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WWII in HD   As Europe falls under the sway of Nazi Germany, America is unprepared for war and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.   Tue 4/28 8:00 AM
WWII in HD   Charles Scheffel battles German forces in North Africa; Jack Werner faces bitter combat against the Japanese in the Pacific.   Tue 4/28 9:00 AM
WWII in HD   U.S. Marines assault Japanese-held Tarawa in the Pacific; the fighting in Italy claims a casualty. Narrator: Gary Sinise.   Tue 4/28 10:00 AM
WWII in HD   The Allies lay plans for the invasion of France; Bert Stiles and the 8th Air Force try to win air supremacy over Normandy as D-Day arrives.   Tue 4/28 11:00 AM
WWII in HD   The Allies get bogged down in Normandy's hedgerows after D-Day; victory turns to horror on Saipan in the Pacific.   Tue 4/28 12:00 PM
WWII in HD   U.S. Marines battle for Peleliu in the Pacific; the Allies race toward Germany. Narrator: Gary Sinise.   Tue 4/28 1:00 PM
WWII in HD   American forces storm the Philippines; Shelby Westbrook is shot down over Europe; Jack Yusen's ship is sunk.   Tue 4/28 2:00 PM
WWII in HD   U.S. Marines launch an assault on Iwo Jima; pilot Bert Stiles engages a German fighter; Allied reinforcements arrive in Europe.   Tue 4/28 3:00 PM
WWII in HD   Rockie Blunt barely survives the Battle of the Bulge, as the Germans push the Allies to the brink; Japanese forces make a last stand on Okinawa; Adolf Hitler gets an ultimatum.   Tue 4/28 4:00 PM
WWII in HD   With the end of the war in sight, Okinawa becomes a bloody obstacle to victory for the Allies; a single gunshot ends the Third Reich; America delivers the final blow to Japan and the world celebrates the defeat of the Axis Powers.   Tue 4/28 5:00 PM
Counting Cars   Danny invests in a vintage dune buggy; the crew tries to salvage the DuVall windshield of a 1931 Ford Model A Cabriolet.   Tue 4/28 6:00 PM
Counting Cars   Danny spots a 1970 Dodge Challenger on a private road; Kevin's lunch is interrupted by a rare 1963 Corvette; Horny Mike and Roli get lost cruising in a clunker.   Tue 4/28 6:30 PM
Counting Cars   Danny must create a special bike for Mike; Danny finds a rare Corvette in a driveway; the crew argues over horsepower in a Camaro.   Tue 4/28 7:00 PM
Counting Cars   A returning customer requires Danny's help restoring a 1971 Road Runner to give as a celebratory gift to his wife and step-daughter; Mike and Roli settle a debt by gloving up and taking it to the mat.   Tue 4/28 7:30 PM
Counting Cars   Danny tries to score an ex-police motorcycle without getting busted; a water main break threatens to put the shop permanently under water.   Tue 4/28 8:00 PM
Counting Cars   Andy Ross wants Danny to build the world's most patriotic muscle car; Roli blackmails Horny Mike into teaching him how to airbrush.   Tue 4/28 8:30 PM
Counting Cars   Danny is hosting a giant car show and has to restore a '73 boat-tail Riviera to be the main attraction; Danny finds a collection of jaw-dropping muscle cars.   Tue 4/28 9:00 PM
Counting Cars   The Plymouth Road Runner becomes a nightmare for Kevin when Danny finally buys one; when Kevin tries to shut down the project, Danny pulls a fast one.   Tue 4/28 10:00 PM
Counting Cars   Ryan is working on a secret project for chopper shop Bones Legacy, while a Chevy Impala that redefines lowrider blinds Mike and Roli; Danny looks into a Satellite Sebring, but has a hard time making a deal.   Tue 4/28 10:31 PM
Counting Cars   The guys have their hands full with a custom psychedelic bike; Davey Deals orders a barbecue grill like no one has ever seen.   Tue 4/28 11:03 PM