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Chuggington   The trainees use ice cream cars; Chatsworth needs a nap.   Thu 4/17 7:00 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   Mickey and his friends take a trip to the moon to retrieve Pluto's ball.   Thu 4/17 7:30 AM
Jake and the Never Land Pirates   A giant coconut souffle beast; the Valley of the Lost.   Thu 4/17 8:00 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   The gang gets on Professor Von Drake's new submarine to retrieve Mickey's lucky coin.   Thu 4/17 8:30 AM
Sheriff Callie's Wild West   Peck's slow mule Clementine causes him to arrive late.   Thu 4/17 9:00 AM
Doc McStuffins   Doc brings home a space toy from school; Doc sprains her ankle.   Thu 4/17 9:30 AM
Sofia the First   A royal vacation adventure; Sofia is transformed into a mermaid.   Thu 4/17 10:00 AM
Toy Story Toons   The toys are excited to have a week of relaxation on vacation in Hawaii.   Thu 4/17 10:50 AM
Doc McStuffins   Sir Kirby and the Wicked King get stuck together.   Thu 4/17 11:00 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   Minnie is transformed into Minnie-rella.   Thu 4/17 11:30 AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse   Minnie and her pals prepare their pets for Pluto's All-Star Pet Show at Minnie's Pet Salon.   Thu 4/17 12:00 PM
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)   The sprite and her rival strive to keep secret from humans the very existence of fairies.   Thu 4/17 12:30 PM
Mickey Mouse   Mickey and Minnie try to stop a runaway cable car.   Thu 4/17 1:55 PM
Austin & Ally   Austin books his first radio interview and decides it's time to give Ally the credit she deserves.   Thu 4/17 2:00 PM
Austin & Ally   Austin and Dez set out to break a world record; Ally accidentally hires her crush, Dallas, to help out at Sonic Boom; Ally turns to Trish for advice when it seems like she may have to fire Dallas.   Thu 4/17 2:25 PM
Win, Lose or Draw   Laura Marano; Raini Rodriguez.   Thu 4/17 2:50 PM
Good Luck Charlie   Bob convinces Amy to join him for the Denver Pest Control Association's annual dinner and dance; Gabe scores tickets to a new movie.   Thu 4/17 3:15 PM
Good Luck Charlie   Beau must make a tough decision after being offered a job in Tennessee.   Thu 4/17 3:40 PM
I Didn't Do It   The five pals think they've made a mistake in befriending the new guy in school so they search for ways to break up with him.   Thu 4/17 4:05 PM
I Didn't Do It   The close-knit pals find themselves at their favorite childhood party station covered in spaghetti sauce.   Thu 4/17 4:30 PM