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Food for the Poor: The Least of These   Tue 7/28 10:00 AM
Tween You & Me   Games, music, live human videos and comedy sketches that bring home a main point about God's plan.   Tue 7/28 11:00 AM
Lamb Chop's Play-Along   The adventures of Lamb Chop and her friends.   Tue 7/28 11:30 AM
Adventures in Odyssey   Characters and dramas from the Bible.   Tue 7/28 12:00 PM
VeggieTales   Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber offer life lessons.   Tue 7/28 12:30 PM
3-2-1 Penguins!   A boy and a girl explore the galaxy with four penguins.   Tue 7/28 1:00 PM
Harveytoons   Animated series.   Tue 7/28 1:30 PM
Roger Ramjet   A patriotic superhero tries to save the world.   Tue 7/28 2:00 PM
Waldo Kitty   A cat dreams of being a superhero while dealing with a bully.   Tue 7/28 2:30 PM
Space Academy   The adventures of the students of an outer space military school.   Tue 7/28 3:00 PM
Lassie's Pet Vet   Stories on pet health, lifestyle and the bond between pets and owners.   Tue 7/28 3:30 PM
The Archies   The lives of a group of teenage friends.   Tue 7/28 4:00 PM
The Archies   The lives of a group of teenage friends.   Tue 7/28 4:30 PM
The Mr. Magoo Show   A near-sighted man bumbles his way to good fortune.   Tue 7/28 5:00 PM
Cutting Edge Video   Christian music videos.   Tue 7/28 5:30 PM
The Revolution   Interviews with Christian artists and music videos.   Tue 7/28 6:00 PM
Control Track   Christian music videos.   Tue 7/28 6:30 PM
ROC House Cafe   Christian music videos.   Tue 7/28 7:00 PM
G-Rock   Christian alternative music.   Tue 7/28 7:30 PM
Three 60 TV   Faith based comedy for Generations X and Y.   Tue 7/28 8:00 PM