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Star Trek (2009)   Young James T. Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew embark on a collision course with a vengeful Romulan.   Sun 3/29 10:00 PM
In Living Color   Comedy show parodies all facets of life.   Mon 3/30 1:00 AM
In Living Color   Comedy show parodies all facets of life.   Mon 3/30 1:30 AM
New Zumba Incredible Results System   ZumbaIncredible Resultsis an all-new DVD system packed with exciting, easy-to-follow dance fitness workouts and healthy eating plans that can help people lose weight faster and feel incredible.   Mon 3/30 2:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 3/30 2:30 AM
More Sex, Less Stress   Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.   Mon 3/30 3:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 3/30 3:30 AM
Cook Like a Pro   Learn how to create perfectly grilled dishes just like the pros! Chef Tim Love shares some great tips and recipes to help you create delicious meals fast.   Mon 3/30 4:00 AM
Can't Sleep?   Learn how one Minnesota based company has created hundreds of jobs making The World's Most Comfortable Pillow, My Pillow.   Mon 3/30 4:30 AM
Laugh In's Greatest Hits   Limited edition box set includes the best skits, characters, and laughs of the hit series, Laugh In!   Mon 3/30 5:00 AM
Fists Full of Knives $199.98 "19.99 S&H"   This unbelievable cutlery deal has 169 knives and includes twelve dealer dozens, Katana, Undertaker III Frostwood 16 Bowie, Chipaway Frostwood handle 8.5 Bowie, Chipaway Deer Skinner II 8.5 Fixed Blade Knife, and a 21 piece kitchen set.   Mon 3/30 5:30 AM
New Math, New Mind   Help your kids get better grades and have better self esteem at school! Brainetics is the breakthrough math and memory learning system developed by math genius, Mike Byster!   Mon 3/30 6:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Mon 3/30 6:30 AM
Sports Night   Isaac publicly criticizes Luther Sachs; Casey learns that the team is a great gift. Guest stars: Joy Behar, Meredith Vieira, Debbie Matenopoulos and Star Jones.   Mon 3/30 7:00 AM
Sports Night   Certain employees try to position themselves for a promotion when rumors of Isaac's leaving start to circulate.   Mon 3/30 7:30 AM
Mad About You   Paul scrambles to get Jamie enrolled in her college courses after he forgets to mail her registration.   Mon 3/30 8:00 AM
Mad About You   Fran is humiliated when her husband returns, after a long absence, with tales of womanizing abroad. With Paul Reiser.   Mon 3/30 8:30 AM
Raising Hope   The Chance family devises a plan to break Maw Maw out of the nursing facility; Jimmy worries about his future sanity.   Mon 3/30 9:00 AM
Raising Hope   When Jimmy and Sabrina go on a marriage retreat, Virginia and Burt and Tamara and her lover tag along; Barney baby-sits Maw Maw.   Mon 3/30 9:30 AM
Parks and Recreation   Leslie and Bobby Newport are separated by a miniscule margin on Election Day; as everyone waits for election results, they ponder the future.   Mon 3/30 10:00 AM