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Long Live YOU with the world's 1st Nutrition Extractor, NutriBullet RX   With over 14 mil NutriBullets sold worldwide discover the secret to unleashing the power of your food through nutrition extraction with NutriBullet RX. Real people, real stories, real results with the world's first nutrition extractor. Long Live YOU.   Tue 7/7 6:00 AM
Nutri Ninja Blender Duo- Healthier Living Made Easy-2 Machines in One!   Ninja Auto-IQ technology combined with Pro Extractor Blades and 1500 watts of power breaks down whole foods, ice & seeds for maximum nutrient & vitamin extraction in the Nutri Ninja Cups.   Tue 7/7 6:30 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   The Wolf Brothers run into a gang of thugs; Big T and Bek find the driver of a missing truck; the Ex-Cons get sidetracked.   Tue 7/7 7:00 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   While trying to recover a stolen truck, Shawn and Vince accidentally set off its alarm; all three teams chase a truck carrying high-value titanium prosthetics.   Tue 7/7 7:30 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   A truck carrying food for food bank goes missing, and the Holdens and Big Texas are tasked to track it down; the In-Laws search for a prized steer that has disappeared.   Tue 7/7 8:00 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   The Big Texas and In-Laws both go after a stolen truck carrying shingles, which could reignite the feud between them; the Holdens' late start adds more strain to their relationship and threatens a hunt.   Tue 7/7 8:30 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   The Holdens help a family friend track down a monster truck; the In-Laws and Big Texans compete to find a missing truck carrying high-end electronics and its driver, who might be the victim of foul play.   Tue 7/7 9:00 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   After suffering from a seizure, a driver can't remember where his truck is; a driver holds his truckload of specialty lumber for ransom.   Tue 7/7 9:30 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   The Desert Dogs get a lead on a trailer thief whose finally come back to town; John and Gene are called to try and solve a cold case which takes them to danger-filled Atlantic City; Animal and Steve look for a driver who is holding a load hostage.   Tue 7/7 10:00 AM
Big Rig Bounty Hunters   The Jersey boys need to find an abandoned rig and take it to the port before its ship sails; the Vets are close to blows after a hard night; the ex-cons risk life and limb driving up the highest road in the country to pull a tractor back.   Tue 7/7 11:00 AM
Leepu & Pitbull   Master mechanic Steve PitBull and world renowned Bangladeshi car designer Leepu attempt to transform a beat up 1981 Camaro into an affordable one-of-a-kind custom car.   Tue 7/7 12:00 PM
American Restoration   A 1940s carnival car enters the shop; a returning customer brings in a 1960s Schwinn bicycle to be restored.   Tue 7/7 1:00 PM
American Restoration   A client asks Rick to convert a 1960s Volkswagen Beetle into a child's bed; Rick lets his buddy crash in the boneyard.   Tue 7/7 1:30 PM
American Restoration   It's full steam ahead when returning customer Mark Bassett brings in a late 1800's Velocipede.   Tue 7/7 2:00 PM
American Restoration   Rick agrees to restore a vintage Italian bumper car from a local antique shop.   Tue 7/7 2:30 PM
American Restoration   When a rare British 1950's Ariel Square-Four motorcycle speeds into the shop, the crew goes full throttle to restore.   Tue 7/7 3:00 PM
American Restoration   When a Big Mac Jail from a 1970's McDonalds PlayPlace arrives in the shop, Rick prepares for a fast food facelift.   Tue 7/7 3:30 PM
Leepu & Pitbull   Leepu and PitBull have only four weeks to turn a rusty 1972 Ford Ranchero into a souped-up custom car; The finished ride will be unveiled at the prestigious New York Auto Show.   Tue 7/7 4:00 PM
Counting Cars   Danny and Kevin find themselves in hot water when a motorcycle pullover goes south; a woman brings in her recovered IROC-Z and leaves with a genius thief-busting solution.   Tue 7/7 5:00 PM
Counting Cars   Danny and the boys give away a perfect hot rod at the Rockabilly Reunion at Lake Havasu; a lady biker stuns the boys with a custom order for the bike of her dreams.   Tue 7/7 5:30 PM