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Castle   When a beautiful woman is found dead, the evidence indicates a notorious serial killer known as "The Triple Killer."   Mon 4/27 6:00 PM
Castle   When Beckett and Castle respond to an "officer down" call, they discover the victim is actually a male stripper dressed as a cop.   Mon 4/27 7:00 PM
NBA Basketball   A thrilling two-point win over the Bulls allowed the Bucks to stay alive in the series. Now, Milwaukee looks for another upset win in Game 5 to extend its playoff run.   Mon 4/27 8:00 PM
NBA Basketball   Following a wire-to-wire win in Portland, the Grizzlies are on the verge of a surprising sweep as they look to close out the Trail Blazers in Game 4. This is the first time in team history that the Grizzlies have held a 3-0 series lead.   Mon 4/27 10:30 PM
Inside the NBA   Basketball highlights, interviews, scores and statistics.   Tue 4/28 1:00 AM
NBA Basketball   Tue 4/28 2:00 AM
Conan   Actor Cedric the Entertainer; journalist Fareed Zakaria; singer-songwriter Marina & the Diamonds.   Tue 4/28 4:30 AM
TNT Network Preview   A backstage peek at TNT's original shows.   Tue 4/28 5:30 AM
Charmed   The devil's sorcerer traps the witches in a deadly time-loop in order to defeat the Charmed Ones.   Tue 4/28 6:00 AM
Charmed   The sisters face a demon who tries to destroy their power; Prue wrestles with guilt over Andy's death; Piper struggles to start a nightclub.   Tue 4/28 7:00 AM
Charmed   The sisters travel to the future to change Phoebe's fate after she has a chilling premonition that she will be executed.   Tue 4/28 8:00 AM
Supernatural   A shape-shifter adopts the likenesses of others and murders people.   Tue 4/28 9:00 AM
Supernatural   When a mythical, vengeful creature terrorizes a small college town in Iowa, Sam and Dean race to find and destroy the Hook Man's bones before he comes for them.   Tue 4/28 10:00 AM
Supernatural   Deadly swarms of bees, locusts, spiders and beetles overcome a town when a new housing development is built atop sacred Indian land.   Tue 4/28 11:00 AM
Supernatural   A vision of a woman trapped in his childhood house haunts Sam, and he convinces reluctant Dean that they need to go home.   Tue 4/28 12:00 PM
Bones   During a blizzard that causes a citywide blackout, the team must solve a murder case that could be connected to a possible viral outbreak; Sweets starts a touchy conversation about Brennan and Booth's relationship.   Tue 4/28 1:00 PM
Bones   When the remains of a maritime museum security guard are found in the Florida Everglades, Booth asks a former Iraqi soldier for help with the case.   Tue 4/28 2:00 PM
Bones   Brennan teams up with a forensic podiatrist to match seven pairs of severed feet with bodies; Cam makes college plans for her daughter.   Tue 4/28 3:00 PM
Bones   A TV-show host's remains are found in the wilderness; Vincent Nigel-Murray makes surprising confessions while making amends with each member of the team.   Tue 4/28 4:00 PM
Castle   While investigating a subway worker's murder in Central Park, Castle and Beckett unexpectedly uncover a boy's abduction.   Tue 4/28 5:00 PM