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Reservoir Dogs (1992)   Thieves ponder the identity of the traitor in their midst in the violent aftermath of a failed jewelry heist.   Sun 3/1 3:00 AM
Portlandia   The Ecoterrorists travel to San Diego to take down their next target, Seaworld.   Sun 3/1 5:15 AM
The Birthday Boys   The debate is over with definitive proof that women are funny; the cost of such proof may or may not have been worth it.   Sun 3/1 5:45 AM
Malcolm in the Middle   When Lois finds her new dress burned and left in the toilet, she tries to get a confession from one of the boys.   Sun 3/1 6:00 AM
Malcolm in the Middle   When Francis is left in charge of his brothers, mayhem ensues, and Malcolm gets hurt, requiring hospitalization.   Sun 3/1 6:30 AM
Malcolm in the Middle   Malcolm is guilt-ridden after beating up a school bully who turns out to be just a 7-year-old brat. With Jane Kaczmarek and Christopher Kennedy Masterson.   Sun 3/1 7:00 AM
Malcolm in the Middle   Malcolm enjoys baby-sitting for a normal family until he finds out he has been under camera surveillance.   Sun 3/1 7:30 AM
Malcolm in the Middle   When Malcolm and Stevie sneak out to an arcade at night, Stevie's wheelchair is stolen.   Sun 3/1 8:00 AM
Batman   Vengeful Mr. Freeze raids the diamond exchange.   Sun 3/1 8:30 AM
Batman   Mr. Freeze exchanges a kidnapped baseball pitcher for Batman.   Sun 3/1 9:03 AM
Batman   After robbing a bank, an escape artist fools Batman as he tries to capture her.   Sun 3/1 9:36 AM
Batman   Zelda the Great's helper schemes to trap Batman and Robin.   Sun 3/1 10:09 AM
Batman   Batman and Robin rush to protect a visiting king from the Riddler.   Sun 3/1 10:42 AM
Darkman (1990)   An acid-scarred scientist uses 99-minute masks to be with his girlfriend and trap gangsters.   Sun 3/1 11:15 AM
U-571 (2000)   American servicemen sneak aboard a disabled German sub to steal an encryption device they hope will help the Allies win the war.   Sun 3/1 1:15 PM
Swingers (1996)   Would-be sultans of coolness help a socially inept friend find romance as they strut through Hollywood and Las Vegas.   Sun 3/1 3:45 PM
The Rum Diary (2011)   During the later years of the Eisenhower era, a journalist in Puerto Rico is recruited by a shady businessman to promote an unsavory scheme.   Sun 3/1 6:00 PM
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)   Two slackers venture to Hollywood to sabotage the production of a new movie based on their alter egos.   Sun 3/1 8:45 PM
Portlandia   Fred and Carrie's landlord moves into their house; Kath and Dave decide to buy a new home for their next renovation project.   Sun 3/1 11:00 PM
Garfunkel and Oates   Riki attends a baby sprinkle and afterwards gets examined by a fertility doctor; Kate finds out she has Peter Pan Syndrome.   Sun 3/1 11:30 PM