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The Hangover (2009)   After a wild stag party in Las Vegas, three hazy groomsmen must find their missing friend and get him back to Los Angeles in time for his wedding.   Sun 7/5 8:00 PM
The Hangover Part II (2011)   Hoping to avoid the mayhem that marked his friend's Las Vegas bachelor party, Stu opts for what he thinks will be a safe prewedding brunch in Thailand.   Sun 7/5 10:00 PM
Due Date (2010)   Desperate to reach his pregnant wife, a high-strung architect takes a road trip home with an annoying stranger.   Mon 7/6 12:00 AM
The Change-Up (2011)   Envious of each other's lives, an overworked lawyer and his seemingly carefree buddy awake after a drunken binge and find they have somehow switched bodies.   Mon 7/6 2:00 AM
America's Funniest Home Videos   A woman accidentally cheers for a girl that is not her daughter during a swim meet; a man wrestles with a giant fish; naughty cats.   Mon 7/6 4:00 AM
America's Funniest Home Videos   A dog steals a birthday cupcake; a woman forgets bears can climb; a montage of things that can go wrong while fishing; Fight, Flight or Freak Out.   Mon 7/6 5:00 AM
Rules of Engagement   Jen and Audrey go to a concert together; Adam is hurt when Jeff makes plans without him.   Mon 7/6 6:00 AM
Rules of Engagement   In an attempt to prepare for motherhood, Audrey repairs a doll she keeps damaging; Jeff questions Brenda's dating life.   Mon 7/6 6:30 AM
Married ... With Children   Al goes shoeless to collect a settlement after the shoe stored is robbed.   Mon 7/6 7:00 AM
Married ... With Children   Al helps Kelly make a documentary on shoes for her acting class.   Mon 7/6 7:30 AM
Married ... With Children   Marcy leads a campus-wide protest at Bud's college after her ex-husband, Steve, expels a student for speaking his mind.   Mon 7/6 8:00 AM
Married ... With Children   Al gets more women than he can handle when an aerobics studio opens next door.   Mon 7/6 8:30 AM
Married ... With Children   Unless Peg's parents patch things up, the only woman in Bud's new love palace will be his grandmother.   Mon 7/6 9:00 AM
Married ... With Children   Buck passes away, leaving a heartbroken Kelly to find a new pet.   Mon 7/6 9:30 AM
The King of Queens   Doug lies to Carrie about being accepted into the IPS management program; Doug tries to conquer a roller coaster that scared him as a child.   Mon 7/6 10:00 AM
The King of Queens   Doug realizes he has more in common with Deacon's wife than with Deacon, so he starts spending time with her.   Mon 7/6 10:30 AM
The King of Queens   Doug tries to be romantic by making an unexpected appearance at Carrie's company retreat; Danny and Spence sneak into a Huey Lewis concert.   Mon 7/6 11:00 AM
The King of Queens   Carrie wants to put Arthur in a retirement home after he starts a fire in the basement, but Doug makes a discovery that makes him want to change her mind.   Mon 7/6 11:30 AM
The Cleveland Show   Rallo gives Cleveland Jr. tips on how to woo the girl of his dreams; Cleveland Jr. challenges her boyfriend to a rap battle.   Mon 7/6 12:00 PM
American Dad   Stan finds himself in compromising situations during a guys' night out; Hayley and Roger try to attract a frat boy.   Mon 7/6 12:30 PM