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The New Scooby-Doo Movies   The gang teams up with Josie and the Pussycats to catch ghosts haunting the Dixie Queen Showboat.   Tue 7/28 11:00 AM
Looney Tunes   The adventures of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and friends.   Tue 7/28 12:00 PM
The Tom and Jerry Show   Tue 7/28 1:00 PM
The Tom and Jerry Show   Tom witnesses what he believes is the kidnapping of Misty, the cute cat across the street; Hildie and Beatie threaten to get a real witch's cat, a black cat.   Tue 7/28 1:30 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   The three-headed son of the Chicken from Outer Space wants to avenge his father; Muriel bonds with a star-making alien.   Tue 7/28 2:00 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   Courage is challenged to a game of dodgeball; desperate to cure a disease, alien naturalists abduct Courage.   Tue 7/28 2:30 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   Courage returns a library book that is two years overdue; the family is offered great prizes to perform in an underground cabaret.   Tue 7/28 3:00 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   Courage becomes depressed after thinking of his parents; fed up with Courage's incompetence, Eustace seeks a professional dog trainer.   Tue 7/28 3:30 PM
Pokémon: Advanced Challenge   Ash loses his badge to a large Whiscash.   Tue 7/28 4:00 PM
Pokémon: Advanced Challenge   Ash meets a girl and her Baltoy.   Tue 7/28 4:30 PM
The Garfield Show   Jon and Garfield are found to be incompatible; Odie finds the pot of gold at the bottom of a rainbow.   Tue 7/28 5:00 PM
The Garfield Show   Odie feels strange when the moon comes out; Liz's parents are coming over to meet Jon.   Tue 7/28 5:30 PM
The Garfield Show   Garfield is sent to Dr. Whipple's Show to learn how to be a well-behaved cat; Jon inherits money.   Tue 7/28 6:00 PM
The Garfield Show   Liz leaves her pet fish with Jon while she is away; Odie makes a new friend.   Tue 7/28 6:30 PM
Tom & Jerry   Cat Tom and mouse Jerry try to outwit each other.   Tue 7/28 7:00 PM
Teen Titans Go!   Cyborg and Beast Boy create clones of themselves to do their chores; Robin poses as Speedy to sabotage his date with Starfire.   Tue 7/28 8:00 PM
Teen Titans Go!   Beast Boy teaches Robin how to goof off and relax; things escalate quickly when the gang bickers over who does the chores.   Tue 7/28 8:30 PM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Elmore's world is full of inanimate objects; the Wattersons learn that their past actions have consequences.   Tue 7/28 9:00 PM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Gumball and Darwin's voices break; Gumball and Darwin meet an obsessed fan.   Tue 7/28 9:30 PM
The Garfield Show   Garfield gets bored; Squeak and his friends beg Garfield to take them to a theme park made of cheese.   Tue 7/28 10:00 PM