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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)   The elite G.I. Joe team uses the latest technology in its battle against corrupt arms dealer Destro and a mysterious organization known as Cobra.   Wed 7/1 3:00 PM
Rambo (2008)   John Rambo calls upon his long-buried but lethal skills to rescue a missionary and her comrades from the Burmese army.   Wed 7/1 6:00 PM
Snitch (2013)   To save his teenage son from an unjust prison sentence, a businessman makes a deal with a U.S. attorney to infiltrate a dangerous drug cartel and become an informant.   Wed 7/1 8:00 PM
Shooter (2007)   Reluctantly pressed into service again, a former military sniper plots revenge against his powerful foes after being betrayed and wounded.   Wed 7/1 10:30 PM
Rambo (2008)   John Rambo calls upon his long-buried but lethal skills to rescue a missionary and her comrades from the Burmese army.   Thu 7/2 1:30 AM
Undercover Stings   A cop tricks a junkie into giving up a stash pad filled with weed; a rookie gets anxious and spooks a hooker; an officer snags a hustler on the Vegas strip.   Thu 7/2 3:30 AM
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Cook Like a Pro   Learn how to create perfectly grilled dishes just like the pros! Chef Tim Love shares some great tips and recipes to help you create delicious meals fast.   Thu 7/2 4:30 AM
Sex Please   Nutritional supplement proven to enhance your libido and sexual function.   Thu 7/2 5:00 AM
Never Fear Power Outages   Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with Generac - the most trusted name in residential standby power.   Thu 7/2 5:30 AM
Take Grilling to a New Level   Grill the all-american way with Omaha Steaks in your own backyard! with the best gourmet food ready anytime, you're the chef. Learn about steak, delivery, and grilling!   Thu 7/2 6:00 AM
Men's Health: All Natural Secret for Prostate Health   Prosvent is a doctor formulated blend of rejuvenating herbs and nutrients that help protect overall prostate health.   Thu 7/2 6:30 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Thu 7/2 7:00 AM
Paid Programming   Paid programming.   Thu 7/2 7:30 AM
WEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System   WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without many shampoo's harsh detergents or sulfates. Natural ingredients help make hair shinier, fuller, softer and more manageable! By trusted GuthyRenker.   Thu 7/2 8:00 AM
Looking for a Medicare plan? Tune in now!   Watch and learn about Humana Medicare Advantage plans.   Thu 7/2 8:30 AM
World's Wildest Police Videos   Thu 7/2 9:00 AM
Cops   Police try to link a gun to a suspect; a man says his uncle stabbed him; a man says his daughter skipped school and smoked marijuana.   Thu 7/2 10:00 AM
Cops   An extremely drunk driver in Palm Springs; a routine stop reveals much in Pittsburgh.   Thu 7/2 10:30 AM
Cops   A driver crashes his vehicle after an officer tries to pull him over; an elderly woman is involved in a hit-and-run.   Thu 7/2 11:00 AM