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Autumn Sonata (1978)   A Norwegian pastor's plain wife resents her visiting mother, a famous concert pianist.   Fri 8/28 6:15 PM
Casablanca (1942)   A cynical nightclub owner protects an old flame and her husband from Nazis in Morocco.   Fri 8/28 8:00 PM
Gaslight (1944)   A Scotland Yard detective figures out why a schizoid Victorian is trying to drive his wife mad.   Fri 8/28 10:00 PM
Europa '51 (1952)   A society woman helps the poor in postwar Rome and goes mad.   Sat 8/29 12:00 AM
Rage in Heaven (1941)   An insane British heir tries to kill himself and frame his wife's supposed lover for murder.   Sat 8/29 2:00 AM
Saratoga Trunk (1945)   A gold-digger meets a rich Texas gambler in 1875 New Orleans and follows him to upstate New York.   Sat 8/29 3:30 AM
Not With My Wife, You Don't! (1966)   An Air Force officer thinks his bachelor buddy's getting too friendly with his wife.   Sat 8/29 6:00 AM
Bank Shot (1974)   Thieves plot to tow away a bank with house-moving equipment.   Sat 8/29 8:15 AM
The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964)   A British lord, an Italian mobster's moll and a U.S. widow own the car during the 1920s, '30s and '40s.   Sat 8/29 9:45 AM
Anatomy of a Murder (1959)   A Michigan lawyer and his colleague defend an Army lieutenant who killed the man who raped the officer's wife.   Sat 8/29 12:00 PM
The Hanging Tree (1959)   A doctor kills to save a blinded Swiss girl from a villain in a Montana gold-mining town.   Sat 8/29 3:00 PM
Patton (1970)   Flamboyant Gen. George S. Patton receives accolades and censure as he fights World War II.   Sat 8/29 5:00 PM
The Hustler (1961)   A gambler stakes pool shark "Fast Eddie" Felson in a smoke-filled marathon against Minnesota Fats.   Sat 8/29 8:00 PM
Rage (1972)   A rancher seeks revenge on the military after covert tests of poison gas kill his son and cattle.   Sat 8/29 10:30 PM
Petulia (1968)   A divorced doctor has a hectic affair with a kooky married woman in 1960s San Francisco.   Sun 8/30 12:15 AM
The Last Run (1971)   A retired mob getaway driver agrees to take a fugitive across the Spanish border to France.   Sun 8/30 2:15 AM
The Formula (1980)   A police detective ties his buddy's murder to an oil tycoon and a long-lost Nazi formula for synthetic fuel.   Sun 8/30 4:00 AM
It's a Big Country (1951)   Eight episodes by seven directors show an elderly Bostonian, a Texan, a preacher and various other U.S. citizens.   Sun 8/30 6:00 AM
Today We Live (1933)   An English aristocrat follows her torpedo-boating brother, his buddy and a U.S. pilot in World War I.   Sun 8/30 7:30 AM
Friendly Persuasion (1956)   Indiana Quakers disagree over their son's desire to join the Civil War.   Sun 8/30 9:30 AM