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Free Cell Phone & Internet Service   100 Percent Free Cell Phone & High Speed Internet Service, No Contracts, No Gimmicks, No Hassle!   Wed 9/2 6:30 AM
Tummy Tuck: Miracle Nonsurgical Discovery Melts Away Belly Fat   Miracle belly fat melting discovery. 10 minute method done at home melts away tummy fat.   Wed 9/2 7:00 AM
More Sex, Less Stress   Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.   Wed 9/2 7:30 AM
Fight Factory   A battle boils over at AKA and the fighters' brotherhood is bruised when Josh Koscheck has an explosive falling out with AKA owner Javier Mendez.   Wed 9/2 8:00 AM
Mission Menu   The team may have bitten off more than the members can chew as they try to transform a greasy Brazilian eatery into a health haven.   Wed 9/2 9:00 AM
Mission Menu   The team butt heads to create the perfect exotic recipe in tight quarters! The kitchen becomes standing room only for the four master chefs - will they be able to set aside their differences to rescue a tiny Korean cafe?   Wed 9/2 9:30 AM
Mission Menu   Erik jumps at the chance to renovate Oregano, planning to turn it into a French bistro; the team heads to Montreal for a study in French cuisine and creates some ritzy dishes.   Wed 9/2 10:00 AM
Mission Menu   The team butt heads while renovating a tiny Korean cafĂ©.   Wed 9/2 10:30 AM
Pastport   For actress Alanna Ubach, a return to Puerto Rico will pay homage to her father, Rodolfo, who passed away when she was 19. Now, the time has come for her to connect with a family she's never known - and embrace her Latino roots.   Wed 9/2 11:00 AM
Pastport   Growing up in America, Tatyana Ali has had opportunities that other Panamanian young women only dream about. Watch the successful singer/actress' dreams continue to come true as she performs in her homeland!   Wed 9/2 12:00 PM
Pastport   Follow swimwear designer Nicole Di Rocco as she embarks on a journey to reconnect with her culture. Watch as this Cuban American gets the opportunity of a lifetime-to travel with her parents to Cuba, a country they left almost 50 years ago.   Wed 9/2 1:00 PM
LA Ink   Kat brings in tattoo artist Dan Smith to help out in the shop while she travels to New York City to promote her new fragrance line; Aubry's antics wear Adrienne down as work piles up.   Wed 9/2 2:00 PM
LA Ink   Kat begins a second book based on her private tattoo journals, which triggers deep emotions; Aubry considers getting a tattoo; Paulie worries about not getting any clients.   Wed 9/2 3:00 PM
LA Ink   Kat is concerned that Aubry doesn't want a tattoo for the right reasons; Aubry was planning to get a tattoo anyway and hopes having it done at the shop earns her some respect.   Wed 9/2 4:00 PM
Cash Cab   Wed 9/2 5:00 PM
Cash Cab   Wed 9/2 5:30 PM
Cash Cab   Wed 9/2 6:00 PM
Cash Cab   Wed 9/2 6:30 PM
Cash Cab   Wed 9/2 7:00 PM
Cash Cab   Wed 9/2 7:30 PM