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Bones   The team helps Cam solve the case of an unidentified boy; after making personal discoveries, the members of the team realize they belong in Washington, D.C.   Tue 4/21 2:00 PM
Bones   The remains of a couple are found in a cave; Brennan re-evaluates her relationship with Booth when his girlfriend makes a surprise visit.   Tue 4/21 3:00 PM
Bones   Brennan and Booth head to the Jersey Shore when decomposed remains are discovered; the team becomes fond of Booth's girlfriend; Angela tries to keep a secret.   Tue 4/21 4:00 PM
Castle   A well-known chef is found frozen to death in the kitchen of a New York restaurant; Castle shares an attraction with a former classmate of Beckett's.   Tue 4/21 5:00 PM
Castle   A robbery-homicide prompts Beckett to invite Demming to assist on a case; the investigation becomes a competition for Beckett's attention.   Tue 4/21 6:00 PM
NBA Basketball   Eastern Conference First Round, game 2.   Tue 4/21 7:00 PM
NBA Basketball   James Harden had 24 points and 11 assists in Game 1 against the Dallas Mavericks. Rajon Rondo and Monta Ellis look to slow down Harden and the Rockets in Game 2 of this first round matchup.   Tue 4/21 9:30 PM
Inside the NBA   Basketball highlights, interviews, scores and statistics.   Wed 4/22 12:00 AM
NBA Basketball   Eastern Conference First Round, game 2.   Wed 4/22 1:00 AM
TNT Network Preview   A backstage peek at TNT's original shows.   Wed 4/22 3:30 AM
Law & Order   An NYPD officer kills a troubled fellow officer who took hostages at gunpoint; detectives Lupo and Bernard find valuable stolen documents and a dead body at the man's apartment.   Wed 4/22 4:00 AM
Law & Order   Mysterious e-mails from a religious Web site lead detectives to the dead body of one of the page's creators; Jack McCoy's political opponent uses the media to attack his reputation.   Wed 4/22 5:00 AM
Charmed   The Halliwell sisters fall under the control of Prue's boss, a warlock who uses astral projection to frame Prue for grand larceny.   Wed 4/22 6:00 AM
Charmed   Phoebe's former beau arrives, hoping to reconcile; Prue tries to save the auction house from bankruptcy; Piper's use of witchcraft for matchmaking goes awry.   Wed 4/22 7:00 AM
Charmed   A vicious beast attacks Piper; Andy goes on a stakeout with an FBI agent who is also hunting for the beast; Phoebe has a vision of a car crash.   Wed 4/22 8:00 AM
Supernatural   Dean and Sam learn that the Men of Letters' bunker is haunted; an investigation reveals a storage facility in which demons have been keeping something important.   Wed 4/22 9:00 AM
Supernatural   The last photograph of a dead teenager reveals a ghostly figure in the background; the brothers learn that famous supernaturalists are also investigating the teen's death.   Wed 4/22 10:00 AM
Supernatural   Crowley promises to find the first blade, but ends up falling off the wagon and asks Sam and Dean for help; Abaddon learns that the brothers are looking for the blade.   Wed 4/22 11:00 AM
Supernatural   While Dean deals with the after effects of the Mark of Cain, Sam learns of a case in which straight-laced people turn into violent killers.   Wed 4/22 12:00 PM
Bones   When a skull and decomposing hands are found in a dumpster, the team searches for the rest of the victim's remains; Brennan agrees to shoot an episode of a children's show with professor Bunsen, "The Science Dude" Jude.   Wed 4/22 1:00 PM