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Wander Over Yonder   Wander and Sylvia crash on an outlaw-populated asteroid.   Tue 7/28 3:00 AM
Doctor Who   The Doctor investigates a haunted London school and runs into an old friend.   Tue 7/28 3:30 AM
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja   Randy and Howard come across a mysterious ancient idol; Randy sends Howard on a quest.   Tue 7/28 4:30 AM
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja   Randy discovers that his family is moving because Norrisville has become too dangerous, so he decides that he must defeat Cyborg Julian and make his town a safe place to live.   Tue 7/28 5:00 AM
Ultimate Spider-Man   Spider-Man works with Doctor Octopus when The Green Goblin unleashes Venom.   Tue 7/28 5:30 AM
Star Wars Rebels   The rebels intercept a shipment of weapons intended for the Empire and accidentally end up hosting a pair of droids.   Tue 7/28 6:00 AM
Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors   Fury's body has been infected with Doc Ock's nano-bots so Ant-Man and Spider-Man must shrink down and get inside.   Tue 7/28 6:30 AM
Lab Rats: Bionic Island   An evil rebellion as revenge for Krane's death has secretly been formed and targeted Davenport is discovered.   Tue 7/28 7:00 AM
Lab Rats: Bionic Island   Leo and his fellow captives are held hostage in the training area by Sebastian and the rebels leading to a battle.   Tue 7/28 7:30 AM
Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything   Conor, a 15-year-old professional video game-playing phenom, desperately wants to get his pro card back after a thumb injury forces him to retire, so he recruits new classmates Franklin, Wendell and Ashley to play the game for him.   Tue 7/28 8:00 AM
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero   Penn returns to the world of super heroes; the heroes have been turned evil; the team defends themselves against evil sports equipment hunters.   Tue 7/28 8:30 AM
Star vs. the Forces of Evil   Star offers to help her teacher Miss Skullnick with her love life; Star misunderstands Earth's lingo.   Tue 7/28 9:00 AM
Wander Over Yonder Shorts   Tue 7/28 9:29 AM
Wander Over Yonder   Sir Brad Starlight helps Wander set out to fulfill his dreams; Wander tries to turn an arena of doom into a party palace.   Tue 7/28 9:30 AM
Doraemon   Tue 7/28 10:00 AM
Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload   Marvel's most powerful and popular superheroes and villains battle in a Lego landscape.   Tue 7/28 10:30 AM
Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors   Spider-Man's dream of joining the Avengers becomes a nightmare when Loki switches bodies with him, turning his new teammates against him.   Tue 7/28 11:00 AM
Wander Over Yonder Shorts   Tue 7/28 11:29 AM
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero   Rippen is robbing the world of color; a power outage prevents anyone from zapping.   Tue 7/28 11:30 AM
Star vs. the Forces of Evil   Star accidentally freezes time with her wand; Star is delighted when her dad shows up for an unexpected visit.   Tue 7/28 12:00 PM