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Three's Company   Jack must choose a guest for a luxury cruise.   Fri 7/31 9:36 AM
Three's Company   Ralph says Chrissy is his wife to impress a rival.   Fri 7/31 10:12 AM
Gilligan's Island   Gilligan discovers an island bush with seeds that make mind reading possible.   Fri 7/31 10:48 AM
Gilligan's Island   Everyone receives an invitation to the Howells' party except the Skipper.   Fri 7/31 11:24 AM
Gunsmoke   An outlaw grabs a hostage while Matt is trying to arrest him and forces Matt to work out a deal.   Fri 7/31 12:00 PM
Gunsmoke   An Army sergeant is accused of desertion and the theft of an Army payroll.   Fri 7/31 1:00 PM
Bonanza   Searching for a gunman who wounded mainly Little Joe's pride, Hoss confronts two rowdy brothers and their feisty mother.   Fri 7/31 2:00 PM
Bonanza   Little Joe risks his life to nurse a desperately ill gunfighter back to health before a scheduled duel.   Fri 7/31 3:00 PM
Bonanza   A veteran sheriff driven to insanity by years of senseless killings turns his gun on the people of his town.   Fri 7/31 4:00 PM
Gilligan's Island   Two Russian cosmonauts go off course then land in the lagoon.   Fri 7/31 5:00 PM
Gilligan's Island   The Skipper accidentally creates a radio receiver in Gilligan's mouth.   Fri 7/31 5:30 PM
Friends   Chandler finds himself trapped in an ATM vestibule with model Jill Goodacre during a city-wide power failure.   Fri 7/31 6:00 PM
Friends   Joey asks Phoebe's sister on a date; Ross takes Lamaze classes with Carol and Susan.   Fri 7/31 6:30 PM
Friends   Monica takes Rachel to the hospital; Ross asks his dad for advice on becoming a father.   Fri 7/31 7:00 PM
Friends   When the girls lose money to the guys in a poker match they seek out Monica's Aunt Iris, a famous card player, for lessons and then demand a rematch.   Fri 7/31 7:36 PM
Friends   Rachel discovers Ross' feelings for her when he goes out of town on a business trip.   Fri 7/31 8:12 PM
Friends   Rachel decides to look up her former boyfriend when she is distraught over Ross' new girlfriend.   Fri 7/31 8:48 PM
Friends   Monica and Rachel's grumpy downstairs neighbor dies and leaves all his belongings to the girls.   Fri 7/31 9:24 PM
Friends   A drunken Rachel leaves a phone message for Ross that may change their relationship; Chandler regrets asking Monica to help him lose weight.   Fri 7/31 10:00 PM
Friends   Rachel sees Ross' list comparing her pros and cons to Julie's.   Fri 7/31 10:30 PM