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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   The Giant asks Mickey and his friends to house-sit his farm.   Tue 5/26 9:00 AM
Doc McStuffins   Oooey springs a leak and blue goo oozes out from his insides and he gets queasy and panics.   Tue 5/26 9:30 AM
Doc McStuffins   Sir Kirby and the Wicked King get stuck together.   Tue 5/26 10:00 AM
Sofia the First   Sofia's jealousy; a flying coach for the annual Flylight Pageant.   Tue 5/26 10:30 AM
Sofia the First   Sofia meets her hero silent knight Sir Bartleby.   Tue 5/26 11:00 AM
Sheriff Callie's Wild West   A lesson in patience; Toby and Peck take a dangerous shortcut.   Tue 5/26 11:30 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   When the wind blows away all the pages of Minnie's daily calendar, Mickey and pals help her put it back together again.   Tue 5/26 12:00 PM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   Mickey and his friends must get the Clubhouse working when the Handy Helpers go limp.   Tue 5/26 12:30 PM
Doc McStuffins   Doc brings home a space toy from school; Doc sprains her ankle.   Tue 5/26 1:00 PM
Doc McStuffins   Tue 5/26 1:30 PM
Despicable Me (2010)   As he tries to execute a fiendish plot to steal the moon, a supervillain meets his match in three little orphan girls who want to make him their dad.   Tue 5/26 2:00 PM
Mickey Mouse   Tue 5/26 3:40 PM
I Didn't Do It   Jasmine's new babysitting job is complicated by her nine-year-old charge; Lindy's gig as the school's food critic seems exciting until she has a bad experience.   Tue 5/26 3:55 PM
I Didn't Do It   Logan is dumped by his girlfriend; Lindy, Garrett and Delia find out that Jasmine likes Logan but she begs her friends to keep her secret.   Tue 5/26 4:30 PM
Austin & Ally   Austin questions his decision to ask Piper to prom; when Gavin neglects to ask Ally to the dance, she questions their relationship.   Tue 5/26 5:00 PM
Austin & Ally   Carrie threatens to tell her sister, Piper, that Austin would rather go to prom with Ally; Piper is already suspicious of Austin's feelings.   Tue 5/26 5:30 PM
Jessie   The Halloween Festival takes a scary turn when Brooks proposes to Jessie and she learns that none of the Ross kids approve.   Tue 5/26 6:00 PM
Jessie   Jessie scores two VIP wristbands to Emma and Zuri's dream concert and the girls compete for the extra spot; Bertram is obsessed with his new talking coffee maker.   Tue 5/26 6:30 PM
K.C. Undercover   Craig and Kira need an extraction from a dangerous mission; Ernie and K.C. team up with their retired grandparents.   Tue 5/26 7:00 PM
K.C. Undercover   Marisa's photo could be featured in magazines and billboards; the only problem is that contest photo is of K.C.   Tue 5/26 7:30 PM