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SIGN OFF   Sign off.   Sun 4/19 1:00 AM
Barney & Friends   Ryan is not excited about the fishing contest because he doesn't want to follow the rules; BJ is mistaken for an artist.   Sun 4/19 7:00 AM
Bob the Builder   The machines build a railway around Dinosaur Fun Park; Scratch breaks from the group and searches for his own dinosaur skeleton.   Sun 4/19 7:30 AM
Curious George   Hundley dreams about a big maritime adventure; George earns money to buy a sailboat.   Sun 4/19 8:00 AM
Curious George   George and the Man with the Yellow Hat go on a submarine; George and the Man volunteer to watch the farm for Mr. Renkins.   Sun 4/19 8:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood   Daniel makes up super adventures while bringing dad his lunch; Daniel and Miss Elaina pretend a big cardboard box is a space ship and jungle boat.   Sun 4/19 9:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood   Mom teaches Daniel how to use words to express his feelings; Katerina gets upset playing train at school.   Sun 4/19 9:30 AM
NSAA Speech Championships   Sun 4/19 10:00 AM
Consider This ...   Issues concerning the Omaha community.   Sun 4/19 12:30 PM
Foyle's War   A group of engineers finds thousands of pounds of hidden cash at a shipyard.   Sun 4/19 1:00 PM
American Masters   Itzhak Perlman, students, archival performances and home movies offer insight into the artistry of violin virtuoso Jascha Heifetz.   Sun 4/19 2:00 PM
Charles Weidman: On His Own   Sun 4/19 3:00 PM
Keeping Up Appearances   Hyacinth has her own plans for Richard's retirement, including trips into the countryside and to her sister's.   Sun 4/19 4:00 PM
As Time Goes By   Lionel takes up model boat building as a hobby.   Sun 4/19 4:30 PM
Poirot   Poirot is asked to investigate the mysterious death of an archaeologist who was excavating an Egyptian tomb.   Sun 4/19 5:00 PM
New Tricks   Feathers are ruffled when new boss DCI Sasha Miller arrives to take over the running of UCOS, and an unexploded WW II bomb is unearthed in West London, dredging up a long hidden murder weapon.   Sun 4/19 6:00 PM
Doc Martin   Martin's new receptionist makes a poor first impression; Louisa and Martin find sleepless nights are taking their toll.   Sun 4/19 7:00 PM
Call the Midwife   Sister Winifred cares for a pregnant prostitute; Trixie and Tom argue after Tom's meeting with the bishop.   Sun 4/19 8:00 PM
Masterpiece Classic   Harry ups the stakes following Locksley's surprise move; Princess Marie makes her own move; Victor and Violette are caught off guard.   Sun 4/19 9:05 PM
Wolf Hall on Masterpiece   Cromwell is closely watched by his enemies after he organizes the marriage between the king and Anne Boleyn.   Sun 4/19 10:00 PM