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Elf (2003)   Adopted as a baby by one of Santa's elves, a man leaves the workshop to search for his family in New York.   Sun 3/29 4:30 PM
Young Guns (1988)   An English aristocrat hires Billy the Kid and five other outcasts to guard his New Mexico ranch.   Sun 3/29 7:00 PM
Young Guns II (1990)   Billy the Kid and his gang gallop to Mexico, chased by a federal posse led by Pat Garrett.   Sun 3/29 9:30 PM
Cops Reloaded   A chase suspect worth 1.5 million gives police a run for their money; a driver's fingerprints turn up two identities; a drunk driver is unaware her vehicle is missing a tire; a juvenile is arrested for assaulting a prostitute.   Mon 3/30 12:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   A chase suspect tries to play dead after crashing through a gas station; two suspects scramble to dispose of their drugs before police catch them; an inebriated driver is worn out by his drug and female problems.   Mon 3/30 12:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   An officer breaks up a street fight; a jaywalker flees when police try to identify him; a parked cars occupants are arrested for prostitution.   Mon 3/30 1:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   Officers serve a warrant for unpaid child support; a woman is arrested for domestic violence; drugs and a firearm are discovered during a traffic stop.   Mon 3/30 1:30 AM
Raising Hope   Burt thinks there is something suspicious about the Chances' new neighbors.   Mon 3/30 2:00 AM
Raising Hope   Virginia and Burt try to put the spark back in Jimmy and Sabrina's marriage.   Mon 3/30 2:30 AM
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CMT Music   Music videos.   Mon 3/30 4:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Mon 3/30 5:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Mon 3/30 6:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Mon 3/30 7:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Mon 3/30 8:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Mon 3/30 9:00 AM
The Dukes of Hazzard   The deputized Dukes go to a neighboring county to transfer a crime kingpin who has won a change of venue for his trial.   Mon 3/30 10:00 AM
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition   The team renovates the home of a Corvallis, Ore., family whose 13-year-old son had to move into his grandparents' home because of the condition of the family's house.   Mon 3/30 11:00 AM
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition   A Connecticut family's luck takes a turn for the better when, after a flood, a fire and a robbery, the makeover team rebuilds their home; Cheryl Burke from "Dancing With the Stars" gives the family a dancing lesson.   Mon 3/30 12:00 PM