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That '70s Show   Red applies for a supervisor position at a new supermarket but is offered a clerk job; Laurie blackmails Kelso.   Tue 4/28 7:30 AM
That '70s Show   Jackie's house goes up in flames after Kelso brings a bunch of his friends to her elegant dinner party.   Tue 4/28 8:00 AM
That '70s Show   While Bob and Midge renew their wedding vows, Donna and Eric take their relationship to a new level. Maud Adams, Barbara Carrera, Kristina Wayborn and Tommy Chong guest star.   Tue 4/28 8:30 AM
The Middle   Frankie and Mike find out that Brick may be held back a grade because of the school librarian; an aptitude test reveals Axl to be academically gifted.   Tue 4/28 9:00 AM
700 Club Interactive   Two babies with brain cancer are miraculously cured.   Tue 4/28 9:30 AM
The 700 Club   A war refugee from Somalia moves to Sweden and converts to Christianity. Forced to hide from death threats, she continues to evangelize to Muslims. Dale Hurd interviews Monica Walter.   Tue 4/28 10:00 AM
Gilmore Girls   Luke, wanting to get to know his newly discovered daughter, goes to talk with the girl's mother; Lorelei finds her dress and sets a date but has a feeling that something is about to go wrong.   Tue 4/28 11:00 AM
Gilmore Girls   Luke is still unable to tell Lorelai about the existence of his 12-year-old daughter, April, and he goes into a panic when the girl wants to hang out with him at the diner.   Tue 4/28 12:00 PM
The Middle   Axl wants to spend time with his friends when he comes home for Christmas; Sue's allergies threaten to ruin her holiday; Brick's lie is uncovered.   Tue 4/28 1:00 PM
The Middle   Frankie and Mike start to worry when Brick begins developing irrational fears; Sue is conflicted about Derrick Glossner's behavior; Axl and Sean shut down Darrin's attempt to start a Boss Co spinoff.   Tue 4/28 1:30 PM
The Middle   Sue makes a discovery that leads to an ultimate prank battle with Axl; Brick tries to read a recommended biography on Debbie Reynolds.   Tue 4/28 2:00 PM
The Middle   Principal Barker asks the parents to form carpools while the bus drivers are on strike; Axl becomes an astronomy expert so he can tutor an attractive student; Mike receives two tickets to a basketball game.   Tue 4/28 2:30 PM
Reba   Reba and Barbra Jean are furious when Brock reveals he had a vasectomy; Cheyenne and Van move out of the house in protest when Reba lays down new rules following a pregnancy scare.   Tue 4/28 3:00 PM
Reba   When Reba tries to sell her engagement ring online, Brock bids in hope of getting the ring back; Van decides it is time to buy Cheyenne a ring.   Tue 4/28 3:30 PM
Reba   Barbra Jean dyes her hair red and transforms herself into a Reba look-alike; Reba senses Kyra is growing closer to her stepmother.   Tue 4/28 4:00 PM
Reba   Reba and Brock attend an out-of-town funeral; Barbra Jean worries about her husband and his ex-wife being alone together; Reba sings.   Tue 4/28 4:30 PM
Boy Meets World   Eric begins dating a woman with a young child, prompting his friends and family to warn him about responsibility.   Tue 4/28 5:00 PM
Boy Meets World   Cory, Shawn and Topanga enliven a dull but prestigious academic bowl.   Tue 4/28 5:30 PM
Boy Meets World   Alan decides to fire Eric from the store; Cory and Topanga try to convince Shawn to take an SAT review course.   Tue 4/28 6:00 PM
Boy Meets World   Shawn joins a cult but re-examines his beliefs when Turner has an accident.   Tue 4/28 6:30 PM