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Castle   When Beckett is tasked with protecting a charming billionaire whose life is in danger, she reflects on her relationship with Castle; consumed with jealousy, Castle tries to solve the case as quickly as possible.   Thu 3/26 10:00 PM
CSI: NY   When an executive from a software company bleeds to death on a Manhattan street, the CSIs delve into the messy world of "food sploshing" parties to find his killer.   Thu 3/26 11:00 PM
CSI: NY   A tractor-trailer accident results in the discovery of an interstate trucking ring specializing in human cargo and black-market organ harvesting; the investigation sets off a race against time to save a hostage.   Fri 3/27 12:00 AM
CSI: NY   When the CSIs find a compass near a body that fell from the 59th Street Bridge, they realize it is the third victim of the Compass Killer.   Fri 3/27 1:00 AM
CSI: NY   As the team races to save the Compass Killer's fourth victim, the sunrise presents a final surprise.   Fri 3/27 2:00 AM
CSI: NY   A frantic 911 call sends the CSIs to a vacant penthouse, where they unearth a nearly century-old corpse.   Fri 3/27 3:00 AM
CSI: NY   When a reformed drug addict is found dead in an alley, the team learns he may have been the victim of a premeditated plot.   Fri 3/27 4:00 AM
Law & Order   Jack McCoy learns that his old colleague, ADA Daniel Tenofsky, has been murdered, and detectives discover he was living and working under a false identity.   Fri 3/27 5:00 AM
Charmed   Phoebe's boyfriend leaves her after learning she, Paige and Piper are actually witches; Richard tries to free himself of the family's karma.   Fri 3/27 6:00 AM
Charmed   Leo's mentor, Gideon, wants to find out who cast the spell of darkness over the school and conjured the headless horseman who has been beheading the teachers; Phoebe goes on a vision quest.   Fri 3/27 7:00 AM
Charmed   A darklighter accidentally sends Leo and Piper to another plane of existence, leaving Phoebe and Paige to mourn their deaths; Chris is in danger of vanishing forever.   Fri 3/27 8:00 AM
Supernatural   Sam has flashbacks of a case he worked with Samuel; Sam and Dean follow the coordinates received in a text message to a small town, where Sam used to live; townspeople's comments surprise Dean.   Fri 3/27 9:00 AM
Supernatural   Dean rushes home after hearing that Lisa is in trouble; Sam investigates murders that were part of a cruel joke.   Fri 3/27 10:00 AM
Supernatural   After Raphael attacks Castiel and his allies, Balthazar tries to protect Sam and Dean by sending them to an alternate universe.   Fri 3/27 11:00 AM
Grimm   Juliette, Monroe, Rosalee and Hank fight off a zombie horde; Capt. Renard tries to rescue Nick from his brother; Adalind faces a gruesome task.   Fri 3/27 12:00 PM
Grimm   The hunt to find Nick escalates while he is in a manic state; Capt. Renard deals with zombie fallout on domestic and international fronts; Adalind and Stefania spend more time together.   Fri 3/27 1:00 PM
Grimm   Disturbing crime scenes resurrect an old feud; news spreads about a royal family member's demise; Rosalee and Monroe talk about their relationship.   Fri 3/27 2:00 PM
Grimm   While investigating a drowning, Nick and Hank discover a group of water-bound Wesen; Rosalee unpacks at Monroe's; Renard comes to a realization about the royal baby.   Fri 3/27 3:00 PM
Law Abiding Citizen (2009)   Ten years after his wife and child die in a home invasion, a man carries out an elaborate plot against the prosecutor who cut a deal with one of the killers.   Fri 3/27 4:00 PM
Limitless (2011)   An unemployed writer rises to the top of the financial world after an experimental drug gives him extraordinary mental acuity.   Fri 3/27 6:00 PM