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Oddities   Mike's wife recruits Evan and Ryan to locate the perfect gift for her husband; Mike finds a plastic human organ; Chloe Sevigny springs for a lewd gag.   Tue 5/5 5:30 AM
How It's Made   Headphones; diving regulators; reflector light bulbs.   Tue 5/5 6:00 AM
How It's Made   Fly fishing reels; house paint; weaving loom; ice maker.   Tue 5/5 6:30 AM
How It's Made   Toothpicks; acrylic bathtubs; helicopters; beer. Host: Mark Tewksbury.   Tue 5/5 7:00 AM
How It's Made   Matches; carousel horses; fine porcelain; automobile fuel tanks.   Tue 5/5 7:30 AM
How It's Made   Decorative mouldings; commercial pulleys; industrial rubber hoses; vinyl floor sheeting.   Tue 5/5 8:00 AM
How It's Made   Kitchen accessories; vacuums; paper mache; hydraulic cylinders.   Tue 5/5 8:30 AM
Factory Made   Denim; springs; hearing aids; sand trap.   Tue 5/5 9:00 AM
Factory Made   Military knives; surfboards; mattresses; guacachips.   Tue 5/5 9:30 AM
Factory Made   Water bottles; snowshoes; pool cues; farm toys.   Tue 5/5 10:00 AM
Factory Made   Bowling balls; power tools; mouth guards; harmonicas.   Tue 5/5 10:30 AM
Factory Made   Pencils; giant bolts; pickles; inflatables.   Tue 5/5 11:00 AM
Factory Made   School lockers; frozen pizza; plastic railroad ties.   Tue 5/5 11:30 AM
Factory Made   Artificial turf; boat anchors; dentures; sleeping bags.   Tue 5/5 12:00 PM
Factory Made   Climbing ropes; caramel apples; mechanical pencils.   Tue 5/5 12:30 PM
Factory Made   Hot air balloons; putters; pocket utility tools; paper towels.   Tue 5/5 1:00 PM
Factory Made   Paintbrushes; decorative doorknobs; bass drums; LED light bulbs.   Tue 5/5 1:30 PM
Factory Made   Jellybeans; snowboards; pliers; motorcycle jackets.   Tue 5/5 2:00 PM
Factory Made   Small bolts; neon signs; ambulance bodies.   Tue 5/5 2:30 PM
Factory Made   Bottlecans; acoustic guitars; lighters; Buckeye candies.   Tue 5/5 3:00 PM