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High School Football   From Aug. 22, 2014.   Sun 7/5 4:00 PM
High School Basketball   From Dec. 8, 2014.   Sun 7/5 6:00 PM
High School Basketball   From April 3, 2015.   Sun 7/5 7:30 PM
High School Basketball   From April 4, 2015.   Sun 7/5 9:30 PM
Basketball: The Nationals: Journey to No. 1   Sun 7/5 11:30 PM
30 for 30   Director Rory Karpf, through interviews with former players and rivals as well as Laettner himself, explores why this former Duke star was, and still is, so disliked.   Mon 7/6 12:30 AM
30 for 30   Mon 7/6 2:00 AM
Nine for IX   The story of Sheryl Swoopes.   Mon 7/6 3:30 AM
World University Games   Mon 7/6 4:30 AM
Geno Auriemma Project   Family and former players reflect on the Connecticut coach's style and methods.   Mon 7/6 6:30 AM
Geno Auriemma Project   A look at Auriemma's current roster and the 1995 Championship game between Connecticut and Tennessee, as we near the 20th anniversary of this classic matchup.   Mon 7/6 7:00 AM
Geno Auriemma Project   The Huskies' winning streak, since winning back-to-back national titles in 2013 and 2014, along with Auriemma's career win total, is discussed.   Mon 7/6 7:30 AM
Mike & Mike   With Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg.   Mon 7/6 8:00 AM
The Herd   Colin Cowherd presents commentary on the day's biggest sports news.   Mon 7/6 10:00 AM
Lacrosse   From Denver.   Mon 7/6 1:00 PM
Lacrosse: The Lost Trophy   Mon 7/6 2:30 PM
E:60   Mon 7/6 3:30 PM
High School Football   From Aug. 23, 2014.   Mon 7/6 4:00 PM
You Herd Me With Colin Cowherd   Mon 7/6 6:00 PM
30 for 30   Exploring the enigma of former NFL great Randy Moss leads back to his hometown of Rand, West Virginia.   Mon 7/6 6:30 PM