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Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Secrets Revealed   World-famous chef Wolfgang Puck shows you how to cook healthy, delicious meals up to 70 percent faster with his new Pressure Oven! Transform mealtime from ordinary to extraordinary in no time!   Fri 5/22 5:00 AM
More Sex, Less Stress   Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.   Fri 5/22 5:30 AM
More Sex, Less Stress   Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.   Fri 5/22 6:00 AM
Fix Your Hair   Let the Perfecter Fusion Styler fix your hair for good.   Fri 5/22 6:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Fri 5/22 7:00 AM
More Sex, Less Stress   Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.   Fri 5/22 7:30 AM
Operation Osmin   Bring on the lie detector test! Gorgeous party girls Lori and Jalene want to get fit for a cruise, but they may be too much for Osmin to handle! Will Osmin be able to handle the truth about the accused cheaters or will they be banned forever?   Fri 5/22 8:00 AM
A Step Away   Jennifer and the crew prep for the final stop of the concert tour in Puerto Rico. New songs and an appearance by surprise guests bring excitement to an all-time high. But the team realizes that all good things must come to an end.   Fri 5/22 9:00 AM
A Step Away   Jennifer's talented dance crew is sharing their favorite moments from the tour. Find out where they are today and why they chose to share their lives with the world. Plus, we're answering every lingering question from the season finale!   Fri 5/22 9:30 AM
Model Latina   We bring you up to speed with the best of Model Latina Miami in preparation for the season finale.   Fri 5/22 10:00 AM
Model Latina   The final two move out of the mansion and into the lavish Epic Hotel where they meet Q Management CEO and potential employer Jeffrey Kolsrud. Models from the first season surprise them with news of their final fashion show challenge.   Fri 5/22 11:00 AM
Model Latina   The models are taking on Sin City's tallest structure, The Stratosphere! Watch them brace the 1,000 foot rollercoaster ride. Plus, Season 1 winner Jessica Caban stops by, and one of the Models received an amazing proposal!   Fri 5/22 12:00 PM
Dexter   Dexter targets a dope dealer who is also in the sights of ADA Miguel Prado; Internal Affairs puts pressure on Debra.   Fri 5/22 1:00 PM
Dexter   Miami cops are tasked with finding the killer of the assistant D.A.'s younger brother; Dexter and Rita move closer to making a decision about their family.   Fri 5/22 2:15 PM
Dexter   Dexter encounters a fellow predator; a murder is pinned on Freebo, but Dexter knows the truth; Dexter struggles with a growing friendship with Miguel.   Fri 5/22 3:30 PM
Dexter   Dexter tries to convince Rita that his proposal is sincere; Miguel's brother desperately searches for Oscar's murderer.   Fri 5/22 4:45 PM
Dexter   Dexter tracks a murderous husband to Bimini; Rita has a medical emergency.   Fri 5/22 6:00 PM
Dexter   Dexter tests Miguel; Rita loses her job and wonders if she is meant to have a successful career.   Fri 5/22 7:15 PM
Dexter   Dexter and Miguel have differences in selecting a new victim; Rita discovers that Miguel's wife has suspicions; an old friend asks for Dexter's help.   Fri 5/22 8:30 PM
Dexter   Dexter tries to teach Miguel the "code"; Debra is closer to finding the skinner.   Fri 5/22 9:45 PM