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Till the Clouds Roll By (1946)   Songwriter Jerome Kern recalls his career on the opening night of his "Show Boat," December 1927.   Sat 5/30 6:00 AM
The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1937)   A humble shop clerk is randomly selected by the gods to receive the ability to make all his wishes come true.   Sat 5/30 8:30 AM
Batman   Sat 5/30 10:00 AM
The Lion Hunters (1951)   Bomba the Jungle Boy tries to stop ruthless hunters from slaughtering lions on the Masai tribe's sacred land.   Sat 5/30 10:30 AM
Another Thin Man (1939)   Nick and Nora Charles visit a Long Island estate, where Nick drinks Scotch and solves murders.   Sat 5/30 12:00 PM
A Place in the Sun (1951)   A social climber in love with a wealthy beauty figures out how to get rid of his poor, pregnant girlfriend.   Sat 5/30 2:00 PM
Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)   A stranger incurs the wrath of racists when he arrives with a medal for a fallen Japanese-American war hero's family.   Sat 5/30 4:15 PM
Mister Roberts (1955)   Ensign Pulver plots cargo officer Mr. Roberts' escape from their nit-picking captain.   Sat 5/30 5:45 PM
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)   A widowed lawyer with two bright children defends a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman in 1930s Alabama.   Sat 5/30 8:00 PM
Fury (1936)   On the way to see his sweetheart a man is wrongly jailed and besieged by a lynch mob.   Sat 5/30 10:30 PM
Intruder in the Dust (1949)   An attorney in a small Southern town reluctantly takes on the case of a black farmer accused of murder.   Sun 5/31 12:15 AM
Brainstorm (1983)   Researchers develop a helmet which allows its wearer to feel another person's recorded sensations.   Sun 5/31 2:00 AM
The Ice Pirates (1984)   Space raider Jason and his sidekick help a princess find her father, an explorer seeking water.   Sun 5/31 4:00 AM
Butterfield 8 (1960)   A Manhattan call girl has a tragic affair with a rich married man.   Sun 5/31 6:00 AM
Brigadoon (1954)   New Yorkers hunting in the Scottish Highlands find a magic village that fell asleep in 1754.   Sun 5/31 8:00 AM
The Member of the Wedding (1952)   The family cook helps a 12-year-old tomboy and her younger playmate grow up in small-town Georgia.   Sun 5/31 10:00 AM
Top Hat (1935)   A woman believes that an enamored dancer is her best friend's husband.   Sun 5/31 12:00 PM
The Bad Seed (1956)   Odd fatal accidents lead a woman to realize that her 8-year-old daughter was born to kill.   Sun 5/31 2:00 PM
The Carey Treatment (1972)   A Boston doctor hunts a killer to clear a colleague charged with an abortion-related manslaughter.   Sun 5/31 4:15 PM
Mystery Street (1950)   A Harvard doctor's study of a female skeleton leads a Boston police detective to a killer.   Sun 5/31 6:15 PM