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Doc McStuffins   Sir Kirby and the Wicked King get stuck together.   Wed 5/6 1:00 PM
Doc McStuffins   Frida the fairy flyer rips her wing.   Wed 5/6 1:30 PM
Jessie   Zuri enters the Little Miss Big Apple Pageant and the girls must find a talent for her.   Wed 5/6 2:00 PM
Jessie   Jessie, Bertram and the kids head to Bali for a family vacation, but when their private jet starts to experience difficulties, Jessie takes control of the cockpit and makes an emergency landing on a tropical island.   Wed 5/6 2:30 PM
Austin & Ally   Jimmy signs his daughter, Kira, as the newest recording artist to his label. When Kira has her first performance, she wants to sing one of Ally's songs, but Ally wants to sing it herself; Austin accidentally records over one of Kira's demos.   Wed 5/6 3:00 PM
Austin & Ally   Spirit Week at school motivates Austin to join the Varsity basketball team.   Wed 5/6 3:30 PM
Liv & Maddie   Karen throws Maddie a curveball about the day she was born, and she and Liv realize planning their sweet 16 party together may be more complicated than expected.   Wed 5/6 4:00 PM
Liv & Maddie   When Liv is up for a big sci-fi movie role and Maddie has to take her driver's test, the girls switch places for the day to help each other out.   Wed 5/6 4:30 PM
Dog With a Blog   Avery agrees to tutor Wes in Spanish, even though she doesn't know the language.   Wed 5/6 5:00 PM
Dog With a Blog   Avery doesn't understand why Wes is keeping his distance, but ultimately learns he is nervous to tell her that he is moving away.   Wed 5/6 5:30 PM
Girl Meets World   Smackle is a debate champion from another school with a massive crush on Farkle; Riley and Maya make her over when she realizes that Farkle only sees her as a rival.   Wed 5/6 6:00 PM
Girl Meets World   Corey splits his class into two fake companies; one is driven by profits while the other strives to make people happy; Maya and Riley meet a woman on the subway that challenges their perceptions.   Wed 5/6 6:30 PM
Liv & Maddie   Liv, Maddie and their friends find out that a fellow schoolmate has been grading people numerically based on looks.   Wed 5/6 7:00 PM
K.C. Undercover   Craig attempts to bond with Ernie over sports to no avail; Marisa drags K.C. into cheerleading tryouts.   Wed 5/6 7:30 PM
16 Wishes (2010)   Abby cannot wait to grow up, and after a lifetime of collecting wishes, hers start to come true on her 16th birthday.   Wed 5/6 8:00 PM
Jessie   Emma is upset when her friends stand her up for the new girl in school; Luke has Ravi help him with his project about India for their school's multicultural night.   Wed 5/6 9:40 PM
Girl Meets World   An exchange between Missy and Lucas has Riley seeing green; Maya and Farkle teach her how to flirt.   Wed 5/6 10:05 PM
Austin & Ally   Ally is under a tight deadline to finish writing new songs for her demo reel, so Austin tries to write his own song, instead of relying on Ally.   Wed 5/6 10:30 PM
I Didn't Do It   When Lindy's smoothie creation makes it to the Rumblejuice menu, she sets out to make her drink a bigger splash in Chicago; Garrett goes undercover to solve a popcorn conspiracy at their neighborhood movie theater.   Wed 5/6 11:00 PM
Liv & Maddie   The desired role of Tristan in "Space Werewolves" has been narrowed down to Liv and two other actors.   Wed 5/6 11:30 PM