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Sam & Cat   Sam opens a safe in her bedroom and discovers a tunnel leading to a secret room; Cat films herself for 24 hours.   Wed 4/16 7:30 PM
Full House   Joey gets a chance to appear on "Star Search"; Michelle wants to sleep in her ballerina skirt.   Wed 4/16 8:00 PM
Full House   The girls fall in love with a stray dog, unaware that the pup is pregnant.   Wed 4/16 8:30 PM
Full House   Jesse accepts a challenge to attempt a dangerous motorcycle stunt atop a tall building.   Wed 4/16 9:00 PM
Full House   Jesse, Stephanie and Michelle get trapped in a gas station just as Michelle's birthday party is about to begin.   Wed 4/16 9:30 PM
Full House   Stephanie suddenly becomes very possessive of her dad; D.J. gets her first blemish.   Wed 4/16 10:00 PM
Full House   Joey's new girlfriend (Kari Michaelsen) thinks he should be more aggressive.   Wed 4/16 10:30 PM
Friends   Phoebe's psychiatrist boyfriend (Fisher Stevens) annoys her friends with his analyses of their lives.   Wed 4/16 11:00 PM
Friends   A "high-spirited" restaurant owner wolfs down the gourmet meal Monica created as part of a job interview.   Wed 4/16 11:36 PM
Friends   Joey asks Phoebe's sister (Lisa Kudrow in a dual role) on a date; Ross takes Lamaze classes with Carol (Jane Sibbett) and Susan (Jessica Hecht).   Thu 4/17 12:12 AM
Friends   Monica takes Rachel to the hospital; Ross asks his dad (Elliott Gould) for advice on becoming a father.   Thu 4/17 12:48 AM
That '70s Show   Red is forced to fire an old friend; Kelso decides to give his relationship with Laurie another chance.   Thu 4/17 1:24 AM
That '70s Show   Jackie and Red seethe when Laurie and Kelso begin dating again, and Jackie can't resist hauling off and hitting Laurie.   Thu 4/17 2:00 AM
George Lopez   George drops out of school when it gets tough, but he finds it hard to hide that fact from the family when his professor (Ming-Na) drops by to check on him.   Thu 4/17 2:36 AM
George Lopez   When Max starts wetting the bed, the family learns he needs surgery that will help him avoid kidney disease in the future.   Thu 4/17 3:12 AM
George Lopez   George's former sister-in-law dies, leaving George in charge of her 20-year-old daughter and her very large inheritance.   Thu 4/17 3:48 AM
George Lopez   George tries to teach his niece, whose multimillion-dollar inheritance he controls, a lesson in the value of hard work by putting her to work at the factory. Meanwhile, Angie books her first new-age wedding.   Thu 4/17 4:24 AM
Yes, Dear   After Dominic moves in, he displays bizarre sleepwalking behavior.   Thu 4/17 4:57 AM
Yes, Dear   Greg is flattered when an ex-girlfriend and her husband ask him to father their baby, but Kim is furious.   Thu 4/17 5:30 AM
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper   Mark falls for a new teacher until he learns she is Coach Ricketts' daughter; Vanessa and Robin help their neighbor.   Thu 4/17 6:00 AM