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NBA Basketball   LaMarcus Aldridge has played with a torn ligament in his thumb most of the year, his Portland Trail Blazers take on the Memphis Grizzlies and Marc Gasol in Game 1. Portland wants an up-tempo game while Memphis prefers a grind-it-out type of game.   Sun 4/19 8:00 PM
NBA Basketball   The San Antonio Spurs are the reigning NBA champions, they take on the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 1.Tim Duncan looks to take his Spurs back to the Finals while Chris Paul hopes to lead his Clippers to victory over the champs.   Sun 4/19 10:30 PM
Inside the NBA   Basketball highlights, interviews, scores and statistics.   Mon 4/20 1:00 AM
NBA Basketball   The Brooklyn Nets slipped into the playoffs on the last night of the regular season. Now, they take on the Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 of this first round matchup. The Hawks have defeated the Nets by an average of 17.2 points in 4 meetings this year.   Mon 4/20 2:00 AM
TNT Network Preview   A backstage peek at TNT's original shows.   Mon 4/20 4:30 AM
Law & Order   While investigating the murder of two divorce lawyers, detectives Lupo and Bernard uncover a child slave-trade ring.   Mon 4/20 5:00 AM
Charmed   Prue discovers a devastating betrayal; Piper falls for the ghost of a recently murdered man who needs her help; Phoebe works as a psychic to help others.   Mon 4/20 6:00 AM
Charmed   Prue is terrorized by the appearance of a handsome and powerful stranger in her dreams; Phoebe and Piper play with love spells.   Mon 4/20 7:00 AM
Charmed   Piper discovers a man who is being forced by evil beings to marry against his will, leading to a fight with a demonic wedding party.   Mon 4/20 8:00 AM
Supernatural   Castiel calls Dean when he reads about a disappearance in the area; Dean tries to keep Sam distracted by asking him and Kevin to decipher the tablet with Crowley.   Mon 4/20 9:00 AM
Supernatural   An old friend calls Dean and asks for help finding a ghost; Sam is stunned when information about Dean's past comes to light.   Mon 4/20 10:00 AM
Supernatural   Sheriff Mills asks Dean and Sam for help investigating several murders in her town; when it is discovered that four victims belonged to a chastity group, Dean goes undercover.   Mon 4/20 11:00 AM
Supernatural   As Dean and Sam investigate the scene of a massive angel slaughter, they run into Castiel; Dean considers telling Sam the truth.   Mon 4/20 12:00 PM
Bones   Brennan and Booth are asked to identify human remains found inside the belly of a shark; a marine biologist is interested in Booth.   Mon 4/20 1:00 PM
Bones   Booth and Brennan investigate a death at a rock `n' roll fantasy camp.   Mon 4/20 2:00 PM
Bones   When a cabin in the woods burns down, the bodies of two witches are revealed; Angela and Hodgins are arrested.   Mon 4/20 3:00 PM
Bones   Everyone at the Jeffersonian tries to uncover forensic evidence to help elicit a conviction in the trial of the Gravedigger.   Mon 4/20 4:00 PM
Castle   The investigation into a museum curator's death takes a bizarre turn when Castle and Beckett learn he is not the first member of a recent archaeological expedition to die.   Mon 4/20 5:00 PM
Castle   When talk show host Bobby Mann mysteriously dies, Castle is convinced that there was foul play; a guest on Bobby Mann's show seduces Castle.   Mon 4/20 6:00 PM
Castle   Castle and Beckett find that Esposito has a personal connection to a suspected killer; Beckett connects with an attractive new detective.   Mon 4/20 7:00 PM