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Gilligan's Island   An American singing group, the Mosquitoes, lands on the island.   Tue 7/28 12:00 PM
Gunsmoke   Matt, Doc, Festus and several other passengers are trapped on a train by a band of Indians in the snowy Colorado mountains.   Tue 7/28 12:30 PM
Gunsmoke   Indians trap Matt as he tries to find help for the freezing passengers of a train.   Tue 7/28 1:30 PM
Bonanza   A banker, crippled during a robbery 10 years before, tries to prevent the now-released thief from settling again in Virginia City.   Tue 7/28 2:30 PM
Bonanza   A man who saved Hoss' life is rewarded with a job on the Ponderosa, but the other ranch hands consider him a jinx.   Tue 7/28 3:30 PM
Bonanza   Hoss and Little Joe fear Ben has fallen for an opera singer he engaged for the Virginia City Founder's Day celebration.   Tue 7/28 4:36 PM
Gilligan's Island   The castaways hope an injured homing pigeon will lead to their rescue.   Tue 7/28 5:48 PM
Gilligan's Island   The castaways make use of a molding plastic, unaware that when hardened it explodes on impact.   Tue 7/28 6:24 PM
Gilligan's Island   Natives come to the island in search of a woman to sacrifice to their volcano god.   Tue 7/28 7:00 PM
The Exes   Tired of dating drama, Holly decides to only pursue men she is not interested in; Haskell takes all of his money out of the bank.   Tue 7/28 7:36 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Frank gets a few anecdotes published in Reader's Digest and decides he would like his own newspaper column.   Tue 7/28 8:12 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   After having a fight with Frank, Marie moves in with Ray, Debra and the kids.   Tue 7/28 8:48 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Ray begs his parents to be nice when his well-to-do in-laws come to town for a visit.   Tue 7/28 9:24 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Frank decides to teach his son a lesson by winning all Ray's money at the poker table.   Tue 7/28 10:00 PM
Everybody Loves Raymond   Ray spends all his free time coaching his basketball team but then realizes he's missing out on time with his family.   Tue 7/28 10:30 PM
The King of Queens   Deacon and Kelly decide to take Arthur out to dinner so Doug and Carrie can be alone, but they ignore a warning about Arthur's reaction to spicy food.   Tue 7/28 11:00 PM
The King of Queens   Carrie discovers Doug's annoying ex-girlfriend has an employee discount at Saks Fifth Avenue.   Tue 7/28 11:30 PM
The King of Queens   Carrie catches Doug fantasizing about other women while he is under sedation at the hospital. Steffiana De La Cruz and Angelo Pagan guest star.   Wed 7/29 12:00 AM
The King of Queens   Carrie, still unemployed, helps Holly with dog walking; Arthur sells his burial plot to Spence's mother, Veronica.   Wed 7/29 12:40 AM
How I Met Your Mother   Lily moves in with Barney; Marshall enjoys fun couple activities with another man.   Wed 7/29 1:20 AM