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Friends   Monica takes Rachel to the hospital; Ross asks his dad (Elliott Gould) for advice on becoming a father.   Thu 7/10 11:36 PM
Friends   When the girls lose money to the guys in a poker match they seek out Monica's Aunt Iris, a famous card player, for lessons and then demand a rematch.   Fri 7/11 12:12 AM
Friends   Rachel accidentally lets Ross' pet monkey escape, and the friends form a search party; she is then horrified to learn that her former best friend is engaged to her ex-fiance.   Fri 7/11 12:48 AM
George Lopez   After George discovers that Max's friend, Ricky, has a rough home life, Ernie offers to lend a hand to the teen.   Fri 7/11 1:24 AM
George Lopez   When Mr. Needles is found to be suffering from a large tumor, George contemplates putting the dog down, while Max prays for a miracle.   Fri 7/11 2:00 AM
George Lopez   Benny's boyfriend, Randy, starts getting too serious about love.   Fri 7/11 2:36 AM
George Lopez   When Angie goes away on a business trip, George sends the spoiled kids to Benny's house for the weekend to teach them a lesson about tough love.   Fri 7/11 3:12 AM
That '70s Show   Hyde (Danny Masterson) moves in with Eric (Topher Grace) and his parents (Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith) after his mom skips town with a truck driver.   Fri 7/11 3:48 AM
That '70s Show   Hyde outshines Eric as a model son; Red and Kitty find themselves at a party with a couple of swingers.   Fri 7/11 4:24 AM
Full House   Michelle's new pet burro makes life miserable until Jesse discovers that music soothes the savage beast.   Fri 7/11 4:57 AM
Full House   Jesse puts a new band together and books a series of out-of-town gigs; D.J. falls for the new guitarist.   Fri 7/11 5:30 AM
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper   Curiosity leads Mark and Vanessa to spy on each other during their bachelor and bachelorette parties.   Fri 7/11 6:00 AM
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper   After Mark refuses to take their upcoming nuptials seriously, Vanessa tries a new approach to grab his attention.   Fri 7/11 6:30 AM
PAW Patrol   Ryder, Chase and Rubble plan to help sea turtle hatchlings cross the road safely; the PAW Patrol must work together to save a beached baby whale.   Fri 7/11 7:00 AM
PAW Patrol   Rubble hurts his paw while trying to fix the train tracks; Ryder and the PAW Patrol must fix the bulb in the Adventure Bay lighthouse.   Fri 7/11 7:30 AM
PAW Patrol   Skye and Rocky go on a camping trip; Ryder and the pups must return baby turtles to their pond.   Fri 7/11 8:00 AM
PAW Patrol   Ryder and the PAW Patrol rescue a lost kitty from the bay; Ryder, Rubble and Rocky must help free Katie and Cali's train from a rockslide.   Fri 7/11 8:30 AM
PAW Patrol   An escaped monkey leads the PAW Patrol on a chase through Adventure Bay; the PAW Patrol saves a baby owl and reunites him with his mother.   Fri 7/11 9:00 AM
PAW Patrol   Fri 7/11 9:30 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   SpongeBob house-sits for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy; SpongeBob is a comedy sensation when he tells mean jokes.   Fri 7/11 10:00 AM