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Miss Congeniality (2000)   An image consultant transforms a tomboyish FBI agent into a beauty queen so she can work under cover.   Fri 5/22 3:00 PM
Reba   Finger-pointing begins when Barbra Jean's new dog goes missing and a psychic tells her someone in the family is to blame.   Fri 5/22 5:30 PM
Reba   When Reba enters a beauty pageant for grandmothers, Barbra Jean becomes jealous and sets out to prove she is the true Grandma Hart.   Fri 5/22 6:00 PM
Reba   Reba is thrilled when the city's hottest real estate agent wants to interview her for a job, until the woman shows up unannounced for a surprise meeting.   Fri 5/22 6:40 PM
Reba   When Kyra passes her driving test, Barbra Jean makes her sign a safety contract and provides her with a cell phone that contains a hidden GPS chip.   Fri 5/22 7:20 PM
Reba   Brock volunteers to be a football coach and encourages Jake to try out for the team, so Reba persuades Van to train him for the tryouts.   Fri 5/22 8:00 PM
Reba   Against her better judgment, Reba gives in to Cheyenne's pleas and hires the unemployed Van as her assistant, only to be surprised when he sells the house she has been trying to unload for weeks.   Fri 5/22 8:30 PM
Miss Congeniality (2000)   An image consultant transforms a tomboyish FBI agent into a beauty queen so she can work under cover.   Fri 5/22 9:00 PM
Cops Reloaded   Edited episodes of the popular reality show feature the most-memorable criminals and car chases.   Fri 5/22 11:35 PM
Cops Reloaded   Sat 5/23 12:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   Officers make contact with two suspicious men standing outside of a store but when they ask them questions and pat them down, the men try to get away; a woman calls cops because a baby snake is hiding in her closet.   Sat 5/23 12:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   High-speed chase ends and suspect takes off on foot; physically abusive relationship; obstruction charges.   Sat 5/23 1:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   Sat 5/23 1:30 AM
Raising Hope   The bickering between Virginia and her visiting cousin leads Maw Maw to threaten to leave everything to the one who acts the most civil; Jimmy and Sabrina have difficulty finding a baby sitter.   Sat 5/23 2:00 AM
Raising Hope   When Jimmy says Sabrina's casserole is better than his mom's, Virginia enters them both in a cooking competition; Burt invites his mother to participate in the contest.   Sat 5/23 2:30 AM
Breaking Bald   Discover the latest advancements in hair restoration - from high-tech, microscopic hair transplantation procedures, to intense rejuvenation products, and more. Learn how hair loss sufferers can get their hair back in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.   Sat 5/23 3:00 AM
Try Green Tea CR(tm) FREE   Join the The Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham as he discusses the big three - Green Tea combined with the joint-boosting power of BCM-95BioCurcuminplus Resveratrol for healthy aging. Get your FREE bottle now!   Sat 5/23 3:30 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Sat 5/23 4:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Sat 5/23 5:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Sat 5/23 6:00 AM