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Law & Order   When a wealthy socialite's estranged daughter is killed, the detectives are led to the accountant responsible for the young woman's trust fund.   Sat 9/5 10:00 AM
Law & Order   Kincaid and McCoy are determined to convict both the man who shot an abortion doctor and the activist whose rhetoric may have encouraged the incident.   Sat 9/5 11:00 AM
The Perfect Storm (2000)   At sea in October 1991, the crewmen of the Andrea Gail encounter a storm with hurricane-strength winds and 100-foot waves.   Sat 9/5 12:00 PM
Contagion (2011)   The world panics as doctors race to find a cure for a rapidly spreading virus that kills those contaminated within days.   Sat 9/5 2:30 PM
Shutter Island (2010)   A 1950s lawman pursues a murderess who appears to have vanished from a locked room within a fortresslike psychiatric hospital.   Sat 9/5 5:00 PM
The Day After Tomorrow (2004)   A climatologist tries to locate his son after global warming leads to worldwide natural disasters.   Sat 9/5 8:00 PM
Olympus Has Fallen (2013)   America's national security team must rely on a disgraced former guard to save the president after terrorists seize control of the White House, taking the chief of state hostage.   Sat 9/5 10:30 PM
Lord of War (2005)   A relentless Interpol agent tracks an arms dealer trying to stay one step ahead of his business rivals.   Sun 9/6 12:30 AM
Law & Order   Detective Cyrus Lupo leaves terrorist regions to return to his own family terror at home.   Sun 9/6 3:00 AM
Law & Order   The probe of a Wall Street executive's murder leads to a top broker who has a history of criminal behavior.   Sun 9/6 4:00 AM
Law & Order   The investigation of a pornographer leads to a gang of teens who videotape their sexual exploits with female classmates.   Sun 9/6 5:00 AM
Law & Order   The probe of a woman's attempt on her husband's life leads to a fertility doctor with a high rate of success.   Sun 9/6 6:00 AM
Law & Order   Expelled from an exclusive boys school, an underprivileged youth, a gifted student, is suspected of a trustee's murder.   Sun 9/6 7:00 AM
Law & Order   When an explosion at a construction site kills a boy, McCoy and Kincaid try to exonerate a demolitions expert wrongly convicted of the crime.   Sun 9/6 8:00 AM
Law & Order   The stabbing murder of a husband and wife prompts Briscoe and Logan to investigate Steven Bartlett, an alcoholic who was abused as a child.   Sun 9/6 9:00 AM
Law & Order   After learning controversial therapy may have caused an autistic's death, McCoy must discredit the main witness.   Sun 9/6 10:00 AM
Law & Order   The death of a fellow detective and childhood friend forces Logan to deal with repressed memories about the school he attended.   Sun 9/6 11:00 AM
Law & Order   The investigations of seemingly unrelated murders of a cab driver and a hit man lead Briscoe and Logan to the cabbie's wife.   Sun 9/6 12:00 PM
Law & Order   The detectives arrest the father of a woman with multiple personalities for the murder of a psychiatrist.   Sun 9/6 1:00 PM
The Day After Tomorrow (2004)   A climatologist tries to locate his son after global warming leads to worldwide natural disasters.   Sun 9/6 2:00 PM