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Law & Order   The Internet and computer files are linked to the vicious stabbing death of a female psychologist during a probe by Detectives Briscoe and Green.   Tue 6/30 4:00 AM
Law & Order   A troubled girl suffocates when her adoptive mother and an unlicensed counselor resort to an extreme therapy simulating birth.   Tue 6/30 5:00 AM
Charmed   When a classmate killed in front of Phoebe comes back from the dead to blame her, she becomes guilt-ridden and vulnerable, creating an opportunity for Zankou to steal the Book of Shadows.   Tue 6/30 6:00 AM
Charmed   The sisters try to divert Zankou's attention from the Nexus, but Zankou steals Phoebe's power of premonition, enabling him to anticipate and prevent their attacks.   Tue 6/30 7:00 AM
Charmed   Presumed dead, the Charmed sisters start their demon-free existence with new identities.   Tue 6/30 8:00 AM
Supernatural   Dean and Sam are cornered as Crowley is poised to undo all the good they have ever done; Kevin tries to help the brothers with a final play against the Demon King.   Tue 6/30 9:00 AM
Supernatural   After Sam collapses, his doctor tells a frantic Dean that his brother is dying; Dean tries to make a deal with an angel.   Tue 6/30 10:00 AM
Supernatural   Sam is shocked when he learns that Dean kidnapped Crowley; Abaddon re-emerges with plans to take over hell.   Tue 6/30 11:00 AM
Supernatural   Dean and Sam try to protect Castiel from a group of angels; Castiel encounters surprises as he makes his way through the city.   Tue 6/30 12:00 PM
Bones   Brennan and the team get a phone call from the Grave Digger, who informs them that Booth has been buried alive with only 24 hours of oxygen.   Tue 6/30 1:00 PM
Bones   The team investigates at a fantasy convention when a female science-fiction enthusiast is found murdered.   Tue 6/30 2:00 PM
Bones   While bungee-jumping, a couple discover a corpse at the bottom of a gorge; the lab goes into lockdown when an unknown substance begins oozing from the cadaver.   Tue 6/30 3:00 PM
Bones   The body of a pregnant 16-year-old athlete found buried in a mound of salt in a city de-icing truck leads Booth and Brennan to the discovery that many of her teammates are pregnant or have babies after a pregnancy pact.   Tue 6/30 4:00 PM
Castle   When Beckett and Castle respond to an "officer down" call, they discover the victim is actually a male stripper dressed as a cop.   Tue 6/30 5:00 PM
Castle   While investigating a subway worker's murder in Central Park, Castle and Beckett unexpectedly uncover a boy's abduction.   Tue 6/30 6:00 PM
Castle   When a prominent astrophysicist is found dead in her car, Castle is led to theorize her death was the result of an alien abduction.   Tue 6/30 7:00 PM
Rizzoli & Isles   Jane and Maura find themselves in the world of competitive bass fishing when a tournament-leading fisherman is killed; Frankie loses a bet.   Tue 6/30 8:00 PM
Rizzoli & Isles   Jane and Maura are called out to the BCU body farm when a murder victim is found buried among the research corpses; Angela keeps secrets from Jane.   Tue 6/30 9:00 PM
Proof   Carolyn and her team investigate the case of an Iraq war veteran who claims to have PTSD from a past life experience; Carolyn reconnects with a medical school colleague.   Tue 6/30 10:00 PM
Rizzoli & Isles   Jane and Maura are called out to the BCU body farm when a murder victim is found buried among the research corpses; Angela keeps secrets from Jane.   Tue 6/30 11:00 PM