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George Lopez   Max witnesses a traumatic event at school, and it gives him chronic nightmares until George brings him to a counselor.   Wed 7/8 3:48 AM
George Lopez   When George peeks at a 10-year-old unopened letter from Angie, he discovers some secrets that they both may wish were never revealed.   Wed 7/8 4:24 AM
George Lopez   George's constant sarcasm about her age makes Benny self-conscious to the point that she decides to get overly large breast implants to compensate.   Wed 7/8 4:57 AM
George Lopez   George and Angie enter a fierce competition to determine who does more work in their marriage and around the house.   Wed 7/8 5:30 AM
George Lopez   George enrolls in college to set a positive example for Max after he catches the boy skipping school.   Wed 7/8 6:00 AM
George Lopez   George drops out of school when it gets tough, but he finds it hard to hide that fact from the family when his professor drops by to check on him.   Wed 7/8 6:30 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   Spongebob quits his job to live off the land; Squidward decides to sell his house.   Wed 7/8 7:00 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   SpongeBob and Patrick turn SpongeBob's house into an indoor miniature golf course! When SpongeBob realizes how many memories are attached to all of his possessions, he is reluctant to throw anything way.   Wed 7/8 7:30 AM
SpongeBob SquarePants   SpongeBob and Patrick intrude upon Squidward's day off; Squidward becomes obsessed with winning a stuffed animal from the skill crane.   Wed 7/8 8:00 AM
PAW Patrol   The PAW Patrol helps an extra-terrestrial after his spaceship crash lands at Farmer Yumi's place; the Pups come to the rescue when Smiley the frog jumps into Skye's helicopter.   Wed 7/8 8:30 AM
PAW Patrol   When Marshall begins to feel like his clumsy ways are ruining his friends' fun, he decides to take a break from the PAW Patrol and goes off to the woods; Cali becomes an unsuspecting stowaway when she is accidentally packed up into the Paw Patroller.   Wed 7/8 9:00 AM
Wallykazam!   Wally agrees to babysit Ogre Doug's rambunctious pet, Borgelorp; Borgelorp begins to behave strangely after eating purple flowers.   Wed 7/8 9:30 AM
Team Umizoomi   When Andy's plane is not able to take off, the team heads to the airport to help.   Wed 7/8 10:00 AM
Team Umizoomi   Milli must save her friends when they get stuck in honey and scooped up by a bear.   Wed 7/8 10:30 AM
Bubble Guppies   The Guppies perform in a circus.   Wed 7/8 11:00 AM
Bubble Guppies   Molly, Gil and a duckling named Beep help a family of ducks that are lost in a storm cloud.   Wed 7/8 11:30 AM
Team Umizoomi   The team works to retrieve their friend's money when it blows away in the wind.   Wed 7/8 12:00 PM
PAW Patrol   A baby Bat decides to take a nap hanging from the Town Hall's bell so Mayor Goodway can't ring it.   Wed 7/8 12:30 PM
PAW Patrol   The pups plan to race each other on Adventure Bay Race Day; Mr. Porter enters a cake competition.   Wed 7/8 1:00 PM
Blaze and the Monster Machines   Blaze and his friends join the Truck Rangers, a scouting club where trucks earn badges for their accomplishments.   Wed 7/8 1:30 PM