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Dr. Phil   Emmy-winning news reporter Christi's struggle with alcohol leaves her jobless, sleeping in bushes and estranged from her adult daughters, whom she faces for the first time in two years.   Mon 8/3 3:00 PM
Judge Judy   A young man buys a friend's truck for $200, but once it is in running condition, his friend wants him to pay the value of the vehicle; a woman sues her son for damages after he has a crash while driving her car.   Mon 8/3 4:00 PM
Judge Judy   Siblings fight over their father's funeral costs after his insurance does not pay out as expected.   Mon 8/3 4:30 PM
CBS 2 News at 5PM   Kristine Johnson and Maurice DuBois.   Mon 8/3 5:00 PM
CBS 2 News at 6PM   Host Dana Tyler.   Mon 8/3 6:00 PM
CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley   Mon 8/3 6:30 PM
The Insider   Tom Cruise's latest mission; Martha Stewart's empire.   Mon 8/3 7:00 PM
Entertainment Tonight   Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral; an interview with Meryl Streep, Rick Springfield and Mamie Gummer; "Fear the Walking Dead."   Mon 8/3 7:30 PM
2 Broke Girls   An attractive businessman returns Caroline and Max's cat, Nancy, who turns out to have a big surprise.   Mon 8/3 8:00 PM
The Odd Couple   Felix's hypochondria is exacerbated when Oscar begins dating the person most important to Felix: his doctor.   Mon 8/3 8:30 PM
Scorpion   Cabe's ex-wife needs the team's protection after she discovers evidence that suggests a prominent congressman's death involved foul play.   Mon 8/3 9:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles   When Deeks and Kensi go under cover to investigate the murder of a homeless man -- who used to be a Marine and CIA agent -- they find a connection to a Mexican cartel.   Mon 8/3 9:59 PM
CBS 2 News at 11PM   Kristine Johnson and Maurice DuBois.   Mon 8/3 11:00 PM
Scorpion   Sylvester ends up in critical condition after accidentally triggering an explosion during an investigation; the team must remain focused on finding the culprit.   Mon 8/3 11:35 PM
The Late Late Show With James Corden   Actor Matt LeBlanc; actor William H. Macy; actor Don Cheadle.   Tue 8/4 12:37 AM
Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen   Mike Britt; Adam Carolla; Maz Jobrani; Jen Kober.   Tue 8/4 1:37 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Tue 8/4 2:07 AM
Armando Montelongo Flipping   Armando Montelongo, America's Celebrity House Flipper, teaches the principles of flipping houses. Watch as Armando and team take you by the hand to teach you step by step how to change your financial legacy through buying and selling real estate.   Tue 8/4 2:37 AM
Up to the Minute   Film reports are used to launch studio debates on a variety of subjects.   Tue 8/4 3:07 AM
CBS Morning News   News reports on current events.   Tue 8/4 4:00 AM