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Everybody Hates Chris   After Rochelle's father dies unexpectedly, Julius and the kids grow increasingly concerned that Rochelle acts as though nothing is wrong.   Fri 8/28 11:00 AM
Everybody Hates Chris   Hoping he can excel at something and outperform his little brother, Chris convinces his parents to enroll him in karate lessons.   Fri 8/28 11:33 AM
Everybody Hates Chris   Chris finds Julius' men's magazine and brings it to school, where a bully steals it and the principal confiscates it.   Fri 8/28 12:07 PM
My Wife and Kids   Jay and Michael decide to compete in the New York City Marathon, but Michael does not see the need to adopt Jay's training regimen.   Fri 8/28 12:40 PM
My Wife and Kids   Claire throws a wild party in her parents' absence; a drunken Tony runs naked through the neighborhood.   Fri 8/28 1:14 PM
My Wife and Kids   When Michael's former bandmate comes to town for a gig, Michael agrees to sit in as the band's piano player.   Fri 8/28 1:47 PM
My Wife and Kids   Michael fears the worst when he discovers condoms in Claire's backpack; Jr. accidentally gives Kady a dose of dog medicine.   Fri 8/28 2:21 PM
My Wife and Kids   When Jay finds mouse droppings, she demands that Michael hire an exterminator, but Michael is determined to handle it himself; Claire accidentally runs over a squirrel while driving home.   Fri 8/28 2:54 PM
My Wife and Kids   The condition and location of Jr.'s new apartment shocks Jay, who cannot believe her new grandchild might live there.   Fri 8/28 3:28 PM
My Wife and Kids   Michael loses sight of his daughter in his quest to sell the most chocolate bars during a school candy drive.   Fri 8/28 4:00 PM
My Wife and Kids   Jr. and Vanessa shock everyone by selling the Impala after they finish restoring it; Franklin asks Michael how he can act more like a normal kid.   Fri 8/28 4:30 PM
Kingin' With Tyga   Tyga sends Trell out to find new exotic pets for his home; melting down scrap gold for a present; Ant and Trell looking into investing in oil; Scott Disick visits.   Fri 8/28 5:00 PM
Kingin' With Tyga   Tyga meets and greets fans; Trell and the crew build a water slide that goes from Tyga's bedroom to his pool; Tyga and his crew endure a boot camp challenge.   Fri 8/28 5:30 PM
Kingin' With Tyga   Tyga and his crew meet with the owner of the Sacramento Kings and perform for his daughter; Katherine watches King Cairo.   Fri 8/28 6:00 PM
Kingin' With Tyga   Tyga has SB build a half-basketball court in his bedroom; the crew makes an undercover visit to the factory of Tyga's clothing line.   Fri 8/28 6:30 PM
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out   Jordin Sparks; Snoop Dogg; "Instaham"; "Talking Spit"; "R&Beef"; "The Wildstyle."   Fri 8/28 7:00 PM
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out   Chrissy Teigen; "Got Props"; "The World's Worst"; "Talking Spit"; "Wildstyle"; PWD performs.   Fri 8/28 7:30 PM
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out   Amar'e Stoudemire; "So Fly"; "Family Reunion"; "Let Me Holla"; "Wildstyle."   Fri 8/28 8:00 PM
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out   Mack Wilds; DJ Drama; "Flow Job"; "Remix"; "Family Reunion"; "The Wildstyle"; OT Genasis performs.   Fri 8/28 8:30 PM
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out   Riff Raff; "So Fly"; "Plead the Fifth"; "Twerk Werk"; "Wildstyle."   Fri 8/28 9:00 PM