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Out of the Amazon   Wed 4/16 5:00 AM
Zhou Xi Han   Wed 4/16 6:35 AM
Fire-Line Fighting: Sudden Death   Zhonglong looks for the truth behind his friend's death in a boxing match.   Wed 4/16 8:00 AM
The Chivalrous Girl   The poor scholar Gu Sheng makes a living by selling his drawing fans.   Wed 4/16 9:35 AM
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker   Wed 4/16 11:10 AM
iMovies   Wed 4/16 1:05 PM
The Summer in Nanjing   Wed 4/16 1:30 PM
Movie Report   Wed 4/16 3:05 PM
The Kill   The story took place right after the year of 1932, the behaviors that Japanese did had made Chinese people very angry.   Wed 4/16 3:25 PM
Tian Shang Ren   Wed 4/16 4:50 PM
Law of Desire   Changdejian investigates the sudden death of his Deputy Director.   Wed 4/16 6:30 PM
A Special Mission   Wed 4/16 8:00 PM
Movie Report   Wed 4/16 9:35 PM
Fireline-Hunting Monster Reappearance   Yu Liben seeks revenge after escaping from prison.   Wed 4/16 10:00 PM
iMovies   Wed 4/16 11:35 PM
Red Tips   Thu 4/17 12:05 AM
Movie Report   Thu 4/17 1:45 AM
Shuang Bian Hu Yan Zhuo   Thu 4/17 2:05 AM
The Snow Valley   Four soldiers dedicate their lives to protect the Chinese border.   Thu 4/17 3:35 AM
The Detective-Malediction   Chen undertakes to unravel a strange case that begins coincident with a lightning strike.   Thu 4/17 5:00 AM