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Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory   Rob helps Big Cat live out his Born a Lion brand; the Fantasy Factory takes on Dude Perfect.   Tue 3/31 5:00 PM
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory   Rob believes Drama lives a careful existence, so enlists the help of Chad Ochocinco.   Tue 3/31 5:30 PM
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory   Rob creates an alter ego and develops a grand entrance for a performance at a Wrestlemania event in Atlanta.   Tue 3/31 6:00 PM
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory   Chanel is "fully uploaded" by Freddie Wong; finding the perfect driver for his new "street jet."   Tue 3/31 6:30 PM
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory   Rob and Big create an infomercial about shoe trees; Rob discover's Drama's old diary.   Tue 3/31 7:00 PM
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory   Big Black is asked to be the spokesperson for a male-enhancement pill.   Tue 3/31 7:30 PM
Guy Code   Reputation; the male member; leaving the past in the past.   Tue 3/31 8:00 PM
Guy Code   Manly types of alcohol; "junk in the trunk"; the importance of listening; sculpting glutes.   Tue 3/31 8:30 PM
Guy Code   Flatulence; the challenges of breaking up; hooking up for the first time.   Tue 3/31 9:00 PM
Guy Code   Being gassy; the challenges of breakups; inside advice about hooking up for the first time.   Tue 3/31 9:30 PM
Guy Code   Getting your license; keeping a girlfriend happy; online dating.   Tue 3/31 10:00 PM
Guy Code   A guide to hot women including the different classifications, meeting them, and how to proceed; women discuss foreplay.   Tue 3/31 10:30 PM
Martin   After Martin confronts Gina's boss over her long hours, she gets fired.   Tue 3/31 11:00 PM
Martin   Cole loses his job, then gets hired by Martin; guest Charles Barkley.   Tue 3/31 11:30 PM
Martin   Martin and Gina hire a housekeeper; guest Anthony Smith.   Wed 4/1 12:00 AM
Martin   Martin needs Cole and Tommy's help while baby-sitting a newborn.   Wed 4/1 12:30 AM
The Wayans Bros.   Pop's brother Leon sets up a catering truck across the street from the business.   Wed 4/1 1:00 AM
The Wayans Bros.   Dee's sister Natalie comes to town, catching Marlon's eye.   Wed 4/1 1:30 AM
The Wayans Bros.   Pops reunites his old singing group.   Wed 4/1 2:00 AM
The Wayans Bros.   Shawn and Marlon meet intriguing, difficult women.   Wed 4/1 2:30 AM