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China, IL   Kenny Winker is giving away a ticket to hang with him on his tour bus.   Wed 8/5 4:30 AM
The Cleveland Show   Tim becomes consumed with power after accepting a management position at Waterman Cable; Rallo uses the class pet turtle to play tricks on Cleveland Jr.   Wed 8/5 5:00 AM
King of the Hill   Peggy persuades lonely Luanne to join a sorority, but the group's cultlike activities prompt Hank to intervene.   Wed 8/5 5:30 AM
Tom and Jerry Tales   Tom and Jerry's chases using extreme sports equipment; Tom and Droopy compete for a job as a lifeguard; while camping, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy encounter Sasquatch.   Wed 8/5 6:00 AM
Tom and Jerry Tales   Tom is assigned to guard his owner's garden against pests, including Jerry; Butch asks Tom to join a secret organization called the League of Cats; while Tom and his owner are relaxing by the refrigerator, Jerry steals all the food.   Wed 8/5 6:30 AM
Pokémon: XY   Ash and Pikachu travel to the Kalos region, hoping to discover new Pokémon.   Wed 8/5 7:00 AM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Gumball teaches Darwin to be direct; Ms. Simian owes Gumball an apology.   Wed 8/5 7:30 AM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Gumball and Darwin make friends with a classmate who can shape-change; Santa Claus is coming to town but gets run over by the Wattersons.   Wed 8/5 8:00 AM
Teen Titans Go!   Cyborg wants Pain Bot to become his robot sidekick; Killer Moth offers a reward for Silkie's return.   Wed 8/5 8:30 AM
Teen Titans Go!   Beast Boy makes the other Titans dumber so that he can be the "smart one"; when he infiltrates Hive Tower to destroy it, Robin gets distracted by its awesomeness.   Wed 8/5 9:00 AM
Teen Titans Go!   Robin tries to destroy annoying mocking birds; Beast Boy invites Tara to the Titan's Valentine's Day dance.   Wed 8/5 9:30 AM
Clarence   When detention becomes the place to be during recess, Jeff transforms it into a "too-cool-for-school" club.   Wed 8/5 10:00 AM
Clarence   Clarence tries to become a perfect gentleman before a date.   Wed 8/5 10:15 AM
Clarence   Everyone's excited for the annual Aberdale Greased Pig Chase except Clarence.   Wed 8/5 10:30 AM
Clarence   Belson invites the gang to a sleepover, and whoever can survive a night of pranks and scares, will win Belson's old game system.   Wed 8/5 10:45 AM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Darwin promises to play video games with Gumball; Gumball and Darwin receive a scary email.   Wed 8/5 11:00 AM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Gumball and Darwin try to decipher Juke's urgent beatbox message; Dad's lack of rules attracts unwelcome guests.   Wed 8/5 11:30 AM
Teen Titans Go!   Robin's mask hides both his secret identity and a horrible secret; the Titans have a slumber party to help Cyborg face his fear of the dark.   Wed 8/5 12:00 PM
Teen Titans Go!   The Titans must use love and friendship to fight their way back from a television show; when the team tries to live a vegetarian lifestyle, they learn that not everyone is cut out for it.   Wed 8/5 12:30 PM
Uncle Grandpa   The gang gets nutty after repeatedly failing to open a mysterious package.   Wed 8/5 1:00 PM