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Tiny Toon Adventures   Plucky Duck seeks the meaning of "acme."   Fri 2/27 8:30 AM
Pound Puppies   Finding a home for five puppies determined to stick together.   Fri 2/27 9:00 AM
Pound Puppies   Strudel realizes her dream of being a performance dog when they return a circus dog that was accidentally left behind back to the big top.   Fri 2/27 9:30 AM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   Twilight's quality time with Princess Cadance is interrupted when she must take care of a sick friend.   Fri 2/27 10:00 AM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   Rarity develops a crush on Tenderhoof, a travel writer, but finds herself competing with Applejack for his attention.   Fri 2/27 10:30 AM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   Fluttershy takes drastic measures to ensure the show will go on after a member of the performing group, the Ponytones, drops out.   Fri 2/27 11:00 AM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   The Cutie Mark Crusaders realize they can use their ties to Twilight to increase their popularity.   Fri 2/27 11:30 AM
Littlest Pet Shop   Blythe second-guesses her frilly bedroom after reading a magazine about trendy teen bedrooms; a kitten visits the day camp and asks the pets a bunch of questions.   Fri 2/27 12:00 PM
Littlest Pet Shop   Blythe meets a new girl at the thrift shop and neglects her old friends; Vinnie befriends a genial spider but must hide him from Sunil.   Fri 2/27 12:30 PM
Pound Puppies   Buttercup looks like the latest toy sensation that children think she is a toy that comes to life; Pound Puppies try to find her a perfect person before she gets taken.   Fri 2/27 1:00 PM
Pound Puppies   The Super Secret Pup Club sets off agent Bondo's flying car and travels to London.   Fri 2/27 1:30 PM
Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch   Time freezes in the Human World when Sabrina accidentally loses the magic hourglass that regulates time between the Human and Witch Worlds.   Fri 2/27 2:00 PM
Littlest Pet Shop   The history of the Littlest Pet Shop is revealed when a reality TV show informs Mrs. Twombly of the rumor of a buried treasure under the shop.   Fri 2/27 2:30 PM
Littlest Pet Shop   When a picture of Sunil becomes an internet meme, jealousy spreads amongst the pets, including Zoe, who would rather have the fame for herself; the Biskit twins attempt to make a music video.   Fri 2/27 3:00 PM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   The Crystal Empire reappears after 1,000 years.   Fri 2/27 3:30 PM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   Twilight Sparkle searches for the missing Crystal Heart to restore the Crystal Empire.   Fri 2/27 4:00 PM
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic   The Cutie Mark Crusaders are crushed when Babs Seed rejects their invitation to become a fellow Crusader and instead become a bully.   Fri 2/27 4:30 PM
Mouse Hunt (1997)   Brothers inherit a dilapidated mansion inhabited by a resourceful rodent that refuses to leave.   Fri 2/27 5:00 PM
The Sandlot 2 (2005)   A group of baseball-playing friends must retrieve a model spaceship from a yard containing a fearsome dog.   Fri 2/27 7:00 PM
Ice Age Columbus: Who Were the First Americans   New archaeological evidence suggests that America was discovered 17,000 years before Columbus.   Fri 2/27 9:00 PM