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The Big Interview   Country singer Trisha Yearwood discusses her singing career and her cooking show.   Wed 8/5 1:00 AM
Trace Adkins Live Country!   The Grand Ole Opry member performs music from his long list of hits.   Wed 8/5 2:00 AM
Tom Green Live   Tom reunites with friend and fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay.   Wed 8/5 3:00 AM
Art Mann Presents   One night a year, Las Vegas might be the most intoxicated.   Wed 8/5 4:00 AM
Drinking Made Easy   Steve challenges Zane to break his world record at champagne sabering.   Wed 8/5 4:30 AM
Drinking Made Easy   Master margarita-maker in Santa Fe, N.M.; a beer can kill chickens; hot chili pepper sauce.   Wed 8/5 5:00 AM
Nothing but Trailers   Movie previews.   Wed 8/5 5:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Wed 8/5 6:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Wed 8/5 6:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Wed 8/5 7:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Wed 8/5 7:30 AM
The Big Interview   Emmy award-winning actress Carol Burnett talks about her career, the industry and the spotlight.   Wed 8/5 8:00 AM
The Big Interview   Dwight Yoakam discusses making it big in country music despite being far from Nashville.   Wed 8/5 9:00 AM
Alps From Above   Helicopter tour over the Austrian region of East Tyrol; viewing the ice-covered peaks of High Tauern National Park; the renowned city of Innsbruck.   Wed 8/5 10:00 AM
Rudy Maxa's World   In Estonia is Europe's best-restored medieval town; island of Muhu; Mart Laar, former prime minister of Estonia.   Wed 8/5 11:00 AM
Video Killed the Radio Star   Canadian rock star Bryan Adams gives a fascinating insight into his work with director Steve Barron.   Wed 8/5 11:30 AM
Gene Simmons Family Jewels   Shannon brings Gene to meet the African children he sponsors; Tracy begins preparations for in vitro fertilization.   Wed 8/5 12:00 PM
The Big Interview   A preview of next week's episode.   Wed 8/5 1:00 PM
Nothing but Trailers   Movie previews.   Wed 8/5 1:10 PM
I'll Do Anything: Jackson Browne Live in Concert   The artist uses the guitar and piano to perform songs from his entire body of work.   Wed 8/5 1:25 PM