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The Cleveland Show   Cleveland suspects Jr.'s new girlfriend is using him to get a green card.   Tue 6/2 5:00 AM
King of the Hill   When Hank takes Bobby, Joseph and Connie to a water park, a group of surfer bullies approaches them; Bill becomes known throughout Arlen as the "Heat-Waver."   Tue 6/2 5:30 AM
Regular Show   The guys are determined to help Party Horse pass his U.S. history test.   Tue 6/2 6:00 AM
Regular Show   When Pops wants to be included in a guys' night, he participates in a milk challenge to prove his worth.   Tue 6/2 6:15 AM
Regular Show   The guys want to keep the park open for business.   Tue 6/2 6:30 AM
Regular Show   Rigby needs to do one pull-up to pass the park physical.   Tue 6/2 6:45 AM
Pok√©mon: XY   Ash wants to catch some Kalos Pokemon.   Tue 6/2 7:00 AM
Steven Universe   Tue 6/2 7:30 AM
Steven Universe   A magical comet is hurtling toward Beach City and Steven must find a weapon that can save the town.   Tue 6/2 7:45 AM
Steven Universe   The Cool Kids help Steven put some fun back in his life.   Tue 6/2 8:00 AM
Steven Universe   Steven tries to get the Gems to take part in his special breakfast tradition, but instead finds himself tumbling through the magical catacombs of the Crystal Gems temple.   Tue 6/2 8:15 AM
Teen Titans Go!   Robin finally gets superpowers; Cyborg plugs into the control panel of the tower.   Tue 6/2 8:30 AM
Teen Titans Go!   Starfire's new pet is a dangerous parasite; Beast Boy teaches Starfire how to tell lies.   Tue 6/2 9:00 AM
Teen Titans Go!   Raven eats a bad meatball; when Robin's staff is broken by the Titans, he seeks a new one at the Universe Tree.   Tue 6/2 9:30 AM
Clarence   When detention becomes the place to be during recess, Jeff transforms it into a "too-cool-for-school" club.   Tue 6/2 10:00 AM
Clarence   Clarence attends an all-girls slumber party, leaving Sumo and Jeff at odds.   Tue 6/2 10:15 AM
Clarence   When Mary's mother, Dyllis, visits, she interferes in all aspects of Clarence, Mary and Chad's lives.   Tue 6/2 10:30 AM
Clarence   Tue 6/2 10:45 AM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Granny Jojo's overprotective nature endangers the Wattersons; Darwin and Teri are attacked by an evil virus.   Tue 6/2 11:00 AM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Gumball and Darwin race home to spend quality time with Anais; Gumball is caught in the center of an emotional hurricane.   Tue 6/2 11:30 AM