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Uncle Grandpa   While Uncle Grandpa is in the shower, Andrew W.K. helps Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus throw a party.   Sat 3/28 12:45 PM
Uncle Grandpa   After Uncle Grandpa molds her lips into "duck lips," a young girl must contend with her new popularity.   Sat 3/28 1:00 PM
Uncle Grandpa   A look back on The Nuttiest Match Ever, a historic wrestling event revolving around legends Chicken Man, The Best, and Mysterious Gus.   Sat 3/28 1:15 PM
Teen Titans Go!   When Raven does not get Trigon a gift for Father's Day, he arrives to wreck Earth; Raven tries to return the spirit of Halloween to the holiday.   Sat 3/28 1:30 PM
Teen Titans Go!   Raven eats a bad meatball; when Robin's staff is broken by the Titans, he seeks a new one at the Universe Tree.   Sat 3/28 2:00 PM
Clarence   Clarence's first night home alone goes out of control.   Sat 3/28 2:30 PM
Clarence   Clarence and Sumo chase a lizard and find unexpected rewards; Jeff jockeys for playing time on Belson's gaming system.   Sat 3/28 2:45 PM
Clarence   After a standardized test, Jeff is placed with more average students, causing him to suffer an identity crisis.   Sat 3/28 3:00 PM
Clarence   Clarence creates his own form of currency, turning the school upside down.   Sat 3/28 3:15 PM
The Amazing World of Gumball   After finding a prophetic painting depicting his naked run through the mall, Gumball is determined to avoid that outcome; Darwin becomes obsessed with keeping his family safe.   Sat 3/28 3:30 PM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Sat 3/28 4:00 PM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Gumball learns the school has a secret society; when Gumball and Darwin have to wait to see a movie, they try to avoid spoilers.   Sat 3/28 4:30 PM
Teen Titans Go!   The Titans must use love and friendship to fight their way back from a television show; when the team tries to live a vegetarian lifestyle, they learn that not everyone is cut out for it.   Sat 3/28 5:00 PM
Teen Titans Go!   When Beast Boy believes that Terra is his new girlfriend, Raven is suspicious of her motives; the Titans believe they will win an upcoming dodge ball championship.   Sat 3/28 5:30 PM
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012)   When his dad decides it's time for some father-son bonding, Greg Heffley pretends to have a job at a ritzy country club so his vacation won't be ruined.   Sat 3/28 6:00 PM
Dragon Ball Z Kai   Krillin and Gohan team up to blast Vegeta with a Spirit Bomb; Gohan undergoes a transformation.   Sat 3/28 8:00 PM
One Piece   Nami battles a bathing beauty and her lethal bubbles; Chopper unleashes his inner beast; Luffy inches ever closer to catching up with Robin.   Sat 3/28 8:30 PM
King of the Hill   Bobby refuses to celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving after learning about its history from John Redcorn.   Sat 3/28 9:00 PM
King of the Hill   Hank's buddies give him grief after Peggy flunks a high-school football star who is then suspended from the team.   Sat 3/28 9:30 PM
The Boondocks   Otis Jenkins takes desperate measures to stay afloat after his album tanks.   Sat 3/28 10:00 PM