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Gilligan's Island   A Hollywood producer makes an emergency landing on the island just as Ginger hears that he is on a worldwide talent search.   Tue 9/1 6:24 PM
Gilligan's Island   While exploring an island cave, Gilligan discovers the relics of an ancient civilization.   Tue 9/1 7:00 PM
The Exes   Phil makes a mistake on his first date, so Holly must infiltrate the red carpet to help him; Stuart and Haskell compete for Twitter followers.   Tue 9/1 7:36 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Amy's ultraconservative parents catch Robert in a compromising position.   Tue 9/1 8:12 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   When Ray drops off Ally for a sleepover, he gets the idea that his nemesis in the cookie drive is making a pass at him.   Tue 9/1 8:48 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Debra chooses a friend to replace her if she dies but gets annoyed when Ray seems pleased by the idea.   Tue 9/1 9:24 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Marie attempts to take over when Debra throws a bridal shower for Amy; Debra runs into trouble with the law and must rely on Marie for help.   Tue 9/1 10:00 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Ray and Debra engage in a battle of wills over who is responsible for putting a suitcase away.   Tue 9/1 10:30 PM
The King of Queens   Carrie feels that she and Doug are getting stupid as a couple, so she enrolls them and Spence into a class where they read a book and discuss it.   Tue 9/1 11:00 PM
The King of Queens   Doug, Carrie and Arthur face a chaotic trip to the grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving; Doug encounters a stranger from his past.   Tue 9/1 11:30 PM
The King of Queens   Carrie fixes Spence up with an extremely timid girl from her office, but advice from Doug threatens a good thing.   Wed 9/2 12:00 AM
The King of Queens   Dough forgets Carrie's 30th birthday and has plans to watch the wrestling match; Doug must scramble to put together a romantic evening.   Wed 9/2 12:40 AM
How I Met Your Mother   Stella and Ted's spontaneous wedding plans are jeopardized by the presence of their exes.   Wed 9/2 1:20 AM
How I Met Your Mother   A serendipitous meeting with someone from his past has Ted thinking about how he would handle running into someone he would prefer to forget.   Wed 9/2 2:00 AM
The New Adventures of Old Christine   After a chance meeting, Christine finds she still has feelings for an old boyfriend.   Wed 9/2 2:38 AM
The New Adventures of Old Christine   Since New Christine broke up with Richard, he's been spending a lot of time at Old Christine's house, leading Ritchie to believe that his parents are back together.   Wed 9/2 3:16 AM
The New Adventures of Old Christine   When Christine meets a good-looking man after paying a surprise visit to New Christine, she decides to break out of her mold and says yes when he asks her out to dinner.   Wed 9/2 3:54 AM
Roseanne   Dan and Roseanne leave Darlene out when they talk to Becky about birth control.   Wed 9/2 4:27 AM
Roseanne   Dan is in charge of the children when Roseanne has to work late.   Wed 9/2 5:00 AM
The Nanny   When a plumber brings his granddaughter along to fix the Sheffield's broken shower, Brighton gets his first kiss.   Wed 9/2 5:30 AM