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Ship Shape TV Classics   Mon 4/21 6:30 AM
ScubaNation   Mon 4/21 7:00 AM
Flats Class   CA and Mike Tennian pull our the Paul Brown Softdine and pole some skinny Tampa Bay flats.   Mon 4/21 7:30 AM
Rays Live!   Mon 4/21 8:00 AM
Lightning Live!   Mon 4/21 8:30 AM
NHL Hockey   Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, game 3. From the Bell Centre in Montreal.   Mon 4/21 9:30 AM
MLB Baseball   Mon 4/21 12:00 PM
Courtside Jones   Interviews with former NBA players.   Mon 4/21 2:00 PM
The Panel   Mon 4/21 2:30 PM
Mike Martin   Florida State baseball.   Mon 4/21 3:00 PM
Playing Through With John Weisbarth   Mon 4/21 3:30 PM
Golf Destination   Mon 4/21 4:00 PM
Golf America   Interviews, highlights and tips for golf fanatics.   Mon 4/21 4:30 PM
The Mountain Report   Mon 4/21 5:00 PM
how to Do florida   Destinations in the Sunshine State; how-to features; cooking Florida-style.   Mon 4/21 5:30 PM
Powerboating in Paradise TV   Mon 4/21 6:00 PM
Into the Blue   A look back at sail fishing.   Mon 4/21 6:30 PM
Saltwater Experience   Tom and Rich remember fishing for Snook.   Mon 4/21 7:00 PM
Sport Fishing Television   Mon 4/21 7:30 PM
Ship Shape TV Classics   Mon 4/21 8:00 PM