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Reba   Reba discovers that her husband is leaving her for his pregnant girlfriend and that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant as well.   Wed 7/29 8:00 PM
Reba   Reba takes a stand when a pregnant Cheyenne is kicked out of high school but Van is allowed to stay to help the football team make the championships.   Wed 7/29 8:30 PM
Dog and Beth: On the Hunt   Dog faces his feelings about a past arrest that changed his life; Beth attempts to stop the team from cursing; the techniques of fugitive recovery.   Wed 7/29 9:00 PM
Dog and Beth: On the Hunt   The team continues its relentless pursuit of one of Jerry's bonds in Texas; the Chapmans continue to train Jerry's men; a K-9 is added to the team.   Wed 7/29 10:00 PM
Cops Reloaded   A drunk driver claims she tried to outrun the police to avoid getting a bad mark on her record; a crazed woman is arrested for kicking down a fence; an ex-convict's freedom is cut short after brandishing a knife during a fight.   Wed 7/29 11:05 PM
Cops Reloaded   A man tries to flee police on foot; a woman hits a motorcycle and gets a DUI; a man is arrested for vehicle theft and grand larceny.   Wed 7/29 11:35 PM
Cops Reloaded   Police chase a suspect across parking lots; alcoholism is the determining factor in a fight between a father and son; police help a French tourist retrieve his stolen family heirloom; a prostitute argues with the police.   Thu 7/30 12:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   A truck driver is chased after a donut shop robbery; two suspects aren't afraid to rat out their friend; electronic fingerprint technology helps refresh a car thief's blank memory.   Thu 7/30 12:30 AM
Cops Reloaded   Officers chase a suspect on foot and he argues there was no need for them to tase him; police dig out a domestic abuse suspect from under junk; police arrest a transsexual.   Thu 7/30 1:00 AM
Cops Reloaded   A drug-addled suspect is not in his right mind; two scantily-clad prostitutes are questioned on the Las Vegas strip; police question a driver's claim that she wasn't in her car when it crashed through a bar.   Thu 7/30 1:30 AM
Raising Hope   Virginia, Burt, Jimmy and Sabrina go to Las Vegas for Virginia's cousin's wedding; Jimmy tries to take advantage of the locale to make his move on Sabrina.   Thu 7/30 2:00 AM
Raising Hope   Termites force the family to camp out on the front lawn; concerns are raised after Hope hits a boy at daycare.   Thu 7/30 2:30 AM
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CMT Music   Music videos.   Thu 7/30 4:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Thu 7/30 5:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Thu 7/30 6:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Thu 7/30 7:00 AM
Throwback Thursday   Thu 7/30 8:00 AM
CMT Music   Music videos.   Thu 7/30 9:00 AM