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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   Granny Smith agrees to let Applejack lead the Apple Family reunion but Applejack loses sight of what is truly important.   Wed 7/29 10:30 AM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   After Applejack saved Spike, he insists on fulfilling the Noble Dragon Code by repaying her with excessive help around the farm.   Wed 7/29 11:00 AM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   Princess Celestia tasks the ponies with reforming Discord, a mischievous spirit of disharmony, but Fluttershy is the only one who is willing to give him a chance.   Wed 7/29 11:30 AM
Littlest Pet Shop   Blythe is stressing about the upcoming International Pet Fashion Expo and her worries increase dramatically when she's asked to do a photo shoot for a top fashion magazine.   Wed 7/29 12:00 PM
Littlest Pet Shop   Blythe runs into trouble with the Biskit twins when they try to sabotage her at the expo, including stealing her kiosk and passing it off as their own.   Wed 7/29 12:30 PM
Family Game Night   Avery and Krista's families go head to head in games like Boggle and Twister for a trip to Cabo.   Wed 7/29 1:00 PM
Littlest Pet Shop   When Blythe's dream of holding a Pet Fest in Downtown City has a chance to become a reality, she must race against time to pull it all together.   Wed 7/29 2:00 PM
Littlest Pet Shop   Zoe tries to impress her new friend, Heidi; Blythe races against time to relocate the Pet Fest after the original venue falls through.   Wed 7/29 2:30 PM
Littlest Pet Shop   The pets miss Blythe while she is away, so they come up with a plan to visit her at fashion summer camp.   Wed 7/29 3:00 PM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   The Cutie Mark Crusaders are crushed when Babs Seed rejects their invitation to become a fellow Crusader and instead become a bully.   Wed 7/29 3:30 PM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   When Trixie returns to Ponyville, she defeat Twilight and banishes her from town.   Wed 7/29 4:00 PM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   Scootaloo begins to have nightmares after hearing the frightful campfire stories.   Wed 7/29 4:30 PM
Funniest Pets & People   Funny blooper videos feature antics of people and pets from around the world.   Wed 7/29 5:00 PM
Funniest Pets & People   Funny blooper videos feature antics of people and pets from around the world.   Wed 7/29 5:30 PM
Extreme Couponing   April feeds her family and 200 parishioners for a month for under $100; Carla shops to feed 20 guests.   Wed 7/29 6:00 PM
Extreme Couponing   Erin's unorganized method may be her downfall; Dominique and his frat brothers use their stockpile for an epic college party.   Wed 7/29 6:30 PM
The Little Rascals (1994)   For wooing Darla, Alfalfa has a falling out with Spanky and the all-boys clubhouse gang.   Wed 7/29 7:00 PM
Extreme Couponing   Expectant mother Heather shops for groceries and baby clothes at Kmart; Bree makes her own laundry detergent.   Wed 7/29 9:00 PM
Extreme Couponing   Perry raises her family on a vegan diet; Melissa takes her brother to get groceries to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.   Wed 7/29 9:30 PM
The Little Couple   Bill needs to renovate his new pet store and hire employees; Judy helps Bill interview potential employees and Jen gives her opinion on the design.   Wed 7/29 10:00 PM