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CMT Music   Music videos.   Sun 4/20 8:00 AM
Jesus   Sun 4/20 9:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Sun 4/20 12:00 PM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Sun 4/20 1:00 PM
Hot 20 Countdown   A countdown of the 20 biggest music videos and the hottest news stories in country music.   Sun 4/20 2:00 PM
Reba   Reba and Barbra Jean overwhelm Cheyenne with advice when she plans her second wedding to Van.   Sun 4/20 5:00 PM
Reba   Reba is rushed to the hospital after collapsing at Van and Cheyenne's non-wedding.   Sun 4/20 5:30 PM
Reba   Barbra Jean shows off her new sleek figure and staunch dedication to the gym, which Brock fears is about spending time with her male trainer.   Sun 4/20 6:00 PM
Reba   Houston's premier real estate agent (Tim Meadows) contacts Reba and Van for a meeting, exciting Reba but concerning Van that he will be her assistant.   Sun 4/20 6:30 PM
The Parent Trap (1998)   An 11-year-old meets her California twin, and they plot to reunite their divorced parents.   Sun 4/20 7:00 PM
Footloose (1984)   A hip Chicago teen moves to a Midwestern town where, thanks to a pastor, dancing is outlawed.   Sun 4/20 10:00 PM
FNA USA   Reasons why America rules; adult toys, a keg stand granny, DIY dentistry, nearly-deadly dares.   Mon 4/21 12:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   Mon 4/21 1:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   Mon 4/21 2:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   Mon 4/21 2:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   Mon 4/21 3:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   Mon 4/21 3:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   Mon 4/21 4:00 AM
Fat Cops   The whole department goes camping to work on team building skills.   Mon 4/21 4:30 AM
Fat Cops   Morales changes some attitudes about spirits when he brings the officers ghost hunting.   Mon 4/21 5:00 AM