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The Amazing World of Gumball   Gumball and Darwin's voices break; Gumball and Darwin meet an obsessed fan.   Fri 7/31 2:00 PM
The Amazing World of Gumball   Elmore High's new coach stands up to Jamie; Miss Simian must save herself from a contagious Joy virus that is infecting the school.   Fri 7/31 2:30 PM
Steven Universe   The Crystal Gems explore an ancient spaceship.   Fri 7/31 3:00 PM
Steven Universe   Ronaldo does some investigative reporting on whether Steven and the Crystal Gems are safe for Beach City.   Fri 7/31 3:15 PM
Steven Universe   Steven makes friends with a magical mirror that can communicate with him.   Fri 7/31 3:30 PM
Steven Universe   Lars and the Cool Kids: Steven and Lars get to hang out with the cool kids in town, but their teenage shenanigans get them into magical trouble.   Fri 7/31 3:45 PM
Teen Titans Go!   The Titans immerse themselves into a variety of video game worlds; the Titans believe they are lame by comparison to Raven and Rose so they attend Cool School.   Fri 7/31 4:00 PM
Teen Titans Go!   The Titans learn all about soccer; when Beast Boy's head begins to rattle, he sets out to find a hobby.   Fri 7/31 4:30 PM
Teen Titans Go!   Gizmo convinces the Titans that he has kidnapped Cyborg, who, in reality, is just hanging out with Jinx; Raven is cursed to be nice; Starfire prepares to marry a pot of chili.   Fri 7/31 5:00 PM
Teen Titans Go!   Fri 7/31 5:30 PM
Teen Titans Go!   Fri 7/31 6:00 PM
We Bare Bears   Ice fights with a Roomba; a mouse invades Panda's room; Grizz gets stuck in a tree.   Fri 7/31 6:30 PM
We Bare Bears   After being rescued at a farmer's market, Panda believes he has found the woman of his dreams.   Fri 7/31 6:45 PM
Teen Titans Go!   The Titans must use love and friendship to fight their way back from a television show; when the team tries to live a vegetarian lifestyle, they learn that not everyone is cut out for it.   Fri 7/31 7:00 PM
Clarence   When Chad takes Clarence on a rugged camping trip, Clarence takes steps to make things less cushy.   Fri 7/31 7:30 PM
Clarence   While at a water park, Clarence learns the truth about his idol while Jeff and Sumo wait in line for a ride.   Fri 7/31 7:45 PM
King of the Hill   Peggy is induced to spend money after scoring extremely well on an Internet IQ test, arousing Hank's suspicions.   Fri 7/31 8:00 PM
King of the Hill   Short of funds, Cotton's VFW closes its clubhouse and moves in with the Hills, inspiring Hank to try to unite World War II and Vietnam vets. Guest voices include Edward Asner.   Fri 7/31 8:30 PM
Bob's Burgers   Bob is talked into buying a food truck; the kids cause trouble at a food festival.   Fri 7/31 9:00 PM
The Cleveland Show   Rallo and his friends Bernard and Theodore perform a rap at the school talent show that is not well-received; Cleveland gets a cable-access TV show.   Fri 7/31 9:30 PM