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At Midnight With Chris Hardwick   Ron Funches; Jen Kirkman; Tom Lennon.   Fri 8/28 2:09 AM
Date and Switch (2014)   Two high-school seniors make a pact to help each other lose their virginity before their prom, but their mission takes an unexpected turn when one announces that he's gay.   Fri 8/28 2:39 AM
Comedy Central Presents   Comic Ryan Stout describes his favorite kind of laugh; explains the benefits of being homeless; states that he doesn't need profanities in his act or his porn.   Fri 8/28 4:43 AM
Free Money in Your Pocket. Learn. Find It Now!   NEW. Simple information that shows you how to find Free Money for bills, child care, food & more!   Fri 8/28 5:00 AM
Bosley Hair Restoration   Learn about BOSLEY'S permanent and natural-looking hair restoration solution. Find out why hundreds of thousands of men and women have chosen Bosley for hair restoration. Get the information you need to get started.   Fri 8/28 5:30 AM
Cebria - The Solution for Memory Loss   Remember Names! Easily Recall Words and Information! Tune in to find out how.   Fri 8/28 6:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Fri 8/28 6:30 AM
MAX Insanity!   Max:30 isn't just insanity on fast-forward, it's a whole new way to work out. It's about using your body to get results. Just like the original INSANITY. No weights. No equipment, but the equipment in your mind and your body.   Fri 8/28 7:00 AM
Body Beast   Get completely ripped and chiseled in just 90 days with superstar trainer and champion bodybuilder, Sagi Kalev. Brought to you by Beachbody!   Fri 8/28 7:30 AM
No more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!   Look younger with revolutionary ByeBye Foundation. Correct and protect your skin with an anti-aging moisturizer clinically shown to help make your skin better even after you take it off. It covers flaws, but looks like you are wearing nothing at all!   Fri 8/28 8:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Fri 8/28 8:30 AM
Comedy Central Presents   Comic Billy Gardell discusses the comparisons between his tough childhood growing up in Pittsburgh with today's emotionally sensitive youth.   Fri 8/28 9:00 AM
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart   President Obama.   Fri 8/28 9:12 AM
The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore   Race barely gets mentioned during the GOP presidential debate; Larry discusses the continuing popularity of Donald Trump with panel members Yamaneika Saunders, Chris Gethard and Mike Yard.   Fri 8/28 9:44 AM
Black Sheep (1996)   To head off political embarrassment, the aide of a gubernatorial candidate shepherds his boss's uncouth brother.   Fri 8/28 10:16 AM
Starsky & Hutch (2004)   Thrown together as partners, two detectives investigate a cocaine dealer suspected of murder.   Fri 8/28 12:24 PM
South Park   Cartman pretends to be a robot in order to learn Butter's secrets.   Fri 8/28 2:32 PM
South Park   Chef protests the South Park flag.   Fri 8/28 3:05 PM
South Park   The FBI pursues Cartman for committing a hate crime.   Fri 8/28 3:38 PM
South Park   The new planetarium has a strange pull on Stan, Kyle and Kenny; Cartman wants the lead in "Les Miserables."   Fri 8/28 4:11 PM