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Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)   Ernest P. Worrell accidentally unleashes devious troll Trantor, a slimy creature confined under a tree for 200 years. To stop Trantor, Ernest teams up with Old Lady Hackmore to get rid of the beast.   Mon 5/4 10:00 AM
Spy Hard (1996)   A bumbling secret agent and his lovely partner try to foil a madman's world-takeover scheme.   Mon 5/4 11:35 AM
Elizabethtown (2005)   In Kentucky to bury his father, a troubled man gets his life on track with the help of a free-spirited flight attendant.   Mon 5/4 1:00 PM
The Muse (1999)   A desperate screenwriter with writer's block meets a Greek muse living in Los Angeles.   Mon 5/4 3:05 PM
Deception (1993)   Baseball cards and a food-aid worker help a woman follow her shady husband's money trail around the world.   Mon 5/4 4:45 PM
Hideous Kinky (1998)   A single Briton takes her two girls to Morocco, where they eke out a living and meet a kind acrobat.   Mon 5/4 6:15 PM
21 Grams (2003)   The lives of a terminally ill professor and an ex-convict intersect with a woman who lost her family in a car accident.   Mon 5/4 8:00 PM
The Dead Girl (2006)   In a quintet of stories, the murder of a young runaway connects a group of unrelated women.   Mon 5/4 10:05 PM
Rushmore (1998)   A precocious teenager and a jaded tycoon become bitter romantic rivals for the affections of a widowed teacher.   Mon 5/4 11:45 PM
Veronica Guerin (2003)   An Irish journalist endangers her life by investigating Dublin mobsters and their ties to the drug trade.   Tue 5/5 1:20 AM
Paris Is Burning (1990)   Filmmaker Jennie Livingston shows New York clubs where gay men enter posing contests, called "voguing."   Tue 5/5 3:00 AM
The Winner (1996)   A long lucky streak makes a nice guy the target of opportunists like his brother, his girlfriend, and some guys from New Jersey.   Tue 5/5 4:25 AM
Mad Love (1995)   Emotionally opposite Seattle teens fall in love and go on a road trip to Mexico.   Tue 5/5 6:00 AM
Crazy/Beautiful (2001)   The troubled daughter of a congressman falls in love with an ambitious Latino who travels by bus to attend her more prestigious school.   Tue 5/5 7:45 AM
Mighty Joe Young (1998)   A rampage ensues when a zoologist brings a noble 15-foot gorilla from Africa to California with the woman who raised him.   Tue 5/5 9:30 AM
Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)   A household threatens to burst at the seams when the marriage of two widowed parents creates a family of 18 children.   Tue 5/5 11:30 AM
Ernest Goes to Jail (1990)   A case of mistaken identity lands a bumbling bank janitor in the slammer and his criminal look-alike on the streets.   Tue 5/5 1:00 PM
Tron (1982)   A video-game programmer is trapped in a computerized world where survival rests on his mastery of electronic games.   Tue 5/5 2:30 PM
Secrets & Lies (1996)   A black London optometrist meets her biological mother, a white factory worker, and other relatives.   Tue 5/5 4:10 PM
Two Bits (1995)   A 12-year-old schemes to get into a new movie house while fulfilling an ailing grandfather's wish in 1933 South Philadelphia.   Tue 5/5 6:35 PM