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Chowder   Mung tells Chowder that he will run the kitchen when he is old enough, but Chowder does not want to age.   Thu 9/3 9:00 AM
Chowder   When Gazpacho's mother is kidnapped by ninjas, he seeks help from a friend to rescue her; Chowder becomes a musical sensation after eating a gassy fruit.   Thu 9/3 9:30 AM
The Garfield Show   Garfield, Odie and Nermal compete for the prize of best Christmas singer; Odie's birthday cake comes to life.   Thu 9/3 10:00 AM
The Garfield Show   Odie befriends a young neighbor; Garfield discovers that dogs do have some use.   Thu 9/3 10:30 AM
The New Scooby-Doo Movies   Don Adams runs an exterminator service for celebrity homes.   Thu 9/3 11:00 AM
Looney Tunes   The adventures of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and friends.   Thu 9/3 12:00 PM
The Tom and Jerry Show   Butch convinces Tom to try out Ginger's fancy mattress; Tom and Jerry go camping in Yosemite.   Thu 9/3 1:00 PM
The Tom and Jerry Show   Thu 9/3 1:30 PM
The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries   Granny investigates the theft of the Blarney Stone and meets up with the Irish Banshee.   Thu 9/3 2:00 PM
The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries   Granny investigates the theft of a platinum roulette wheel.   Thu 9/3 2:30 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   Muriel is kidnapped and taken to a hair farm; Eustace begins the search for a golden hat worth millions.   Thu 9/3 3:00 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   Courage, Muriel and Eustace sign up for a seafaring vacation, but are forced to work; when Courage unearths a kangaroo bone, it is used in Eustace's back surgery.   Thu 9/3 3:30 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   An alien brain extracts Muriel's kindness; Courage dreams of being a brave lawman in the old west.   Thu 9/3 4:00 PM
Courage the Cowardly Dog   Muriel invites a weevil to stay in the farmhouse to recover; a vengeful ghost sabotages everything Muriel does for Eustace.   Thu 9/3 4:30 PM
What's New Scooby-Doo?   The gang must stop a shape-shifting alien before NASA's shuttle mission is aborted.   Thu 9/3 5:00 PM
What's New Scooby-Doo?   Dinosaurs come to life at a 3-D movie house and wreak havoc on a nearby science museum.   Thu 9/3 5:30 PM
Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl   The day of the Floaroma Pokemon Contest has arrived and Dawn, her childhood friend, Kenny, and a disguised Jessie are among the Coordinators vying for the prestigious Floaroma ribbon.   Thu 9/3 6:00 PM
Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl   Stopping at a Pokemon Center on their way to Eterna City and Ash's next Gym battle, the Heroes discover that the Nurse Joy there is married with two young daughters.   Thu 9/3 6:30 PM
Tom & Jerry   Cat Tom and mouse Jerry try to outwit each other.   Thu 9/3 7:00 PM
Teen Titans Go!   Cyborg and Beast Boy create clones of themselves to do their chores; Robin poses as Speedy to sabotage his date with Starfire.   Thu 9/3 8:00 PM