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Everybody Hates Chris   Rochelle hosts a neighborhood-watch meeting after someone steals Julius' truck, but her neighbor Louise thinks she would make a better block captain than Rochelle.   Fri 5/22 1:55 PM
Everybody Hates Chris   Chris realizes he needs to make the best campaign speech of all time in order to win the class presidential election.   Fri 5/22 2:30 PM
Everybody Hates Chris   After Chris makes the neighborhood think he and Tasha are dating, Rochelle gets an earful from Tasha's grandmother.   Fri 5/22 3:05 PM
Everybody Hates Chris   Chris is robbed by a notorious repeat offender, Malvo, when Doc entrusts him with watching the cash register.   Fri 5/22 3:40 PM
Everybody Hates Chris   Chris' new principal pairs him with Caruso as buddies on the school field trip.   Fri 5/22 4:15 PM
My Wife and Kids   Jay insists that Michael get a vasectomy so they can feel free to enjoy themselves, but Michael is reluctant to undergo the operation.   Fri 5/22 4:50 PM
My Wife and Kids   Mike worries when Jay wants to put her college degree to good use and enter the workforce.   Fri 5/22 5:25 PM
My Wife and Kids   Michael is convinced that junior has gotten a tattoo, but Junior won't admit it; Michael is concerned that none of his children are willing to own up to things they've done.   Fri 5/22 6:00 PM
My Wife and Kids   Michael and Jay play mind games on Junior after they discover he has been smoking marijuana; Kady wants to spend more time with her big sister.   Fri 5/22 6:30 PM
My Wife and Kids   Michael has difficulty coping when Junior beats him at basketball; Claire buys a a padded bra to impress boys.   Fri 5/22 7:00 PM
My Wife and Kids   Junior attempts to fool his parents into believing he got an A for his algebra assignment, but the scheme backfires when Janet and Michael treat him like a prodigy.   Fri 5/22 7:30 PM
My Wife and Kids   Michael hires an attractive tutor in hopes of invoking Junior's passion for math.   Fri 5/22 8:00 PM
My Wife and Kids   Michael advises Jr. to fight his school bully with words instead of fists; Michael feels Jay is neglecting the family.   Fri 5/22 8:30 PM
Martin   A look-alike cousin escapes from a mental hospital and assumes Pam's identity.   Fri 5/22 9:00 PM
Martin   Pam lands a job at a recording company owned by Martin's old friend.   Fri 5/22 9:30 PM
Martin   A police stakeout interrupts Pam's birthday bash; guest Keith Sweat.   Fri 5/22 10:00 PM
Martin   A TV talk-show job-offer allows Martin to join Gina in Los Angeles.   Fri 5/22 10:30 PM
Martin   A talk-show job-offer allows Martin to join Gina in Los Angeles.   Fri 5/22 11:00 PM
Martin   Martin's on-air bravado annoys Gina.   Fri 5/22 11:30 PM
The Wayans Bros.   Pops challenges a politician running for councilman and insists on avoiding a mudslinging campaign.   Sat 5/23 12:00 AM