (2003)   Two skirt-chasing buddies discover too late that their travel agent has booked them on an all-gay cruise.   Thu 4/17 8:00 PM
Boys and Girls (2000)   Two longtime friends, each with a string of failed romances, wonder if they should date each other.   Thu 4/17 9:35 PM
Lawless (2012)   A sadistic Chicago lawman comes to 1931 Virginia to shut down the Bondurant brothers' bootlegging business. Based on the book "The Wettest County in the World" by Matt Bondurant.   Thu 4/17 11:10 PM
Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007)   A young woman experiments with various relationships, as she searches for personal and professional fulfillment.   Fri 4/18 1:10 AM
Hidden Assassin (1995)   A U.S. marshal believes a French assassin who claims she was framed for the Cuban ambassador's murder.   Fri 4/18 2:35 AM
D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)   Teenage hockey players get a prep-school scholarship, with a new team name and a new coach.   Fri 4/18 4:05 AM
Letters to God (2010)   A troubled mailman befriends the family of a boy who copes with cancer by writing daily notes to God.   Fri 4/18 5:50 AM
Ernest Goes to Jail (1990)   A case of mistaken identity lands a bumbling bank janitor in the slammer and his criminal look-alike on the streets.   Fri 4/18 7:45 AM