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Undercover Bridesmaid (2012)   A bodyguard becomes a bridesmaid for a tycoon's daughter after she receives a series of death threats.   Sat 8/1 7:00 PM
Gourmet Detective (2015)   A chef turned culinary sleuth works with a beautiful detective to unravel the mystery behind the death of a guest at a dinner party.   Sat 8/1 9:00 PM
My Gal Sunday (2014)   Henry, the recently retired U.S. Secretary of State, and his wife, Sunday, are private investigators. When Sunday's parents are kidnapped, the two work together to rescue them and find out why the abductors want a hit-man released as ransom.   Sat 8/1 11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote   While vacationing in Martinique, Jessica is called on to help an acquaintance accused of a woman's murder.   Sun 8/2 1:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote   The mysterious deaths of a winery matriarch's son and a rival vintner lead Jessica into a world of greed and betrayal.   Sun 8/2 2:00 AM
Hart to Hart   Jonathan's look-alike and his magician brother plan to kill Jonathan and run Hart Industries.   Sun 8/2 3:00 AM
Hart to Hart   An eccentric art collector wants to add Jennifer to treasures by eliminating Jonathan.   Sun 8/2 4:00 AM
Matlock   Nightmares give Ben clues to the murderer of a celebrity doctor who was selling secrets about a client to the press.   Sun 8/2 5:00 AM
Matlock   Ben agrees to handle the divorce of his friends Clara and Duncan Farmington; a man collecting for charity sues after falling off Ben's porch steps.   Sun 8/2 6:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote   Jessica seeks a link between the electrocution of the town bully and the hanging of a teacher who was his lover.   Sun 8/2 7:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote   While working on an infomercial, Jessica helps a detective friend probe a strangulation, and tries to find out why a member of her studio audience is found dead during the taping.   Sun 8/2 8:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder   When a gunman confesses to assassinating the city's mayor during a re-election campaign, Dr. Sloan becomes convinced the man is innocent.   Sun 8/2 9:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder   A nun asks Dr. Sloan to go under cover as a priest to find the killer of a young producer who made a promotional video for a convent.   Sun 8/2 10:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder   An actress is accused of murdering her ex-husband even though she was in the hospital for plastic surgery at the time.   Sun 8/2 11:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder   Dr. Sloan is less than thrilled to have his sister move in after the police discover a body in the closet of her new home.   Sun 8/2 12:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder   Dr. Sloan's jury duty ends on a unique note when the defendant in the case is suddenly murdered after the verdict is read.   Sun 8/2 1:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder   Mark poses as a vagrant to learn who is killing homeless people for their vital organs.   Sun 8/2 2:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder   The main rival of a celebrated young figure skater becomes the chief suspect in an attack, and Mark is out to prove her innocence.   Sun 8/2 3:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder   Dr. Sloan uncovers a possible mother-daughter love triangle involving a country music star when he investigates the man's murder.   Sun 8/2 4:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder   A network president is murdered and so is her successor; Michele Greene; Erik Estrada; Doug E. Doug; Jane Seymour; Fred Willard; John Aniston; Jaleel White; Reginald VelJohnson; Stephen J. Cannell; Dr. Joyce Brothers.   Sun 8/2 5:00 PM