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Gilmore Girls   Rory is flustered around Dean; Lorelai must cancel a date with Rory's teacher to attend Cinnamon's funeral.   Tue 5/26 11:00 AM
Gilmore Girls   Emily throws an elegant birthday party for an embarrassed Rory, who blows up at her grandmother; Rory later invites her grandparents to a wild party.   Tue 5/26 12:00 PM
The Middle   Frankie is deeply disappointed with her volunteer assignment at the Indiana-hosted Super Bowl; when the Donahues are out of town, the Hecks take advantage of their new car; Sue professes her feelings to Matt.   Tue 5/26 1:00 PM
The Middle   Mike angers Frankie on Valentine's Day by refusing to present her with a romantic gesture; Axl struggles with a school assignment; Brick must write a report on love; Sue's boyfriend suddenly turns into a bad kisser.   Tue 5/26 1:30 PM
The Middle   Frankie vows to get tickets to a Justin Bieber concert for Sue; Mike coaches Brick for the school's annual spelling bee; Axl and his friends try to break a speed limit -- on foot.   Tue 5/26 2:00 PM
The Middle   Mike and Frankie worry Axl will blow an opportunity that could result in a full college scholarship; Brick and Sue start a texting marathon after Aunt Edie accidentally gives them her cell phone.   Tue 5/26 2:30 PM
Reba   Houston's premier real estate agent contacts Reba and Van for a meeting, exciting Reba but concerning Van that he will be her assistant.   Tue 5/26 3:00 PM
Reba   Van builds a new home office in the garage so he and Reba can be more productive, but Reba has a difficult time juggling family and the additional workload.   Tue 5/26 3:30 PM
Reba   Kyra moves back in with Reba, who catches her drinking; Brock and Barbra Jean confess that they let Kyra have an occasional beer in their house.   Tue 5/26 4:00 PM
Reba   Reba and Van end their real estate partnership; Barbra Jean auditions to be the new weather girl at a local TV station.   Tue 5/26 4:30 PM
Boy Meets World   Shawn drops out as Cory's best man and Eric takes over, moving the wedding to the most expensive place in town.   Tue 5/26 5:00 PM
Pitch Perfect (2012)   When a new student joins her college's female a cappella group, she takes the women out of their comfort zone of traditional pieces and introduces them to innovative arrangements.   Tue 5/26 5:30 PM
The Hunger Games (2012)   A resourceful teen takes her younger sister's place in a brutal contest in which youths from each of 12 districts fight to the death on live television.   Tue 5/26 8:00 PM
The 700 Club   Florida Senator Marco Rubio sits down with CBN's David Brody to discuss his Presidential Campaign.   Tue 5/26 11:00 PM
Boy Meets World   Cory tries to convince himself, and Topanga, that she should go to Yale; Eric tries to prevent Feeny from retiring.   Wed 5/27 12:00 AM
Boy Meets World   Cory and Topanga slip away to make their decision about marriage.   Wed 5/27 12:30 AM
Boy Meets World   Amy can't make up her mind if she's angry or happy when Cory and Topanga return from a secret trip to the justice of the peace.   Wed 5/27 1:00 AM
Boy Meets World   Cory panics after signing up for too many college courses and looks to Mr. Feeny for guidance.   Wed 5/27 1:30 AM
Summer's Sexy Bodies   An hour's worth of results in 25 minutes a day. From the creators of Insanity & P90X comes Focus T25. Get it done!   Wed 5/27 2:00 AM
Shaun T's Focus T25   An hour's worth of results in 25 minutes a day. From the creators of Insanity & P90X comes Focus T25. GET IT DONE!   Wed 5/27 2:30 AM