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Good Luck Charlie   Teddy buys a used car from Ivy's dad, it gets wrecked almost immediately; Amy is offended that the separation isn't hard for Charlie on her first day of preschool.   Fri 7/3 5:00 AM
Good Luck Charlie   Gabe and his friend Leo open up a lemonade stand, but they start to argue and end up competing; PJ tries to reunite Bob's high school band.   Fri 7/3 5:30 AM
Octonauts   A sea sponge that houses other sea creatures suffers from a mysterious illness and Peso must figure out the cause.   Fri 7/3 6:00 AM
Sheriff Callie's Wild West   Priscilla eats all of the pies meant for a competition and makes up a story about a pie-thief; Uncle Bun mistakes fool's gold for the real thing.   Fri 7/3 6:30 AM
Jake and the Never Land Pirates   Jake and his crew visit a friends to learn the lyrics of a song only to discover it's a call for help.   Fri 7/3 7:00 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   Goofy needs someone to rescue him from Mars.   Fri 7/3 7:30 AM
Miles From Tomorrowland   The StarJetter crashes into an uninhabited planet; trash is dumped into the orbit around the planet Alarbus.   Fri 7/3 8:00 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   Mousekedoer malfunctions and needs to be fixed.   Fri 7/3 8:25 AM
Whisker Haven Tales With the Palace Pets   Fri 7/3 8:55 AM
Miles From Tomorrowland   The Callistos have a task on Yuri's night; Stella's system experiences a technical malfunction and Miles works on fixing it.   Fri 7/3 9:00 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   Mickey rewards his friends with fireworks when they solve his puzzles.   Fri 7/3 9:30 AM
Doc McStuffins   Doc brings home a space toy from school; Doc sprains her ankle.   Fri 7/3 10:00 AM
Sofia the First   Sofia helps a kitchen maid pursue her dream.   Fri 7/3 10:30 AM
Sofia the First   Sofia works on a project with Vivian, a shy princess at Royal Prep who has a fear of speaking in public.   Fri 7/3 11:00 AM
Sheriff Callie's Wild West   Callie teaches Peck about good sportsmanship; Peck learns that honesty is the best policy.   Fri 7/3 11:30 AM
How to Build a Better Boy (2014)   Teenage tech whizzes unwittingly use military software to program a robotic boyfriend.   Fri 7/3 12:00 PM
Mickey Mouse   Fri 7/3 1:45 PM
Jessie   Jessie gets a to know a new guy she met in the park named Brooks; she later finds out that he is Ms. Chesterfield's son.   Fri 7/3 2:00 PM
Jessie   Unhappy with her son's budding relationship, Mrs. Chesterfield hires Bertram; she's hoping he finds dirt that will cause Brooks to break up with Jessie.   Fri 7/3 2:30 PM
Jessie   The Halloween Festival takes a scary turn when Brooks proposes to Jessie and she learns that none of the Ross kids approve.   Fri 7/3 3:00 PM