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Up to the Minute   Film reports are used to launch studio debates on a variety of subjects.   Mon 3/2 3:05 AM
CBS Morning News   News reports on current events.   Mon 3/2 4:00 AM
CBS 2 News This Morning   Mary Calvi, Chris Wragge.   Mon 3/2 4:30 AM
CBS This Morning   Former professional baseball player Cal Ripken Jr.   Mon 3/2 7:00 AM
The Queen Latifah Show   Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhan√© Wallis; some of the world's coolest kids.   Mon 3/2 9:00 AM
Let's Make a Deal   Mon 3/2 10:00 AM
The Price Is Right   Mon 3/2 11:00 AM
CBS 2 News at Noon   Mary Calvi, Chris Wragge.   Mon 3/2 12:00 PM
The Young and the Restless   Jack and Victor make a pact; Billy questions Gabriel's plans for Chelsea; Avery talks to Nick about his relationship with Sage.   Mon 3/2 12:30 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful   Quinn tells Brooke to stay away from her man; Ivy urges Steffy to give up on Liam.   Mon 3/2 1:30 PM
The Talk   Actress Lisa Kudrow; radio personality Shelley Wade; chef Marjorie Johnson prepares cinnamon rolls and toasted almond chocolate marshmallow pie.   Mon 3/2 2:00 PM
Dr. Phil   George says his estranged wife is an unfit mother and a serial cheater who puts boyfriends ahead of her six children.   Mon 3/2 3:00 PM
Judge Judy   Finance fraud and insurance scams; a woman says her neighbor's pit bull killed her two goats and injured her; a blended family fights over vehicle damage and costly repairs.   Mon 3/2 4:00 PM
Judge Judy   A friendship ends over a refrigerator; a man says he caught a former friend stealing his expensive watch.   Mon 3/2 4:30 PM
CBS 2 News at 5PM   Kristine Johnson and Maurice DuBois.   Mon 3/2 5:00 PM
CBS 2 News at 6PM   Host Dana Tyler.   Mon 3/2 6:00 PM
CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley   Mon 3/2 6:30 PM
The Insider   Oprah Winfrey and other celebrity clients of SoulCycle fitness company.   Mon 3/2 7:00 PM
Entertainment Tonight   The 50th anniversary of the movie "The Sound of Music."   Mon 3/2 7:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory   Wolowitz feels nervous when he is asked to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels game; Penny and Leonard want to prove Sheldon wrong after he says he and Amy are the better couple.   Mon 3/2 8:00 PM