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George Lopez   George acts as Jason's sports agent when NFL quarterbacks Daunte Culpepper and Donovan McNabb stop by to draft Jason; Carmen and Los Lobos guitarist Cesar Rosas stir things up at George's family birthday bash.   Sun 8/2 4:57 AM
George Lopez   When Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa hears that George has been imitating him in order to bully a menacing biker, he decides to pay a visit.   Sun 8/2 5:30 AM
George Lopez   Disaster strikes when George's mom forgets about a lit cigarette. Carmen is determined to marry her boyfriend Jason and have a baby, much to George and Angie's dismay.   Sun 8/2 6:00 AM
George Lopez   Carmen insists that she and Jason get married and have a baby so they can stay together.   Sun 8/2 6:30 AM
The Fairly OddParents   Dad turns Timmy's room into a surveillance center in order to prove that his neighbor is evil.   Sun 8/2 7:00 AM
The Fairly OddParents   Timmy wishes for a scholarship to military school; Timmy's father tries to help him with his homework.   Sun 8/2 7:30 AM
Power Rangers Dino Charge   A new teen finds his own Energem and joins Tyler and Shelby on their pilgrimage to the Dinosaur Museum; the group must protect the Energems from a fierce bounty hunter named Sledge.   Sun 8/2 8:00 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   SpongeBob and Patrick try to help Sandy rid her dome of fleas; Patrick accidentally takes SpongeBob's doughnut; SpongeBob washes dishes at the Krusty Krab.   Sun 8/2 8:30 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   Mr. Krabs' old fry cook pays a visit to the Krusty Krab; SpongeBob invests in night lights to ward off the boogeyman.   Sun 8/2 9:00 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   SpongeBob is forced to go back to the milkshake academy when he learns that his milkshake license has expired; SpongeBob and Patrick must take care of Squidward when he reverts to being a baby.   Sun 8/2 9:30 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   SpongeBob makes it his mission to become normal; SpongeBob wakes to find that everyone in Bikini Bottom is gone.   Sun 8/2 10:00 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   SpongeBob and Patrick protest the construction of a highway that would destroy Jellyfish Fields.   Sun 8/2 10:30 AM
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   When the Turtles are whisked through time by apprentice Time Master Renet, they all must work together to defeat the evil Time Master Savanti Romero.   Sun 8/2 11:00 AM
Pig Goat Banana Cricket   Pig cleans the toilet and is sucked into another world; Goat struggles to fix a hole in the roof; Banana is lazy; Cricket creates a powerful vacuum.   Sun 8/2 11:30 AM
The Massively Mixed-Up Middle School Mystery   Everett, Alyssa and Riley form the Junior Eye Detective Agency to explore their bizarre middle school.   Sun 8/2 12:00 PM
One Crazy Cruise (2015)   A girl, her brother and their two new stepsiblings find adventure when they pack their bags for a family cruise.   Sun 8/2 1:00 PM
A Fairly Odd Summer (2014)   Timmy is stuck with guarding the Abra-Cadabrium while the gang is in Hawaii, but Foop and Denzel Crocker hatch a plot to steal it from him.   Sun 8/2 2:30 PM
Splitting Adam (2015)   A teenage boy finds a way to juggle his jam-packed summer schedule when he accidentally clones himself.   Sun 8/2 4:00 PM
The Massively Mixed-Up Middle School Mystery   Everett, Alyssa and Riley form the Junior Eye Detective Agency to explore their bizarre middle school.   Sun 8/2 6:00 PM
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)   SpongeBob and Patrick head for Shell City to retrieve King Neptune's stolen crown and save the life of Mr. Krabs.   Sun 8/2 7:00 PM