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American Ride   An industrial transformation changes America.   Wed 8/5 5:30 AM
The Story Trek   A cat that saved a man follows him home.   Wed 8/5 6:00 AM
The Story Trek   A man's dream of making it big on the stage.   Wed 8/5 6:30 AM
BYU Devotional Address   Donald L. Hallstrom delivers an address entitled: Living a Reverent Life.   Wed 8/5 7:00 AM
Music and the Spoken Word   Wed 8/5 7:30 AM
Pearl of Great Price Discussions   The ministry of ancient prophets.   Wed 8/5 8:00 AM
Fusion Grain Cooking   Amaranth with oat granola.   Wed 8/5 9:00 AM
Fusion Grain Cooking   Learn to make bread, salad, soup, and a side dish using barley.   Wed 8/5 9:30 AM
Fusion Grain Cooking   Fuse millet with sliders, rigatoni, and a salad.   Wed 8/5 10:00 AM
Fusion Grain Cooking   Chef Brad shows how to fuse popcorn with cornbread, chili relleno, and salad.   Wed 8/5 10:30 AM
Turning Point   People with disabilities learning emotional and physical empowerment through scuba diving.   Wed 8/5 11:00 AM
American Ride   An industrial transformation changes America.   Wed 8/5 11:30 AM
BYU Sports Nation   Wed 8/5 12:00 PM
Fresh Take   Celebrate story with the Fresh Take team and four nonfiction short films.   Wed 8/5 1:00 PM
Generations Project   She started an organization that promotes peace for indigenous war veterans.   Wed 8/5 1:30 PM
Granite Flats   John frees Hershel from prison; danger at the science fair.   Wed 8/5 2:00 PM
Backstage BYU   Harold B. Lee Library, the musical mastery of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert and more.   Wed 8/5 3:00 PM
Food Nanny   The Food Nanny picks up pizza tips from Danny in San Diego, California.   Wed 8/5 4:00 PM
Food Nanny   The home of the Pierallini family in Italy.   Wed 8/5 4:30 PM
Food Nanny   Fried chicken.   Wed 8/5 5:00 PM