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Race to Escape   Two teams of three are locked in identical explorer's libraries; they have only one hour to solve five mind-bending puzzles and challenges in order to escape.   Mon 8/3 3:00 AM
inside out: Bugs   Discover the blueprint of insect global domination.   Mon 8/3 4:00 AM
Life in Hell   Scientists study how species manage to survive in environments as unstable as snow and ice.   Mon 8/3 5:00 AM
Life in Hell   Scientists study how animals survive with so little oxygen, food and light in inhospitable caves on the planet.   Mon 8/3 5:30 AM
How It's Made   Flight simulators; traditional bookbinding; greenhouse tomatoes.   Mon 8/3 6:00 AM
How It's Made   Windshields; English saddles; butter; post clocks.   Mon 8/3 6:30 AM
How It's Made   Motorcycle engines; glass; enamel sculptures; handmade paper; vaulting poles.   Mon 8/3 7:00 AM
How It's Made   Bowling balls; barber poles; felt; radar guns.   Mon 8/3 7:30 AM
When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions   Mercury astronauts and engineers figure out how to launch a man into space on top of a intercontinental ballistic missile.   Mon 8/3 8:00 AM
How It's Made   More everyday items are put under the microscope; discovering how upright pianos are manufactured and flags are produced.   Mon 8/3 9:00 AM
How It's Made   A countdown the five best junk foods showcased in the show's history.   Mon 8/3 9:30 AM
How It's Made   Inflatable watercraft; couscous; modeling dough. Host: Mark Tewksbury.   Mon 8/3 10:00 AM
How It's Made   Diamond cuttings; wooden doors; paintballs; newspapers.   Mon 8/3 10:30 AM
How It's Made   Pre-inked stamps; cranberries; cotton yarn; road signs.   Mon 8/3 11:00 AM
How It's Made   Steel; apple juice; landing gear for aircraft; cosmetics. Host: Mark Tewksbury.   Mon 8/3 11:30 AM
How It's Made   Matches; carousel horses; fine porcelain; automobile fuel tanks.   Mon 8/3 12:00 PM
How It's Made   Hockey gloves; snack cakes; remolded tires; waste water treatment.   Mon 8/3 12:30 PM
How It's Made   Farmed caviar; intake manifolds, motorcycle jackets; forged spades.   Mon 8/3 1:00 PM
How It's Made   Horseshoes; dishwashers; graphite fly rods; pizza.   Mon 8/3 1:30 PM
How It's Made   Combination locks; pottery; recreational vehicles.   Mon 8/3 2:00 PM