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Phineas and Ferb   Phineas and Ferb create a wind amplification device.   Fri 7/3 6:00 PM
Phineas and Ferb   Phineas and Ferb discover an old coin and go back in time; Isabella plans a picnic for Phineas.   Fri 7/3 6:30 PM
Phineas and Ferb   Phineas and the gang help Love Handel prove the existence of Klimpaloon, the magical bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas.   Fri 7/3 7:00 PM
Phineas and Ferb   Isabella sends a letter to Phineas admitting her true feelings; Doof invents an "-inator" to disguise himself as the local pizza delivery boy.   Fri 7/3 7:30 PM
Phineas and Ferb   Set 10 years in the future, a teenaged Phineas must decide between two colleges while grappling with the discovery that Isabella has had a crush on him since they were kids.   Fri 7/3 8:00 PM
Phineas and Ferb   It's the last day of summer vacation and Phineas and Ferb decide to seize the day and make the most of it. Unfortunately for Candace this means it's also her last chance to bust her brothers... or is it?   Fri 7/3 8:30 PM
Doctor Who   A man named Elton is plunged into a world of living nightmares when he becomes obsessed with the Doctor, Rose and their mysterious blue box.   Fri 7/3 9:30 PM
Star Wars Rebels   Fri 7/3 10:30 PM
Lab Rats: Bionic Island   Leo is injured during a mission and Tasha takes care of him, realizing the danger he puts himself in.   Fri 7/3 11:30 PM
Future-Worm!   Danny's life changes forever unexpectedly when a worm arrives from the future in a time-traveling lunch box.   Fri 7/3 11:59 PM
Gravity Falls   Blendin Blandin returns to face off with Dipper and Mabel.   Sat 7/4 12:01 AM
Gravity Falls   After government agents take Stan into custody, Dipper and Mabel question how much they really know about their Grunkle Stan.   Sat 7/4 12:30 AM
Star vs. the Forces of Evil   Star sprouts hearts all over her body; Marco and his friends work off their debt in the Shard Mines.   Sat 7/4 1:00 AM
Star vs. the Forces of Evil   Ludo fires one of his monster minions, Lobster Claws; Star "sleep spells" and Marco tries to cure her.   Sat 7/4 1:30 AM
Wander Over Yonder   Wander guides a family of aliens through an active volcano; Wander goes out of his way to help a kitten.   Sat 7/4 2:00 AM
Wander Over Yonder   Lord Hater gets stood up on a date and Wander convinces Sylvia to go out with him; Lord Hater plays the role of Wander's best friend.   Sat 7/4 2:30 AM
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil   Kick enters the BMX rodeo; Kick forms a band. Tony Hawk and Will Forte guest star.   Sat 7/4 3:00 AM
Phineas and Ferb   Candace believes she will have an easy day; the boys ask her to get mom.   Sat 7/4 3:30 AM
Phineas and Ferb   The boys set out to prove the existence of the elusive Chupacabra; Phineas and the gang celebrate Isabella's birthday in a big way.   Sat 7/4 4:00 AM
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja   Randy must learn how to balance his duties and social life.   Sat 7/4 4:30 AM