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Gangland   A group's rap music has messages of murder; a rap group that transformed into a gang.   Fri 5/29 10:00 AM
Gangland   Los Solidos of Hartford, Conn.   Fri 5/29 11:00 AM
Gangland   The Traveling Vice Lords rule the streets of Memphis, Tennessee with an iron fist.   Fri 5/29 12:00 PM
Gangland   The Hoover Criminals, whose members call themselves "Everybody Killers," become a nightmare for Portland, Ore., after moving there from Los Angeles during the 1980s to capitalize on the drug trade.   Fri 5/29 1:00 PM
Gangland   The Sons of Silence, Colorado's largest motorcycle gang, has spread to 36 chapters throughout the world since its inception in the 1960s; undercover agents infiltrate the gang.   Fri 5/29 2:00 PM
Gangland   The violent Tango Blast gang of Houston.   Fri 5/29 3:00 PM
Cops   Officers approach a youth suspected of selling drugs; a woman denies drug use; a man holds a woman at knife-point.   Fri 5/29 4:00 PM
Cops   In Jacksonville; drug activity; a woman finds raccoons in her chimney; suspicious driver.   Fri 5/29 4:30 PM
Cops   New Orleans police crack down on suspects in an area known for drug activity; a California deputy trails a suspicious vehicle and finds drugs.   Fri 5/29 5:00 PM
Jail   The jails of Austin, Texas; Wayne, N.J.   Fri 5/29 5:30 PM
Cops   Officers respond to a domestic disturbance call from a motel and find a woman irate with her boyfriend, whom she found in a truck with another woman.   Fri 5/29 6:00 PM
Cops   A Wichita, Kan., officer discovers sufficient evidence to arrest three suspects; a Massachusetts officer detains a man driving a motorcycle without a license.   Fri 5/29 6:30 PM
Cops   Police are dispatched to a fast-food restaurant where a disturbed man has reportedly threatened a customer.   Fri 5/29 7:00 PM
Cops   A police officer pursues a speeding motorcycle; an officer apprehends a suspect with a loaded rifle in the back seat of his vehicle.   Fri 5/29 7:30 PM
Cops   Officers stop a vehicle as it is leaving a well-known drug area; a pregnant woman and her two male passengers are taken into custody after a package of marijuana is found in their vehicle.   Fri 5/29 8:00 PM
Cops   Officers investigate when people claim they were assaulted; two brothers get into a fight; a man threatens to kill his daughter and son-in-law.   Fri 5/29 8:30 PM
Premier Boxing Champions   Amir Khan vs. Chris Algieri; from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.   Fri 5/29 9:00 PM
Premier Boxing Champions   Amir Khan vs. Chris Algieri; from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.   Fri 5/29 11:15 PM
Cops   Deputies in Texas' Harris County pursue a truck hauling golf carts; officers in Las Vegas pull over a suspicious car driving in a mall parking lot; officers in Rialto, Calif., respond to the scene of an accident.   Sat 5/30 1:30 AM
Cops   Officers pursue a man who refuses to stop for a park ranger; a routine traffic stop leads to the discovery of a loaded revolver in a convicted felon's car.   Sat 5/30 2:00 AM