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The Dukes of Hazzard   The Dukes help a man pretending to be dead save his supposed cemetery plot from becoming a Boss Hogg housing-development.   Fri 3/27 1:35 PM
The Dukes of Hazzard   The Dukes' cousins receive $250,000 for their property, only to have the cash and their Rolls-Royce stolen; guest Bernard Fox.   Fri 3/27 2:40 PM
The Dukes of Hazzard   Bo becomes a stunt driver to prevent Boss from taking control of a carnival; guests Don Stroud, Robin Mattson.   Fri 3/27 3:45 PM
The Dukes of Hazzard   As Bo prepares to make the 32-car jump, Luke discovers the previous crash was no accident; guest Robin Mattson.   Fri 3/27 4:50 PM
The Dukes of Hazzard   Enos sets out after two fugitive bank robbers intent on killing Daisy; guest Leonard Stone.   Fri 3/27 5:55 PM
The Dukes of Hazzard   A woman returns to sell her family home but finds it invaded by thieves taking all of the town's silver; guest Tammy Wynette.   Fri 3/27 7:00 PM
Reba   Reba is disappointed when her plans for Halloween fall through because everyone in the family has other plans.   Fri 3/27 8:00 PM
Reba   Realizing that his wife has gained quite a bit of weight, Brock consults Reba on how best to handle the delicate situation.   Fri 3/27 8:30 PM
Reba   The family learns that Cheyenne no longer wishes to pursue a career in dentistry after she turns down Brock's offer to intern at his office.   Fri 3/27 9:00 PM
Reba   A miscommunication with her brother, Bryan, sends Barbra Jean to his place for Thanksgiving, while he goes to Reba's.   Fri 3/27 9:40 PM
Reba   After observing their constant bickering in the office, Reba and Van's boss insists they see the company's occupational therapist.   Fri 3/27 10:20 PM
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)   A bungling gumshoe uncovers more than just a simple kidnapping when he searches for the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot.   Fri 3/27 11:00 PM
Cops Reloaded   A man caught urinating in public gets into a lengthy scuffle with police; car thief claims a crack addict let him borrow a car; police obtain vague details from bar patrons involved in a fight; a couple seeks help.   Sat 3/28 1:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   Police perform an undercover sting on a woman plotting to make a hit on her husband.   Sat 3/28 2:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   A drug suspect has part of his ear torn off by a K-9; a woman accepts her newly arrested boyfriend's marriage proposal; police break up a meth production; a worried wife wants to know if her husband is cooking meth.   Sat 3/28 2:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   A hit and run suspect complains to officers; a woman accuses her boyfriend of turning her house into a drug den; a house burglar is caught trying to steal copper wire from an abandoned home; a prostitute is arrested.   Sat 3/28 3:00 AM
Fat Cops   The whole department goes camping to work on team building skills.   Sat 3/28 3:30 AM
Fat Cops   Morales changes some attitudes about spirits when he brings the officers ghost hunting.   Sat 3/28 4:00 AM
Fat Cops   Big Sexy gives the Chief a makeover; Sergeant Wheeler tests new police equipment.   Sat 3/28 4:30 AM
Raising Hope   The Chances plan a birthday party for Hope; Smokey Floyd pays a surprise visit to Burt.   Sat 3/28 5:00 AM