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Play It to the Bone (1999)   Two best friends and former boxing rivals must get to Las Vegas but are sidetracked by a beautiful hitchhiker and a woman with a temper.   Tue 6/2 1:15 AM
A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)   A former Los Angeles policeman helps a DEA agent on a case similar to the one that ended his career.   Tue 6/2 3:30 AM
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998)   A gay photographer dates a man who is already taken and one who is uncertain of his sexuality.   Tue 6/2 5:15 AM
Rushmore (1998)   A precocious teenager and a jaded tycoon become bitter romantic rivals for the affections of a widowed teacher.   Tue 6/2 7:00 AM
The Three Musketeers (1993)   Swordsmen Aramis, Athos, Porthos and D'Artagnan foil Cardinal Richelieu's plot to assassinate the king.   Tue 6/2 8:35 AM
Lionheart (1990)   A French Foreign Legion deserter enters a U.S. arena of bare-knuckle brawls run by a woman.   Tue 6/2 10:25 AM
Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)   The bachelors must rethink their joint role of father when Mary's mother decides to marry a stuffy stage director.   Tue 6/2 12:15 PM
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)   A hit man returns to his hometown for a high-school reunion and meets the prom date he stood up years before.   Tue 6/2 2:00 PM
Around the World in 80 Days (2004)   With help from his two sidekicks, an eccentric inventor bets he can circle the globe in less than three months.   Tue 6/2 4:00 PM
Mindhunters (2004)   A serial killer targets a group of FBI trainees and a Philadelphia policeman on a deserted island.   Tue 6/2 6:05 PM
Scanners (1981)   A scientist sends a "scanner" to hunt others like him with explosive psychic powers.   Tue 6/2 8:00 PM
Maximum Overdrive (1986)   A truck-stop cook and a hitchhiker flee big rigs demonized by a rogue comet.   Tue 6/2 10:00 PM
The Brood (1979)   A mad doctor tries psychoplasmic therapy on a raging woman soon to be a mother.   Tue 6/2 11:40 PM
21 Grams (2003)   The lives of a terminally ill professor and an ex-convict intersect with a woman who lost her family in a car accident.   Wed 6/3 1:15 AM
Aspen Extreme (1992)   An autoworker and his buddy exit Detroit, move to Colorado and become popular ski instructors.   Wed 6/3 3:30 AM
Cutaway (2000)   A U.S. Customs agent poses as a sky diver to bust drug smugglers who parachute shipments into Miami.   Wed 6/3 5:30 AM
Local Boys (2002)   A legendary surfer mentors a 12-year-old and finds romance with the boy's widowed mother.   Wed 6/3 7:15 AM
Mighty Joe Young (1998)   A rampage ensues when a zoologist brings a noble 15-foot gorilla from Africa to California with the woman who raised him.   Wed 6/3 9:00 AM
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995)   Five former criminals are targeted for death when a simple extortion scheme for a paralyzed mobster goes awry.   Wed 6/3 11:00 AM
Devil's Pond (2003)   While honeymooning on a remote island, a newlywed learns that her husband is plotting her death.   Wed 6/3 1:00 PM