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Hart to Hart   A recent corpse in an Egyptian prince's tomb and a mummy at the window involve the Harts in a murder; guest Thaao Penghlis.   Mon 3/2 1:00 AM
Hart to Hart   After murder interrupts their Hawaiian croquet game, Jonathan and Jennifer postpone vacation plans for intrigue; guest Dolph Sweet.   Mon 3/2 2:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder   A man caught in a conspiracy between his wife and mistress disappears; a girlfriend thinks Steve is a wealthy philanthropist.   Mon 3/2 3:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder   Mark's investigation of a murder at Community General has him looking for both the murderer and the victim.   Mon 3/2 4:00 AM
Matlock   Ben defends a patrolman framed for murder but is upset when the prime suspect appears to be the chief of police, an old friend.   Mon 3/2 5:00 AM
Matlock   Convinced his brother was framed for murder, a psychopath takes Matlock's associates hostage.   Mon 3/2 6:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote   Jessica takes a teaching position in New York, gets an apartment and finds its previous tenant murdered.   Mon 3/2 7:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote   A policeman-turned-professor challenges Jessica to solve a series of campus muggings that soon escalates to murder.   Mon 3/2 8:00 AM
He Sees You When You're Sleeping (2002)   In order to get to heaven, a dead stockbroker must protect a woman and her daughter from mobsters.   Mon 3/2 9:00 AM
Pretend You Don't See Her (2002)   A real-estate agent gets a new identity after she witnesses a murder and tries to uncover the killer's motive.   Mon 3/2 11:00 AM
Hart to Hart   A soap-opera actor plans to kill scriptwriter Jennifer when she must write his character out of the show.   Mon 3/2 1:00 PM
Hart to Hart   The Harts must find vacationing Max after accidentally giving him a lethal cigar as a going-away gift.   Mon 3/2 2:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder   Steve tries to clear the name of a misguided teenager who is a suspect in the death of a fellow boxer.   Mon 3/2 3:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder   When the Masked Magician is killed on live television, Dr. Sloan uncovers a murderous plot to obtain high ratings.   Mon 3/2 4:00 PM
A Place for Annie (1994)   A nurse cares for her adopted HIV-positive infant and the dying mother who abandoned her.   Mon 3/2 5:00 PM
Firelight (2012)   Incarcerated women join a band of volunteers who battle forest fires and assist during natural disasters.   Mon 3/2 7:00 PM
The Lost Child (2000)   A Jewish adoptee, stolen at birth, visits a Navajo reservation to meet her sister and biological father.   Mon 3/2 9:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote   A cheap tycoon with many enemies is found dead on the construction site of his high-rise hotel.   Mon 3/2 11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote   Jessica's actress niece is the prime suspect in the murder of a daytime-drama writer.   Tue 3/3 12:00 AM
Hart to Hart   Max's ex-wife involves him in an escapade of a stolen diamond necklace, insurance investigator, extortion and murder.   Tue 3/3 1:00 AM